On Communism

Western Rifle Shooters Association

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Western Rifle Shooters Association


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2 thoughts on “On Communism”

  1. Foot in the Forestsays:I would imagine that Mr. Green is a product of modern education. What I feel is important, facts don’t matter. A little education in FACTS provided by a course study in the STEM area instead of social justice and the Stupid son of a bitch just might have had a rudimentary understanding of E=MC2 or maybe even simple gravity. Play STUPID games get STUPID prizes. One can only hope his Darwin award comes before he had a chance to enhance the gene pool.Reply
  2. Dirksays:Pisses me off to think AT, is selling We The People short! Fuck you, You want to give up, go for it you pussy. Ain’t nobody telling me ” We Lost” sounds like a tool the left would use. American Patriot must be involved.Burn it down, when these pussified shit bags come to your town turn em around send em home. O that’s right they burnt theirs to the ground. Dumb fuckers.I have zero sympathy for what’s happening. I refuse to allow my world to go away. MSM, is the enemy of all free men, even FOX, has become a shill for Progressive thought.Again FUCK THAT. You want to quit, you want to submit, you want to take a knee, fuck you, your a coward. People’s memories are short, this is history repeating. Nothing more, nothing less.If your not preparing for a war, with your enemy, I don’t give a fuck if their black Purple brown, or red. The worst of them are WHITES who have sold out. Whites who have taken a knee. These fuckers deserve zero quarter, period.Our personal journey is finally starting to get serious. We’ve upped our game gone from the 556, to the .308s. My personal poison is my newish Wilson Combat AR-10s, Super Snipers. With high end glass. Lots and lots and lots of magazines.We will not run, we may die, but every man has his line in the sand. If your not going to lead YOUR crew, family out of this subversion, then get the fuck out of the way.MSM, is first!. Kill the voice of tyranny you kill the whistle calls. Put enough of em down, their associates will understand that their actions have consequences, You Lie, You FUCKING DIE!.I am outraged at the selling out of the United States to the communist, “the Democratic Party”This is Turner Diaries kinda shit. Yes good people, indecisive people may die. That’s their burden for not standing tall, doing the right thing. A left gets center punched by a .308, like I give a shit, one less useless eater.I watched the news, haven’t been watching, cuz I don’t care. What I see enrages me.Fuck the LosersDir

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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