I Am Criminal

Friday, May 22, 2020 T. L. Davis


Fear is a tool of the tyrant. Law is another tool of the tyrant. When you put them together, you do not arrive at freedom, you arrive at more than even tyranny. You arrive at terrorism, by means of law. The very idea of a “business license” is one designed to ensure that the state has ultimate control over businesses, otherwise they don’t arrive at the neo-communism practiced in America today. The neo-communists have figured out that “state-owned” means of production is a non-starter, it makes the government responsible for production and when that production does not yield enough goods, people become disgruntled with the government and lean toward revolution. But, “state-controlled” means of production allows them a buffer between the government and the people, the businesses themselves.  

The business license claims all sorts of benefits. It ensures that people who can’t cut hair don’t open hair salons. The further justification is that some chemicals used in dying hair and other hair care procedures can be misused and harm the patron and the business license can be revoked by a bureaucrat with no accounting for due process. In a capitalist system, one law suit would eliminate that incompetency from the market. But, the business license still relies on someone doing something wrong in order to be effective, so what purpose does it serve? Now, we know what purpose it serves. The same with liquor licenses. The license provides the threat. Sell to underage people and your liquor license can be revoked by a bureaucrat with no accounting for due process, despite the fact that there are laws against it that can imprison the violator. So, what purpose does the liquor law serve? Now we know what the purpose serves. It is all about control, not safety. The health department should serve (and probably really does serve) merely an advisory capacity. It should not rank higher than the U.S. Constitution and certainly not when itself admits that not enough is known, even yet, about the coronavirus to use data to enforce such sweeping and absolute rule over a “free” people. 

All things being equal and Americans actually being “free” rather than captive to a Soviet-style, bureaucratic omnipotent tyranny, there would be significant push back, even more so than what is taking place in Michigan with one of the worst, most explicit tyrants in power. Except, perhaps, the Tennessee (Knox county) health guru who felt completely comfortable in stating that “communion is not a part of core worship.” Of course, I could go on and on about how communism has taken over American government all I wish, but these people put the color and sound to it that I never could. 

During prohibition in the 1930s, there were speakeasies, where those who disagreed with the law went to enjoy a drink with friends. Where are our speakeasies? Where are our illegal hair cutting facilities called “clipeasies?” Where are all of the Americans who do not tolerate such treatment by their paid servants? In good times, a lot of these things can be overlooked and overlooking the business licenses is how we have come to this condition of servitude, where the response from county bureaucrats is: “Pay your damn taxes, do as you’re told and shut the hell up!” 

The only thing the coronavirus lockdown should have inspired is criminal activity. The 1960s had women out burning their bras in protest. Of what, I’m not quite sure. I never opposed them getting jobs, enduring stress and fatigue, all so some lazy, selfish dope could lay around on the couch all day and eat Cheetos, but, apparently they thought so. Where are those daring criminals ready to burn their business licenses? Burning it doesn’t remove the records in the state, county or city offices, but it makes a statement. Then, a push should be made, now that we know their true purpose is to install neo-communism, to pass laws forbidding the issuance of a business license. Practicing medicine could be one of the few exceptions, but most doctors display their credentials at any rate, so maybe not even then. 

If this is to be a communist government, we need some soviet-style criminals who value freedom over control, who recognize themselves as such and disregard the law. We obviously need a black market. We need to find our own illicit hair cutters, our own speakeasies and embrace the outlaw culture forced upon us by tyranny so that when the government decides to enforce these business licenses, we have that infrastructure in place to disregard their laws. And, they are “their” laws, handed down in offices of bureaucrats, regulations decided on by them, not us.

Okay, what we really need to do and more of us should recognize it, is to put an end to this nonsense. This government has bankrupted us by their inability to set and abide by a budget. They have ensnared us in rules and regulations that bind us and has built a governmental structure that had they passed the $3 Trillion dollar monstrosity that the Democrats called a “Stimulus bill” that passed out of the House, ostensibly to provide relief from the coronavirus lockdown, the combined governments would have been bigger than all of the private sector. Think about that for just one second.

I had the occasion to meet an Eastern European who had no bones about it, he proclaimed proudly “I am criminal.” What he meant was that he was willing to endure the penalty of disobedience to outlandish and often irrational laws. One must recognize that under rule of an outlaw government, one willing to use terrorist tactics on its own people, tactics that create fear for a political gain, disobedience is the ultimate declaration of freedom. When one encounters their own private Karen (most know who that is by now) it is perfectly acceptable to counter with: I am criminal. Unleash that understanding among all who are truly still American and it is a political wave no communist commissar can survive. If you want to be free there is a cost and no, it is not irrational to understand that being free often means being locked up by the tyrant. Ask Paul.

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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