Evasion Survival, Alaska

Source: Evasion Survival, Alaska
Step off time was 0700/7AM before sun up. The expected temperature was about 10F but much to our surprise it was every bit of 20 below 0F. We un-assed our kit, strapped on our snow shoes, wrapped ourselves in our webbing and slipped our rucksack over our heads. Then with kit sorted and weapons in hand we gingerly followed a utility trail into the frozen dark forest for about a mile, all the while keeping a keen eye for moose feeding in the tree line and out in the tall dry grass. The hike in was uneventful-just cold and silent. With the sound of the snow crunching under our snow shoes, the hisses and crunch of ice and snow were cutting through the silence for all the wilds to know were were there.. Once off the utility train we broke off into the edges of a frozen marsh into the thick pine-trees that were well packed tight and close like the beams from a 1700s Stockade Fort. The ground was deep and soft with snow and many trip hazards hidden in its depths let us know they were there. There were no shortages of falls in the snow but there were no tempers to be aroused on this creep.. Its the name of the game until you get your snow legs sorted.

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

73 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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