Connecting the Dots….

Breitbart, here,  has a great, very informative piece on the connection between ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter.

Worth reading.  Every, single, word.

Now, connect the dots about centralized command and control, and the simultaneous, but spontaneous, of course, outbreak of violence in over 30 cities initially, and the waves of protests in smaller and even tiny cities, and the mysterious placement of pallets of bricks and flammable material.

Trump was absolutely RIGHT in designating ANTIFA a ‘Domestic Terror’ organization.  ANTIFA has cone kinetic; coming soon to a peaceful area near you.

Hips and heads, hips and heads.

Key statement, “…“But the leadership of Black Lives Matter, the entire reason the organization was formed, it was formed as a Marxist-communist organization,” Guandolo, who was in the FBI for 13 years and founded Understanding the Threat, said.”

Another, regarding the ‘top men’ leading the nation:   “According to Guandolo, when he left the FBI for the Department of Defense, he was responsible for briefing generals, attorneys general, members of Congress, and others.  “Not a one of them understood anything about the U.S. communist movement,” he said.”

Sleep well.

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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