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Western Rifle Shooters Association

“We’ve got God, ourselves, and each other. That’s it.” – WRSA Reader

Western Rifle Shooters Association


4 thoughts on “Start At The Beginning, Read & Print All”

  1. North*Starsays:I always found “Dan Morgans” writings very interesting — not only were they full of useful information, the were generally non-political, and not self-promoting.
    Besides the info you posted here, his “fictional” series “The Patrol”, was more than just entertaining — it was also a practical “how-to” manual on moving and setting up comms in a grid down situation.
    So it was disappointing when the series ended short at Episode 9. I’m sure the writer had good reasons for stopping the blog, but it IS missed (at least by this reader).Reply
  2. Al Liguorisays:Spies Can Eavesdrop by Watching a Light Bulb’s Vibrations
    The so-called lamphone technique allows for real-time listening in on a room that’s hundreds of feet away.
  3. Al Liguorisays:US bishops caught funding radical groups supporting riots, calling for ‘death’ to police
    It is unclear how support for an end to the rule of law in the United States fits into the Catholic Campaign for Human Development’s mission. opposition to unchangeable Catholic doctrine, CCHD’s subversive mission is Marxism.1) Catholics are bound to oppose Marxism (as we are also bound to oppose all forms of socialism, including National Socialism): Nothing about the Novus Ordo (“New Order”) is Catholic. The Novus Ordo is Catholic signage with invalid sacraments, peddling inversions of unchangeable doctrines and morality, a 50-year old simulacrum of the 2,000-year-old Catholic Church, and a cult sadly reminiscent of Isaias 5:20-21. The Novus Ordo has defected from the New Covenant “making void the Commandment of God for the traditions of men” (Mark 7:8-9) just as the Pharisees (and their post-Christian followers in Talmudic Judaism) defected from the Mosaic Covenant (among many more, Deuteronomy 31:16 & 20, Judges 2:20, 2 Esdras (Nehemiah) 9:26, Jeremias 31:31-32, Malachias 2:8-12). Background (for anyone interested) here: LifeSiteNews was co-founded by Opus Dei (“Work of God”), a cult within the Novus Ordo cult. Opus Dei is unwrapped here:
  4. DMV GRINGOsays:If it were possible for Danny to be alive in 2345 and America still existed with communist/statist mutts in control, he would still be Cucking about….clucking on that “EVERY DAY THAT WE’RE NOT AT WAR IS ANOTHER DAY WE GET TO SHARPEN OUR HATCHETS.”Reply

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EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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