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The Defensive Training Group

I had an urge to go to the range yesterday, which was finally open.  Got there early to make sure I got a lane.  Ironically, I had the pistol range to myself for the first 25 minutes.  So I had some quality time to work on with my Glock 19 & M9.

Full Size Human Anatomy Target – Distance: 25 Meters

Close Up of Low Percentage Target – Distance: 15 meters with both Glock 19 & Beretta M9                                                                                                  1st drill covered with pasters.

A week ago I went to the finally open rifle range I frequent, and was able to fire 62…

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Aesop’s Take…

The Defensive Training Group

From his blog, here.

It’s worth looking at, because he’s right.

On The Games Of Summer

Are the police in this country over-militarized, and under-accountable for jackassery?
Hell yes.

If that (or anything else, frankly) pisses you off, do you have the absolute inalienable right, under the US Constitution, to peaceably assemble, exercise your free speech, and petition the government for redress of grievances?
Hell yes.

But the minute any part of your herd of halfwits breaks the law, and starts rioting, looting, and committing arson, you’re simply terrorist thugs, and TPTB should begin gunning you down with extreme prejudice, using lead bullets, not rubber ones, and anyone taken alive should receive a PR-24 shampoo all the way from the scene to the lock-up, and any bail set (should anyone think you even merit same) should be set at the levels normally reserved for terrorists with a side-gig in…

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For All Those Hoping the USA is Burned to the Ground and Cheering on the Communists Rioting….

The Defensive Training Group

Here’s a really good quote from a book I’m reading by Orson Scott Card, “Hidden Empire:”

“War’s an indiscriminate vampire….It sucks blood, it doesn’t care whose.”

Remember that….

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