The War of Information and Weapons

Wednesday, May 13, 2020 T. L. Davis

It has only been revealed to me lately how long and how stridently I have been proclaiming a war by those around me who listen, but with jaded ears. They’ve heard it all before and just as stridently and I have to recognize that I have been somewhat of a chicken little over the past decade. Now, I will say that there has been good reason for the sky to fall every time, but somehow it remained above. In 2011, the government passed a law creating the Department of Homeland Security, which has been used, it turns out, as a means to overthrow elections and indict innocent people. You don’t have to be Nostradamus to see that one coming, but the sky didn’t fall and everyone just went along as if such things were perfectly normal in a constitutional republic. 

In 2008, there was a financial crisis caused by bankers and Wall Street brokers selling specious mortgages, partly due to the Community Reinvestment Act that Clinton decided to start using as bludgeon to get banks to lend to credit-lacking individuals and the banks had to play along or face Janet Reno and her Stasi fresh off of burning the Branch Davidians alive; men, women and children alike. So, who wanted to stand up to her? Not the bankers who are largely greedy cowards to begin with. Under George W., the idea of using the soft qualifying terms for mortgages looked like it would last his administration anyway, but it didn’t quite do that and he got caught up in it and had to explain to all of us that in order to save the free market, he had to violate the free market. What did that mean in effect? That the same bankers and Wall Street types would be the ones who no only wrecked the market, but are exactly the ones who needed to be bailed out to save the market. Hummm. I thought that would cause more trouble for the growing bureaucracy than it did. In effect, all it did was coalesce the angry into the Tea Party, which was quickly co-opted by the deep state actors many of whom are Republicans. 

Then, the abomination of both the “Stimulus” bill that spent somewhere along $900 billion  on “shovel ready jobs” that Obama himself admitted didn’t exist and mostly it went to labor unions so they could help fund his 2012 run for the presidency. The other abomination being the Affordable Care Act, which was neither affordable nor did it provide care. What it did do is make a lot of Christian organization fund abortions which might have been the only true purpose it had. 

So, when the communists come out in full force a few years later in the image of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and the Green New Deal, all of the major obstacles to which have been put into effect to stop the China Flu, I get a little wound up. When the quarantining of millions of HEALTHY people is taken with a grain of salt despite the obvious backward momentum of the government deciding what the people need to do to solve the problem, rather than the other way around, there is cause for concern. 

All of this is the product of a war. There are instances of it going back to the turn of the last century. The 16th Amendment for one, where the governments formed up to decide that the people would from then on pay an income tax. All with the legal authority of the Constitution, however, so give them marks for going through the legal steps if not with legitimate intent. That was the slavery moment, when governments no longer had to sell the idea of a public good to the people in order to get some cash out of their pockets. From then on, they could just reach in and take as much as they wanted. Things have gone considerably downhill since then. 

But, this is a war, a war as much of information as it is of weapons. 12 Round does not take a penny from Google, does not spend a penny for Facebook ads, spends $0 on Twitter ads. Actually, has purchased no advertising at all. Our readers have done everything, but that needs to change. While supporting Google, Facebook and Twitter are not ever going to be in the cards, we are going to have to do something. We have Lies of Omission on Amazon and it is doing well at the link, not so much on the service, where you have to search for it, but it opens it up to people like SETH WILLIAMS who it seems only opened an Amazon account to criticize the film. He declared that it had no facts, only opinion, I guess he didn’t see the part about Fast and Furious  and that segment of the film is the most definitive truth of the event ever put to film (as yet) or the fact that for over a year we had a website that detailed every single source cited in the documentary. Okay, it’s not the best production in the world, I give you that, but we went to 7 states, interviewed 6 people over a year and a half and did it all for about $70,000. Cinematic productions cost a bit more than that. We don’t have every conservative organization and film company standing in line to give us money and production expertise and facilities like the liberals do. I look at some of the documentaries made by liberals and can tell it took millions to pull it off in actual cash or donations of time and equipment. So, if you haven’t seen it, yet, go to Lies of Omission and just rate it high to obliterate SETH WILLIAMS, someone who didn’t like the truth of it and attacked the film. The production might not be the best, but truth and important information are not its weakness. 

There are much bigger fish to fry, however. Were you aware that a Seattle policeman truly understood something our local PDs need to hear more about? That the average cop is not supposed to just get marching orders from the mayor and kowtow to such things, they are supposed to evaluate such orders with a copy of the U.S. Constitution in their back pocket and if it violates any of those rights, they should not obey. It is an illegal order. Of course, he got suspended for putting out that video which is HERE. (who knows for how long) The other detail coming to light is the amount of University professors and interns who have gone to jail for selling research to China. It is all a product of China trying to influence American Universities by providing funds openly and secretly to these institutions in the form of Confucius Institutes. That story is HERE, in the Washington Post no less.  

It’s all about information and China is taking a bigger and bigger role in obscuring and denying information. If it can do so by hiring a bunch of professors to go out onto the steps of Stanford or Harvard and denounce the truth, they will do it. False and misleading information has led to the decimation of institutions across America, branding them as racist and intolerant. Chick-Fil-A finally caved to the propaganda machine of the left. While it might still be true that you do not have enough ammunition to survive the coming boogaloo, you don’t have enough information either and I’m willing to bet that most of the information you do get is provided for free by conservative bloggers, websites like WRSA, and the like, who have a sincere desire to help as many people as possible prepare to survive. The Drudge Report has largely been co-opted either by Drudge himself becoming too closely aligned with wealth and power that leans decidedly left, or he has turned most of it over to interns that subvert the message. Ask yourself, where you go to get most of your truthful and reliable information and I will bet that most of them are free websites run by people truly concerned about the state of the nation and the preparedness of people they see as allies in the struggle. 

I’m sorry folks, but those websites will never be able to compete on a level playing field with others funded by government grants funneled to the “arts and humanities” funded by George Soros, Bill and Melinda Gates, the World Bank, supported by Facebook, Twitter and Google and others all with a desire to manipulate your thoughts and control information. You have to buy weapons and ammunition, emergency food, emergency shelter if you expect to survive the communist putsch. I’m not referring to the individuals out there so much as I am the conservative-run companies, the Koch Brothers, etc. A lot of them continue to support Republican establishment organizations that have betrayed the people at every turn, who are as much globalists as Barack Obama. I am hoping that Donald Trump will make good on his threat to start a news organization when he is no longer president. My point is, we don’t need to continue to fund the NRA as much as we need to fund any number of folks out there putting these blogs together every day, taking time out of their lives, taking the time to research articles before they put them on their sites. A lot of work is being done for no compensation and that just ain’t American. 

As far as 12 Round goes, we are continuing to market our properties to production companies, planning publishing projects and working on a podcast that I guarantee will be both amusing and informative. We are also working on a music documentary focusing on one of these bloggers and their “other life” as a band. 

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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