Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?


Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?
 by Mike King

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NY Times: (June 21): Trump Fires U.S. Attorney in New York Who Investigated His Inner CircleNY Times (July 2): Ghislaine Maxwell, Associate of Jeffrey Epstein, Is Arrested


Though neither normies nor even most truthers caught the connection, the two well-publicized events described in the stories listed above — happening just 12 days apart — are directly connected. U.S. Attorney / Prosecutor Geoffrey S. Berman (cough cough) was the Deep State operative overseeing the Southern District of New York. In that capacity, he could be counted on as a faithful block to the unraveling of the explosive Mossad / Jeffrey Epstein child-sex operation (Epstein’s principal residence and place of arrest was in Manhattan). That is why Berman’s removal triggered the Demonrats and Fake News into hysteria mode. Berman’s spot is being temporarily filled by an interim appointment – but the new prosecutor to come is sure to be a Trump man (or woman).

Worried Demonrats are now calling for the “impeachment” of Attorney General William Barr – who, at Trump’s behest, “whacked” Mr. Berman. House Resolution 1032, filed by U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) (cough cough), accuses Barr of using his job to pursue political goals and calls for his removal. Cohen tweeted:

“Barr has politicized the DOJ, undermined the rule of law, abused his power, obstructed justice & violated the first amendment. He is not fit to be Attorney General.”

What’s got you so worried about AG Barr, eh Mr. Cohen?

1. Berman talked a good game against the now allegedly “deceased” Epstein, but he was a Deep State block that had to be removed before Barr could take things to the next level. // 2. Trump and Barr are in control now. //

3. Fanatical Trump-hater Steve Cohen introduced the Articles of Impeachment against Trump back in January. The firing of Berman really set him off — so much so that he and many other Demonrats now want to impeach Bill Barr.

It was not by coincidence that Berman’s removal was soon followed by the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell (cough cough). Ms. Maxwell — the youngest and favorite daughter of the late publishing mogul, arch-criminal, leftist British parliamentarian and Yiddish-speaking Mossad agent Robert Maxwell (born Jan Hyman Binyamin Hoch)— was a fixture on New York’s social scene and herself a sexually perverted child rapist “just as evil as Epstein” according to one former child sex slave lured into the lifestyle by Maxwell (here). Maxwell has been charged with luring and “grooming” multiple underage girls into Mr. Epstein’s orbit.

The arrest of Ms. Maxwell has got the elite class buzzing with an odd mix of fear and gossipy excitement. The Epstein saga has already drawn in prominent academics, politicians, celebrities, business leaders and even British royalty. Who will she “rat out” in exchange for a lighter sentence? More importantly, in addition to Victoria Secret mogul Les Wexner (cough cough), will we find out who was above Epstein and Wexner; and for what higher strategic purposes were so many high-level personages being blackmailed? Will this link up to PizzaGate, child-sex murder rings and false flag terrorism? Will the Clinton Foundation’s child trafficking be brought to light? Is Q-Anon’s promised ‘Storm” about to really break out into the open, after years of patient prep-work?  

Trying to contain my optimism here (been disappointed too many times over the past 25 years of fighting the NWO) – but it is clear by now that some big names in government, media, academia and Hollyweird are very, very concerned.

1. Ghislaine Maxwell was the daughter of mega fraudster and Mossad asset Robert Maxwell (who once owned the New York Daily News and UK Daily Mirror). Maxwell died mysteriously by “falling off of his yacht” near the Canary Islands in 1991. // 2. It has been speculated that his criminal activities grew “too big for his britches” and that Mossad had to take out their own agent (or was his death faked to avoid criminal investigation of his thefts?). // 3. Ghislaine was daddy’s favorite (of 9 children) and he would not allow her to bring boyfriends home or to be publicly seen with them. (here, 17). Was he having sexual relations with her too?

1. Maxwell’s fatal yacht was named “The Lady Ghislaine!” — after his equally evil daughter (lover?). The circumstances surrounding his death (or faked death?) were very mysterious. // 2. The “Englishman” by way of Communist Czechoslovakia was given the high honor of a funeral at “The Hall of the Nation” in Jerusalem. The high and mighty of Israeli politics and Mossad turned out to honor one of their own. The pension-fund thief Maxwell was then buried at Israel’s most prestigious resting place — the cemetery on Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives, facing the Western Wall.


Headline: Washington Post / Nov, 11, 1991

Israel Gives Maxwell Farewell Fit for a Hero

“Publisher Robert Maxwell today was given a funeral befitting a national hero by Israel, the country with which he developed an intimate and sometimes controversial relationship in the last three years of his life….Only a week before his death, the volatile owner of the New York Daily News and Britain’s Mirror newspaper group became involved in an exchange of lawsuits with author Seymour Hersh, who accused Maxwell of working with Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency. Maxwell’s death at sea only intensified the speculation in London, where Hersh promised to produce further revelations of the 68-year-old publisher’s clandestine Israeli connections.”(here)

As for Q Anon’s take on these recent events – the Trump-connected Internet operative is telling us — in no uncertain terms – that the Berman firing and the Maxwell arrest should be taken as indications that ”it’s happening.” As expected, due to the disproportionate number of Jewish Globalists and Zionists being openly called out by Q’Anon’s posts (Soros, Epstein, Weinstein, Rothschild, Wexner, Maxwell, Schiff, Nadler, Weiner et al), the highly defamatory Anti-Defamation League is really ratcheting up its attacks on both Trump and the Q Anon “conspiracy theory .” (here)

A parting thought for some of you die-hard “Trump-is-a-Zionist-Puppet” folks who continue to cite some of Trump’s cosmetically necessary displays of Jewish love (moving of U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, the “giveaway” of the already-long-stolen Golan Heights) as evidence of his “disloyalty.” Trump has now destroyed two of Israel’s most powerful weapons:

1. The international ISIS proxy army — (by cutting off CIA funding of Syrian “rebels” as Putin bombed them — here)

2. The Epstein-Maxwell child-sex blackmail operation

Trump saved Bashar al Assad and left Russia and Iran the protectors of the Middle East. He has not attended an AIPAC convention since Election Year 2016 and has quietly dumped an embattled Bibi Satanyahoo (here— all while blowing air-kisses at “the Jewish people.” Genius! And that is why, both the Globalist and Zionist factions of the International PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) are attacking Trump with everything they’ve got – including the current Stupid-19 scamdemic and Black Lives Matter operations.

Q Anon is forecasting a “hot summer,” a “mass public awakening” and public unification centered around revelations of the abuse of children. Promising words – backed up by some promising recent events. That all being said, we won’t be popping any champagne bottles of celebration unless and until 9/11 is exposed during Trump’s second term. Once that constipation-causing myth gets moved out the way, all other backlogged truths will flood down upon humanity.

Stay tuned.

Q Image Posts (possibly captured by NSA technology) portend of explosive revelations to come.

1. Q Post # 4569: Bill Clinton and Ghislaine Maxwell on their way to pervert island. // 2. Q Post # 4570: Mighty (now fallen) Jewish Mafia Gangsters Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell — at some costume party — all with their faces X’d out in red. // 3. Q Post # 4578: Videos purporting to be from Epstein’s island appear to show children in underground captivity.


Q Post # 4567 — from an old FOX News screen shot


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that  Jeffrey Epstein’s partner-in-crime was just arrested. Boobus Americanus 2: I hear that many big names were at that island. It’s terrible to abuse teen age girls like that.


St. Sugar: I think we’re going to find out that the girlss and boyss were even a lot younger than the 14 year-oldss we’ve only heard about sso far, Boobuss!

Editor: If the full scope of this becomes known, as Q says, political divisions will disappear overnight!

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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