The Last American Novel

Western Rifle Shooters Association

How are you increasing your strength and cardio capacity?

Western Rifle Shooters Association

If you can, make sure to buy both a hardcopy and a Kindle.

The Kindle version may not last long in the Current Era.

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4 thoughts on “The Last American Novel”

  1. Atlas Shrugsays:Option for non-Amazon purchase? possible, I prefer to give the the money that Amazon takes off the top of every sale.Keep your powder dry,
    Atlas Shrug
  2. Atlas Shrugsays:Option for non-Amazon purchase?If possible, I prefer to give the the money that Amazon takes off the top of every sale.Keep your powder dry,
    Atlas Shrug
  3. Czar of Sewerssays:Comrade Bezos will Fahrenheit 451 this wrongthink as part of the Great Leap Forward to the United States of Amazon.
    Forward to the glorious Zimbabwetopia. Yes we can!
  4. mtnforgesays:Will have to read that. The man has created some excellent works, The Constitutionalist – Rights To Die For has held up in time very well.
    TL wrote another work published in pedo=bezo Ebook format called Shadow Soldier.Petes cautionary Ebook warning is timely. Open source Alt-Ebook publishing is increasing, but slowly. There’s choices but the menus are slim, good works but limited. Castelia House and Pequid Press, looked for a spell Penguin too might have gone someplace with its esoteric property. Too bad, they have some really good stuff down in the bowels of their archives.
    The publishing industry is coming infested with SJW and Karens, they have saturate converged the gaming, Sci-Fi and comic book industry, as they have the devil mouse, for now they have completely converged Devil Mouse’s film branch, even though Devil Mouse shadow corporate is total globo=pedo run and operated for decades.Remember few weeks back pedo-bezo declared he no longer needs whitenazibad customers.
    Amazomby has been gently working up its thought police conversion to Faceborg and WordPress Insect commmie-nooity standards, soon weaponized as pedo=bezo has created his own Goolag masters of the universe tech monopoly.
    They have been using weaponized obscure “copyright” “morals” to run beta policing tactics and strategy on authors, its only a matter of months till they go full thought police retard.Ol’ Kipling, how right could he imagined he was in his Gods of The Copybook Headings

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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