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Ooooops!  I really meant, “Pandemic,” honest!

Anyway, your whole day can’t be all work and no play; otherwise Jack and Jill become a dull couple, or individuals, or whatever.

I’ve read most of the Dave Robicheaux series, and actually went back to the above, because it’s the first in the series.  I became aware of them from the movie called, “In the Electric Mist,” starring Tommy Lee Jones, which is actually taken from the 6th book.  I’m here to tell you, the movie is really good and the series installments are very, very good reading.  Very enjoyable. Lots of humanity in them; the hero is typically walking a tightrope from descending into his own personal hell and being a happy, well adjusted person who solves murders in South Louisiana.

Check them out; you’ll be glad you did!

PS:  I get absolutely nothing from this endorsement – the series is simply…

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The Combat Realities of Trigger Reset, by TX2Guns

Trigger reset is one of those skills, that if you were like me, when you learned it, it pretty much changed your level of accuracy instantly, especially with a pistol. I remember one of my trainers summarizing it for me:

“Unlike a rifle, where the barrel is 16 to 20 inches or greater, most pistol barrels are only 4 to 5 inches..that means the bullet has not got very far to travel before it exits, that means that any movement you make in working the trigger, exponentially effect the bullets path that much more.”

It made perfect sense. Pretty soon I was shooting the lights out.
But where the trouble came into paradise is when I learned the EXTREME differences between Competition Marksmanship and Combat Accuracy.

Most of the skills we are taught when we first start learning to shoot revolve around the square range and static targets. There is typically no stressors and no movement involved. Our success (and our ego) depends on the black X Ring and how well we shoot it out, right? Compare this to actual Combat shooting in a life or death struggle; whole new ball of wax. Now, all that really matters is that we stop the person trying to kill us right? Is he really going to grade us on our groupings or on our shot placement? Will he have his handy pair of calipers to measure your spread?

Now, I know most of you have heard this passionate spill before from me, so let me put it another way so I don’t sound redundant and boring.

The “Degree” of accuracy required is different in Competition and Combat shooting. In Competition Shooting, Accuracy is expected 100% of the time, no matter the situation. You are expected to punch a round through a paper target, preferably in the black, every time. In Combat Shooting, accuracy has looser tolerances and is both subjective and situational.

Let me give you an example: Some meth head has a taken a kid hostage, the perp standing still at 12 yards with a knife to the child’s throat, threatening to kill him. The only available and relatively safe shot the perp is giving you is the right side of his face, maybe 3 inches total from his nose to the edge of his cheekbone. Here, the SITUATION and in part, the DISTANCE, has determined that you MUST BE ACCURATE so that you kill the perp and protect the kid.
To contrast, if the same perp was just 12 feet away from you, armed with a handgun, but with no hostage, Now your level of accuracy is lowered, because you have a much bigger target in front of you (his center of mass) at a much closer range. Make sense? (FYI: In the first example, I realize the example is a bit far fetched for any CO. The reality, regardless of the weapon involved, is quite simple: for long distance shots that require a great degree of accuracy, ALWAYS get closer if you can! This is why they train hostage rescue teams to always try and close distance with the perp and get a shot angle on them that reduces the chance of an errant round hitting a hostage or bystander.)
OK, so going back to trigger reset. Since it is a skill that most of us practice on the square range, how applicable is it in an ass puckering, “kill or be killed” situation? I mean are you really going to remember a fine motor skill that involves you letting up the slack just enough to hear or feel the reset, all the while rounds are whizzing around you as you are moving to cover and your adrenaline is jacked thru the roof? Yeah, probably not. But that is OK, because you understand that TRIGGER RESET is a skill you can call upon (with Pistol or Rifle) when you need a greater degree of accuracy above and beyond standard combat shooting. Because, ultimately, when you look at the scenarios involved in most civilian self-defense shootings, in most cases, combat accuracy is going to be sufficient to end the threat.

So in closing, when the CO has Trigger Rest tucked away into his training memory bank, he has a very applicable and legitimate resource to draw upon when he needs it. The trick, is to train and drill in such a way that will force the CO to draw upon that skill frequently (and randomly), as the situation dictates.
Always remember that the thing that sets amateurs and professionals apart is the ability to seamlessly flow between skill sets.

Stay Focused, Armed and Dangerous!


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Video: Ballistics and Basic Rifle Marksmanship from Pat McNamara

I stumbled across this video by accident while meandering through the halls of YouTube and thought that everyone would benefit from it. This is a 12 minute video from Pat McNamara. He spent 22 years in Special Operations (including 13 years at The Unit) and now has his own training company alongside a few books, like Sentinel and T.A.P.S.

In this video, he is discussing zeroes, MOA and ballistics, and natural point of aim.

Something to think about…Mark Cuban, and other changes

A.H. Trimble - Emergency preparedness information for disasters and grid-down

Mark Cuban and other changes…

In case you don’t know Mark Cuban…well, he is rich…very, very rich. He is a multi-billionaire and he owns the Dallas Mavericks basketball team. He is also a reality TV star, appearing on Shark Tank, encouraging, advising, and investing in start-up businesses. He owns many online media outlets, including many blog hosting companies, and a major movie distribution company. He is second-generation American.

While he has been influenced by Ayn Rand and espouses many libertarian ideals, he has endorsed and voted primarily Democrat in the recent past. Which appears to me to be  contradictory. However, I found him personally quite engaging, charismatic, and straight talking. But, something always seemed a little off to me, but I was never sure exactly what. Perhaps it was his coyness about presidential aspirations.

On 4/6/20 I quoted him in my SitRep. I have admired Cuban’s business acumen and…

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Why did Democrats send Wuhan Coronavirus patients to nursing homes?


All of the worst-hit counties are urban Democrat strongholds The worst-hit areas are all urban counties in Democrat states

Democrats sure have been enjoying their new powers to control the choices and freedoms of individuals during this Chinese virus pandemic. And it turns out that they’ve been making it worse with some very poor – or deliberately evil – decision-making.

Here’s the story from the New York Post:

Of all the missteps in the early days of the coronavirus crisis, New York state’s Health Department may have committed the worst: ordering nursing homes to accept residents who tested positive for COVID-19.

Instead of quarantining the folks most vulnerable to the disease, the state encouraged its spread: 85 percent of the state’s confirmed deaths from the bug are people over 60, with nearly a quarter of all corona fatalities coming in nursing or adult-care facilities — and at least 2,210 such deaths tallied in the city.

And when asked…

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