Hitchens: Regime Change

Western Rifle Shooters Association

“We’ve got God, ourselves, and each other. That’s it.” – WRSA Reader

Western Rifle Shooters Association

The Globalist Reds are making their move.

You really won’t like what follows.

The North American continent is the last stand for Western Civilization.

Make every day and every round count.

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-8418399/PETER-HITCHENS-Left-controls-lever-power-face-regime-change.htmlAuthorConcerned AmericanPosted on

One thought on “Hitchens: Regime Change”

  1. Dirksays:Semper, per your question, we have experienced zero issues she’s got maybe 700 rounds thru both, 350 ish thru each. I’m impressed. She’s not intimidated by it.I just purchased her a Glock 43, and me a Glock 34 long slide, and a Glock 48, which I’m carrying. I’m carring the 48 Mexican, without issues, in a cheaper leather holster I picked up on Amazon.Purchased 10 extra mags for all three, and on Carole’s 43, I incorporated the Taran Tactical, three round extensions, driving the round count to 10, with one round in the chamber. This is now her carry gun, not the 38 hammer less stubby.The revolver is a great piece of kit, my concern has been for years mastering the speed loader reload. She tends to freeze, my girls a lover, not a fighter and can manage mag changes easier then addressing speed loaders under stress.The mag 22s, are impressive. The carbine comes with a threaded barrel. I have a .22 can, with Aguilar sub sonic, in a slight wind, it’s impressive. I touched up the feed ramp, with like 600 grit paper.The sun sonic cycles, but just kinda. It’s one of those gun drill failure, deal with it, your gtg.Also for the first time in my life, Bill Buppert convinced me to run a red dot on a pistol. I’m very impressed.Had to requal, for my federal concealed carry a couple weeks ago. I shot the Glock 34 with the lupold pro red dot, first time thru, shot 100% score. Then I ran it with the Glock 48, and shot a 84%.Both pistols are new to me, not much trigger time. AND, the new dept test is a 10 ring only score. Anything outside the 10 ring is a deduct, from a possible max 100.I really like this model 34, long slide, also put a new triggering at 3.5, and something refer to as ‘ suppressor height sights, so I have zero zero co witnessing impressive shooter out to 100y.I blew it, the 34 is just to big to carry concealed. I’ve got a vanilla, glock 19 coming. I’ll change out the slide, go with a “gray ghost”, slide and trigger, and likely the RMR, red dot on the 19, this will be my carry gun.Hope this helps.A shout out to BB, who was kind enough to walk me thru the how to stages.Boys, if your eyes are going this set up is the shit. I won’t do any of my 1911s, but intend to purchase several more Glocks before end of year, all will receive red dot set upsDirtReply

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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