Briggs: Stop Using The Enemy’s Language

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Freedom begins between your ears.

Western Rifle Shooters Association AmericanPosted on

2 thoughts on “Briggs: Stop Using The Enemy’s Language”

  1. World Downfallsays:Not being able to talk about the truth is part of the plan.
    The corruption of the language is not by accident either.
    Burning Looting Murdering is just a PR ad campaign.
    The elites think the crocodile will never notice them if they throw out some fresh meat and gibs.
    I laughed my ass off over the “protesters” putting a guillotine outside esteemed party member comrade Bezos mcmansion.
    Watched a disturbing video of a 16 year old Australian girl getting beat by vibrants in broad daylight while no one did anything.
    Eight persons of politically preferred pigmentation beat her then turned off the world star hip hop upload and stomped her.
    She won’t file a police report and the cops say there is nothing that they can do.
    Poofterland is just as fuxxored as Amerikwa the Kwanstain.Reply
  2. Ralphsays:Lots of good comments to the source article. A couple to add to his list:Diversity – Divisiveness
    Inclusion – Intrusion
    Gun Control – Firearms Confiscation
    Felony Menacing – Self Defense
    Teen – Any non-white, or group of non-whites, under the age of twenty involved in a violent criminal actReply

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EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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