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You’d better be planning for life on the run as a freedom fugitive.

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10 thoughts on “Americans”

  1. Live Free Or Don’tsays:Social distancing was cooked up by a young girl after her father encouraged her to do so to get some grant money.
    It has no basis in any science but science has been politicized as part of the Fundamental Transformation.
    Wearing a panty mask is about as useless as tits on a boar hog. Fresh air and sun is the best medicine.
    If we the people don’t rediscover that bumpy thing along our backs called a spine then stick a fork in the republic because it is done.Reply
  2. Bigus Macussays:Makes me proud.Reply
  3. Dirksays:God Bless This Great Nation. these kinds of events make my eyes tear up. I Love this country, and what’s good about it.To you men and women who participated, God bless you.Dirt.Come on you Fucking haters pile on, show us exactly what kind of REAL LOOSERS, you really are. Take a knee. Lord knows your gonna swing at the end of a rope like the Marxist you fucks support!.Reply
  4. SameNoKamisays:FYI Not a post on this thread. They really do hate us.
    1. DWEEZIL THE WEASELsays:This shows the level of corrupt and syphilitic thinking which is rife within some, if not all, branches of the Amerikan Military. I saw what the Army had become when, after an eight-year break in service, I went back in as an active Army Reservist in 1979. I got out. The very scary thing about this is when the balloon goes up, legions of these gun-toting faggots, dykes, trannies, wetbacks, gang-bangers, gangsta’ rappers, and other assorted “minorities” will be gunning for us. The lure of spoil and the ingrained hatred of these drug-addled Millennials will make them very formidable.
      Keep your eye on the Socialist Convention in Milwaukee. Biden will get the nod. His Veep will be none other than Barry, or Michelle. Don’t argue “Mah Constitution” with me. A legal precedent will take place. Look what the “Conservatives” at SCOTUS have just done to us. They will win the election. Perdition will be upon us. Plan accordingly. Bleib ubrig.Reply
    2. saoirsesays:Pathetic murkuns deciding how to arrange the circle-jerk for Geeeezus while their cuntry circles the toilet drain.
      The invisible jew ain’t gonna help you fools nor will posturing with red, white and blue whining about freedumb!Reply
  5. Mountain Crackersays:This is Mountain Cracker’s home state. I’m proud of them. Northern Colorado (or NOCO) and the western slope believes in Freedom. Today I plan to work “meatspace” in my AO.I’d like to hear what you guys are up to today. Also read the WRSA subtitle today. Get your head around that, what if you have to engage LE protecting “protestors?”What’s coming will be a joyous bloody mess. Remember who you are, and the suffering will have context.Reply
  6. Tactless Wookiesays:Is this the same event TL Davis covered last week?What a brilliant idea. No permits for a parade? Have a “protest” instead.Excellent wtite-up and photos.Reply
  7. tfA-tsays:what’s so ironic is, the very folks who’ve the most to lose(Dick- it’s spelled LOSE) the young and middle aged so-called meN with careers, families, children, homes, lives, futures.. are the very least likely to man-up and take their rightly inheritance of freedom and LAND back for fear of losing it all.. tfA-t ponders history and realizes this is a new chapter that is controlled by fear and cowardliness.histories warriors didn’t worry about dying in battle to save the things they cared most for. in fact, it was not only expected of them, their wives actually told them to “not come back” if they failed to be victorious…LOLcan anyone besides tfA-t grok this?.of course the REAL MEN like tfA-t who have conquered life’s trivial pursuits, financial difficulties, and avoided the emasculating modern love-trap the “new chapter” cucks fell into can just pick-up and leave…it’s really not our problem🙂think about this today- meNReply
  8. DMV GRINGOsays:Geriatric delusion and Bibles thumped.No comment.Meanwhile, in the camp of Team (Acta non verba) Globohomo RedThe already widely known (and posted here) St. Louis shenanigans: this (WHITE) Boomer Cuck Murican’/New Minuteman pride:
    Virginia State Board Unanimously Approves Removing Downtown Richmond Robert E. Lee Statue –

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EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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