Ammo SITREP: Slim to No Availability

The Defensive Training Group

The, “New Normal,” for ammunition is simply this:

  • WHEN you can find it, expect very high pricing in the popular calibers.
  • Buying on-line? Expect 10 to 15 days or longer “processing time,” due to high demand.  I’ve got an order out there 36 days old.  And this was for some 7.62NATO OTM for practice.
  • Figure to buy in meat space from a gun store/range or sporting goods?  Good luck.   If and when you find it, expect to be limited on the amount you can buy, even at higher prices.  I visited the local, “Sportsman’s Warehouse,” to see what they had in the way of ammo as well as side and shoulder arms.  No 9mm, 45ACP, 5.56NATO, or 7.62NATO (they did have some really expensive .308 hunting ammo, but no OTM at all).  The man I talked to said you need to be in the store every Monday when they opened…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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