Z Blog: Choosing Sides

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Once you tag your first Commie, you ain’t going home until after the victory parade. Plan accordingly, including planned efforts and targets of opportunity.

Western Rifle Shooters Association

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3 thoughts on “Z Blog: Choosing Sides”

  1. Jagdgeschwader 52says:Some bow tie shop class coke bottle glasses genetic misfire was just on the Communist Bolshevik Soviet prattling on about “systemic racism” in some soothing voice while stating that we should have statues for the great men who made all of this possible in the first place.
    The Enemedia must be destroyed or we will be Zimbabwestan in a few short years.
    Fam likes to watch that shit and I’m sure it is to irritate me but at least there is the release valve of WRSA.Reply
  2. Dirksays:I’ve been concerned for years about exactly who Zman represents, short of himself. I’m always amused at just how folks from socially different backgrounds react to words, ” rarely deeds” from these alledged freedom fighting blogs.Suppose I admire their grit, for at least penning something, even if it’s wrong. Case in point is Z’s assumption that the rich the season riders, boiled chicken cooks who worship money above all else, will excel in relative comfort.It’s an illusion. Admittedly I’m using my AO as my example, cuz it’s what I know. The rich here are generous, provide much to the community as a whole.Yet indeed sway govt, influence elected officials, and use this power like a sharp knife, carving out their needs, in reality saying fuck the rest of you, I got mine.What they have zero power over is The People, the majority, which isn’t for sale. A reckoning will arrive, the good, the decent, moral and ethical shall pretty much survive.Here IT WILL BE THE PEOPLE, making those choices. Not local govt. I keep referring back to the Antifa incident many weeks ago. What manifested was not govt, or police control, but We The People, calmly firmly telling the Marxist, the communist, ” ain’t happening here” well dirt bath every last one of your cock sucking shitbirds.When a county the size of many states back in the NE, can put 700/900 or more men and women under arms, in 3/4 hours, for the moral good of the community, should be viewed thru eyes wide open.Not only with this commity not allow Marxism or communism, nor will this community allow an unreasonable govt, to rule them. These people have a solid history of standing up to govt, armed and ready to kick the fuck out of em, then melt back into the hills, to farm ranch, perhaps fight another day, if elected officials fail,to grasp what exactly just happened.This community is a God fearing gun toting, nation loving community who have demonstrated time and time again they bow to nobody, nor will they take a knee.This mountain, this County, the rest of southern Oregon will muster and fight any enemies be it raiders or govt with every tool available. My associates who own the gun stores, the sporting goods stores, are telling me they can not stock enough ammo, or guns on the shelves.The big box stores, are running out of long term storage food, actually all canned foods almost daily.This slice of the United States has read the tea leaves, and are preparing for the fight coming. local govt. knows to NOT gets in the way, else they will be consumed aswell.Admittedly this area is very unique in its location, resources, and rationale. Fuel storages are being topped off, large amounts of foods stored, fuel for gensets, and wood for warming fires.Many pockets in the US exist of like minded folk, you all would be wise to locate and assimilate with these fine folk.TL’s work resinates what the real America looks like, not what you see on the idiot box nightly. the strength of these United States is the free men, the free thinkers, who’s judgement isn’t clouded by life in corporate American, or from within a mega city looking outwardly.No sir, the real United States starts in each of our hearts. It’s a symptom, it’s a mind set, it’s a brotherhood, a sisterhood bonded by a couple hundred years of being free men.Bill Bupperts saying is so so important, regarding hunters knowing their souls, defending their mountain. That mountain is right in front of us all. What you got, is what you your family earned.Zman God bless you, one way or another your making folks think, isn’t that your objective?DirtReply
  3. DWEEZIL THE WEASELsays:So, Mr. Carlson’s head writer just could not resist calling attention to himself under a pseudonym. He got caught by Karens, Feminazis, jealous co-workers, or whomever. How many times on this site have folks posted admonitions to STFU? Think about it. What possible good came out of this egotist’s jibes against the pavement apes? His time would have been better spent gathering intelligence, planning his escape from his Blue Hive, etc. We live and learn. Bleib ubrig.

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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