Bracken: Three Parts

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Freedom begins between your ears.

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

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6 thoughts on “Bracken: Three Parts”

  1. LRRP Tiger Stripesays:September through November. Time to find the Don MClean American Pie song from the archives.
    No matter who wins the (s)election it will get ugly.
    The inbred elites will probably release the real strain of the virus that effects everyone by that time.
    Normal is long gone and never to return. Plan accordingly.If we lose our freedoms it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within” – Abraham Lincoln.Reply
  2. The Hall of Archivessays:Cities exploding is a feature and not a bug to the fifth column of traitors within. It has to get really bad before the Kwan can be converted into a CCP serf colony.
    People should use Bitchute and you can download the video to show others or preserve in the Hall of Archives.Reply
  3. DMV GRINGOsays:Part 3: “If you didn’t order the pizza, and the guy’s at your front door with a [pizza] box, it’s probably got a shotgun in it.” ~Bracken~What a joke!Reply
    1. Bonaventuresays:Shoot first, pay for pizza later, if at all.“Oh honey, you DID order a pizza?”“Oops. Sorry dude, my bad.”Reply
  4. Dirksays:DMV, come on man, these guys put up with you, and me, why is their contribution, less worthy. Hint,,,,,, it’s not. Last week I went berserk calling everybody here a fucking pussy for hiding behind screen names, and pitching up every excuse under the sun.End of the day, I don’t get to, nor do I want any part in them making the choice to stand up. What amuses me is this. Do you think the left, the communist, Our Govt, don’t know your real name, your address, your families name, their address, that’s some silly shit.Do you think “they” don’t get 4/5 gen ware fighting, I know, you know. They’ve been hitting us with this 4/5 gen stuff for years now, the psy op, IS working.A no vote on Nov 3rd is a vote for communism, period. They are counting on you NOT voting. Fuck that costs nothing, serves a tactical ideal.Either way “it’s “going off, you the others have 133 days, to get your shit together. That’s 4.4 months from now..I include myself in that. Im buying and prepping even further, can’t buy what isn’t on the shelves.Which reminds me, you guys do know how to open rail car doors, and where all the food storage is in your community. You DO know that a
    Lit flare, between the tracks is a MANDATORY stop for any train, right.You do know that “truckers feed America”.Happy Independence Day to you all. I’m hoping you all reflect with your loved ones, those in your circles, about your response to what’s coming.Google earth is your friend, no recon is complete without overhead shots of your AO, use the tool while you have it.DirtReply
  5. NorthGunnersays:Just finished watching all three parts.Got to say that I appreciate this host NOT following (((controlled op/gatekeeper Alex Jonestien’s)))
    habit of constantly interrupting his guest..a bit plus!The first section was okay…they never got to actually mentioning which essay Matt
    wrote that the host was basing his thoughts on.The second section was definitely better, actually discussed the essay and it’s
    relevance to the ongoing escalating ‘cultural war’ that’s going from cold to hot.
    Most surprising, at the 0:02:09 mark, Matt makes a very important observation
    about the current batch of indians and their lives on their ‘rez’s’…was more than
    a little surprised that he chose to be that truthfully outspoken about the issue
    (granted he’s certainly NOT the first). I don’t doubt that it will be soon that BOTH
    the ‘Special Playmates of Lying Children’, A.I.M. and B.L.M. will be actively targeting
    him for ‘defaming a “protected minority class” via ‘hatespeech”.The rest of the 2nd and 3rd installments were interesting as Matt and his host
    were in effect talking about the need for folks of the same race and culture to
    actively seek out and form ‘No-Go Zones’ for their mutual defense and existence…
    the very thing that I and others have been saying.Interesting……Of course, he still hasn’t effectively identified (((WHO))) the globalists who
    are at the financial/logistical ‘center of the bolshevist web’ that are responsible
    for anti-fa, blm, bamn and all the rest are.NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!Reply

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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