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You’d better be planning for life on the run as a freedom fugitive.

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27 thoughts on “Surprised?”

  1. Berglandersays:According to Wikipedia….Eric Schmitt is…..a…..REPUBLICAN!!!Reply
    1. NorthGunnersays:And as I mentioned here before when this situation was unveiled,
      truth IS stranger than fiction and this IS a part of (((Klown World))):“The white St. Louis couple who pointed guns at Black Lives Matter protesters
      outside their mansion say they support the movement”“..In the statement released by the couple, the couple says they acted lawfully on their property.“The Black Lives Matters movement is here to stay, its the right message, and it is about time,” Albert Watkins, their attorney, said in the statement. “The McCloskeys want to make sure no one thinks less of BLM, its message and the means it is employing to get its message out because of the actions of a few white individuals who tarnished a peaceful protest.”Understand this – the McCloskey’s SUPPORT the bolshevik front organization ‘black lives matter’,
      they AGREE with the ‘means it is employing to get it’s message out’ and they think the problem
      is fellow WHITE people.The McCloskey’s (to quote author Taleeb Starkes) are “Niggerfiliacs” who, when, not “if” threatened
      again by the bolshi’s foot soldiers/useful idiots will NOT be at all appreciative if fellow WHITE
      people tried to come to their aid by standing beside them in mutual defense.Anyone in the ‘Freedom community’ that thinks these two are heroe’s/allies are blind,
      deaf and dumb – the McCloskeys ARE part of the enemy’s cadre, they openly admitted
      it by stating support for the bolshevist blm.Understand IFF and knowing one’s enemies indeed…How many bolshevists are within a 3 to 5 mile distance of where
      you call home?…..NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!Reply
  2. tired dogsays:Charges? We don’t need no charges…we just want to insure your inability to defend should this happen again. Unless of course you hire a dozen extra job cops at say, $100 / hr each ? HmmmReply
  3. DelMarVaDavesays:That’s right, the poleece confiscate his rifle and means of self protection and now what. The turds come back and make good on their promise. If it goes down like that, I hope the McCloskey’s families and heirs sue the city for millions.
    Now, give the damn firearm back!Reply
  4. Fun With Rhetorical Questionssays:The glorious people’s republic of Missouri with the huge mosque you can see from I-70 just outside of Shit Louis?
    Nope, not surprising.
    Is it because two people with arms scared off a mob of communist excrement?
    Infiltrated at all levels of government from local school board all the way to Central Command in the district of cesspool.
    Plan Accordingly.Reply
  5. Marcussays:Essentially, it’s what Aesop says:
    “If you’re on the street, you shouldn’t be playing.”Reply
  6. Chrissays:And everyone’s screaming NRA,no GOA,no USCCA. WTF people?
    How about using that money for guns/Ammo/ supplies for YOURSELVES! Ta stupid it burnz.Reply
  7. The Gray Mansays:Police is r frens.Reply
  8. Augusto Pintobeansays:The only thing the warrant accomplishes is disarming the couple. Presumably a grand jury is examining the circumstances, but seems unlikely a successful prosecution will follow.Reply
  9. Steady Stevesays:Whoever issued that warrant needs a severe beat down.Reply
  10. Dirksays:Warrants? For what. For the life of me, I can think of zero crimes committed. Is that state not Castle Doc?Antifa/ BLM, destroy property. ” destroyed the gate”
    Trespass Armed.
    Make Terroist Threats.
    Felony Menacing. ” two or more armed subjects making those threats”AND the police have zero duties to protect these folks from the Marxists.And the family goes to jail. What a sick joke.The hypocracy is overwhelming.Reply
  11. Johnny Paytoiletsays:Here’s one for the WRSA heading. Your good & trusted neighbor today could very well be your sworn & belligerent enemy tomorrow. In reality, that applies to virtually anybody. Go ahead & compare the summer of 2019 with the summer 2020. Look at what the difference just a year makes. Hope you get the picture before it’s too, too late.Reply
    1. Dirksays:JP, count on it!. Three can keep a secret, if two are dead. A truism !
      Don’t run your soup koolers, if you can’t stand the heat.DirtReply
  12. DMV GRINGOsays:Fuck him! He let his rifle (and likely the pistol) be “seized” by the STATE.
    He and his wife are prominent (WHITE) lawyers in today’s Murika’….he should have known what was coming (from the state), prepared accordingly, and disappeared the weapons for safe keeping until a later date.
    STATE: You’re being charged with a crime. Give us the personal property you used to commit that crime.
    Him: No! Fuck you! I’m not giving it to you. Turn my home upside down. You’re not gonna find it.Reply
  13. Oldtradesmansays:This couple has a history. There is also a question as to the legal status of that patch of green in front of their mansion:
  14. Reader2says:They’re both liberal lawyers and big dummycrat donors. I’m sure they’ll be just fine.
    By now you all must know they don’t necessarily arrest you for committing a crime, but to mollify the duh masses. Just like when a cop shoots a guy armed with a stolen taser in self defense and gets arrested for his trouble.
    I wonder if the mob will return to their place, now that they and their guns are absent?Reply
  16. Jacksays:There are lessons here.One is none.
    CACHE!!!Whoever signed this “warrant” has effectively murdered these people.Who did sign the warrant, this is the question needing answersReply
  17. DMV GRINGOsays:This take away ‘money quote’ of an average citizen sums everything up:“I really wanted to believe that Trump wasn’t controlled opposition, but paving way for legal amnesty for 22 million illegal immigrants has confirmed for me that he really is. It’s official, we White Americans really are on our own as we have no political representation whatsoever.”
  18. Bonaventuresays:The more this drags on, the more I’m lead to believe that it is all a PsyOp intended to instill a fear in others in defending themselves.Nevertheless, this incident–and its resulting aftermath–should be used as a tool to understand not only when/where to pull out the firepower, but more importantly, the effeminate nature of the law when it comes to defending home and life.To begin, understand that when it comes to the so-called “castle doctrine” this is not a federally accepted theory of law; if anything it is a state issue. By that I mean that to the extent a state even has a “castle doctrine,” the standards invoking it (let’s be honest, it is a defense) in one state may be entirely different than the standards applied in another. For example, the applicable standard applied in, let’s say Georgia, may be altogether different than applied in, for example, Arizona or N.Dakota (and I don’t even know if such a doctrine is even in effect in those states). As such, it behooves one to become familiar with the laws in their own AO regarding the use of force and when/where you can pull out a firearm.Generally speaking (and again, this may change from AO to AO), one can not brandish a firearm unless one is in fear of immediate bodily harm upon his person. For example, let’s say you were on the side of the road with a flat tire, and a car approaches you and stops. Out get four gruff looking men, and they immediately start sizing you and your belongs up. If you had a pistol on you, and you drew upon them at that time, guess what, you’re most likely going to jail if they reported you. At least in my AO; yours may differ, but I’m only using this as an example. Now, let’s say, instead of brandishing your pistol, which let’s say was in an OWB holster but concealed under your coat, you simply took off your coat so that your pistol, still holstered, is viewable by all. Nothing wrong with that, and most likely your new gruff friends get the picture.Now, going back to this married couple in The Lou, I can guarantee you the problem they are running into is that they were both brandishing and pointing their firearms towards a crowd of (unarmed?) people outside their home. Just look at the pictures of the lady, finger on the fun button, indiscriminately pointing her pistol at everyone in the crowd. And this was outside their house, not inside. Nor does it appear the couple was under threat of immediate bodily harm (note: destruction of property itself does not generally constitute threat of immediate bodily harm). Sorry, but under the effeminate laws, that’s a no-no. To be clear, I do not agree with that, and believe that what this couple did was entirely within their natural rights. But natural rights don’t exist in fUSA.What this couple should have done was, once they saw the rioters approaching their property, was to go outside, the man with rifle slung over his shoulder, the woman with a viewable holstered pistol. (This actually would have been a good time to have a “cowboy holster” with a huge smoke wagon sitting in it). This would have most likely sent the same message to the crowd, and if bum rushed, which would have at least substantiated fear of immediate bodily harm, they could have then pointed their firearms (and maybe used them). Instead, they are painted as the villains and have had their firearms taken away from them, leaving them at the mercy of police. Good luck with that.Reply
    1. DMV GRINGOsays:Only LARPing cucks, posers, geriatric fossils and Boomers will continue to be cravenly cowed into not defending themselves. Only you whoring sluts of normie/trad/middle….upper class pussified suburban respectability will be intimidated, and have your stupid asses properly kicked and killed for your limp wrist troubles, which you’ll richly deserve for continuing to stupidly put yourselves
      in those situations and ending up the joke of the county in a video posted to twitter by a Globohomo Red.
    2. tfA-tsays:blah blah blah blah
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      blah blah blah blahroly poly holy moly RahmenLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLReply
    3. DMV GRINGOsays:“What this couple should have done was, once they saw the rioters approaching their property, was to go outside, the man with rifle slung over his shoulder, the woman with a viewable holstered pistol.”
      Your fanatical cucking, bathhouse, cocksucking, degenerate homosexual….Cluck on!Reply
    4. DMV GRINGOsays:Yeah, feel the burn bitch!
      I was so focused on slinging profanity, I thoroughly fucked up proofreading my comment.
      Fuck yeah, if you have hate in your heart let it out!Reply
  19. jptsays:Stupid honkey libs and boomers cant figger it out. Bring on the Rhodesian Santa and burn em all!! The future belongs to those who want to fight for it. Deserves got nuttin to do with it. Nor does skin color or ideology. Any commie willin to kill for it has my vote. Aint no whitey rightys doin shit. Except suckin up calories and watching boonball. Id love to step off the porch first, but since no one is behind me, im going defense. This ship is too far over the falls to save. We had our chance. We pissed it away. We are all rhodies now fuckers.Reply
    1. DMV GRiNGOsays:Exactly!Reply
  20. mtnforgesays:There are no coincidences in the public hoodwinking now. Really since at least the Clinton=pedo organized crime syndicate regime fine tuned the weaponization of The State and its 5th column state level vassal states.Two possibilities:
    These folks where set up from the word go. It may even be possible they are themselves actors involved in this false flag operation.
    No trust without verification.
    All coincidences are not.
    It is funny how this particular couple at this particular property was chosen for this particular operation at this particular stage for this particular yellow media false narrative spectacle.
    When do organic grass roots natural open source genuine peaceful protests have yellow media crews on the spot who capture the entire sequence of events, no everything about two private individuals down to what they spent to rebuild their historic property, their names, their professions?
    An interesting series of coincidences?
    It is interesting they where subjected to confiscation of their property, yet no formal criminal charges or indictments.
    All the facets of the sphere of this event dovetail exactly with all aspects of disarmament actions of Americans.
    It is a sublime feature that at this time burn loot murder and antifart are being armed and using their weapons in a series of escalating lethal use of their weapons against the perceived visage of white American’s, which they have suddenly acquired out of seeming thin air.
    The timing is an interesting coincidence in that 150 professional method actors, armed with similar weapons as this couple, marched and threatened violence at Mt Rushmore.
    Is it an interesting coincidence where non white actors are provided by the yellow media and other media individuals with a body of legitimate needs and appearances to be armed.
    It is an interesting coincidence the white couple are not provided the same benefit of the doubt, never mind natural Unalienable rights to property and arms.
    Is this not an interesting body of coincidences?In the scope of our lives, day to day, year to year, series of coincidences are rare, to they do not happen.
    Such seeming threads of unbroken connected coincidences which seem to never end but go on and on while they all pertain to false narratives, talking points, and the agenda of people who hate America and are desirous of its destruction.
    When is coincidence not coincidence?
    Or is it coincidence, to double bad think to question coincidences which are supposed to be random innocent coincidental happenstance with no relation or connection to anything?
    Which is it?Repeat this mantra. I guarantee it is most handy method of looking past the sleight of hand and perceiving the underlying truths hidden behind the false operational stance, and amazing series of coincidences, which never occurs anywhere else at any time coincidently with anyone else, other than coincidently relating to our enemy and their coincidential agenda:
    Good folks do not do these things.
    Good folks do not do these crazy destructive chaotic things that are happening.
    Good folks do not do these things.
    Good folks do not get into such pickles.
    Good folks do not do these things.
    Good folks do not hate America.
    Good folks do not do these things.
    Good folks do not burn down their cities,
    (out of good and legitimate cause, eventually they go and burn down their enemies, do not stop till they are all dead).
    Good folks do not do these things.
    Good folks do not commit these crimes.
    Good folks do not do these things.
    They are good folks.
    It is part why they are good folks.Rhetorically, Why, would so many hate and make target of good folks?A foremost intent here is to determine your priorities for you.
    All priorities must come under the control of the mob and its lord’s of the flies.
    Nobody can tell you what your priorities are.
    The sleight of hand is to cause you to think you have no right to determine your priorities and what your priorities are.There are no coincidences now.
    There are no coincidences now.
    There are no coincidences now.Grok the implications, is to understand the truth.
    The truth has no agenda.
    The truth exposes the agenda.Reply

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EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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