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“We have already zoomed past returning to “These” United States. We are quickly passing the Czechoslovakia Breakup Exit. Yugoslavian Civil War is blocking the road ahead as they keep pushing the pedal to the floor.” – WRSA Reader

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19 thoughts on “PSA”

  1. Dansays:No. They can fuck off.Reply
    1. Xavier Xelentesays:My exact thought on reading this was “No, Fuck you.” They can absolutely fuck off if they think I’m going to subjugate myself to their whims.Fuck ‘em.Reply
  2. Reader2says:So will we all be wearing stars of david, or can we just re-purpose all our old American flag patches? It’s not like the communists and black thugs matter rioters have a use for them.Reply
    1. anonsays:Except the stars of david and their flunkies like the pink/red/etc triangles are the ones behind this.Reply
  3. Jacksays:Vacationing in gonna take on a new meaning.Reply
  4. Chris Mallorysays:We have already zoomed past returning to “These” United States. We are quickly passing the Czechoslovakia Breakup Exit. Yugoslavian Civil War is blocking the road ahead as they keep pushing the pedal to the floor.A lot of people will not realize that “your skin is your uniform” until they are in the cannibal’s pot.Reply
    1. Gruntsays:Mast head ^? The Balkanized highway analogy was pretty humorous . Which kind of reminds me what Breitbart said about being a happy warrior. Hard not to get black pilled looking at our country’s current trajectory and the realization that that probably puts me getting Waco’d one day for future semi auto NFA violations when they add them to the list. I thought we had more time, but it feels like we’re already in a Kurt Schlichter novel.Reply
    2. Reader2says:Correct, Sir!
      I think Skinbership is the proper term.Reply
  5. mtnforgesays:Threats only work with people who are afraid.
    Threats do not work with people who are more than willing, in particular those who happily, look forward to take you and your threats on.
    Threats really run into problems when those you threaten are armed to the teeth.
    And those who do the threatening are in a world of hurt when those they threaten are willing to make you die trying to advance and defend your ideological farce.These jamokes forget millions of us are armed, have the gear, supplies, training, mind set, courage and the will to defend ourselves, exactly, because of you and what your threats represent.You who threaten us forget it isn’t a government or a social contract, it is not laws, or the rule of laws, it is not your agenda, it isn’t statues, or race, class or money, that is America, it is people who stand for something good. We do not stand for your evil.So come on.
    Your so obsessed with our white culture and race? Your so anxious to genocide us? There’s millions of us who will indeed show you our privilege as free sovereign people who choose our priorities and decide for us what is good and not good for us, what world we will live in, goes far past the depth of our skin.
    Come on. Lets see what you got.Reply
  6. Simmerjetsays:They can fuck themselves.. I aint giving up shit…Reply
  7. Wildlife Ranching South Africasays:Secession now.Reply
  8. ProGunFredsays:The thing about this is, if you want to win you still have to consider the same list. Either way, win or lose, deep sacrifice is required of you. As CA says, let’s win.Reply
  9. ghostsnipersays:First, NOBODY gets to tell me anything at all. If they try they won’t like my response.Second, that list is made up bullshit and they know it.Whites don’t want be around criminals that live in squalor and the negro’s hate being negro.
    Since negro’s can’t change what they are they try to change the whites into accepting their criminal ways.
    They are successful with the weak minded whites, but everybody else just keeps on ignoring them, as we’ve done all of our lives.Thing is, if the negro’s take it to the next level they will lose big time.
    There’s enough weak minded whites in Urbania to keep the negro’s occupied for a spell.
    But if they come out here to Ruralville they will be dispatched post haste.
    We don’t dik around, with vermin.
    We got work to do and have no time for silly assed urban retardedness.
    BAMM! Problem solved.Reply
  10. Foot in the Forestsays:Things White people need to give up. The government is going to help you. The police have a duty to protect you. Food comes from the supermarket. The “MONEY” you have in your pocket is worth more than the paper it is printed on. White people really need to read and understand Mao’s only true statement. Power does grow out the barrel of a gun. Learn it or be it the choice is yours.Reply
  11. Marcussays:I’ll take a Japanese, Korean, or Taiwanese gal, though; they’re hot!
    …No China gals, though.Reply
  12. Rsays:That’s a Fuck off and Die list.Reply
  13. Marksays:Eat my shorts Commie Mother Fuckers!Reply
  14. suzanna grovesays:I don’t think so. There are Blacks that work and value their families.
    Other Blacks refuse to work and demand society/government imposed
    taxes/Whites support their lifestyles. It isn’t reasonable to expect others
    to pay for one’s shelter, utilities, food and supplies. Reparations? I think
    the Blacks have gotten them since the 60’s, collectively, so to speak.Blacks are disenfranchised by choice, and we are expected to pay their way?
    God knows the endless scams some people run to avoid taking responsibility
    for their own lives. Cities? They can have them…either running their areas
    with some intelligence…or burn their places down. Either way, It is not my
    problem.I do realize our country is in a mess. I didn’t make the mess. Bankers made the
    the mess. Politicians are crooked, paid off by the Bankers. We bugged out a decade
    ago. Come to my neck of the woods and be prepared to be eaten by the ample bear
    population, and various critters, then freeze during our enduring winters. Conform
    to the traditions here or stay the heck out. That is a popular refrain. Men and some
    women spend a portion of their week practicing rifle skills. There is some kind of
    hunting going on here virtually 3/4 of the year. Ten year olds bag their own turkeys
    and deer when they live in the wilderness. The lifestyle here requires hard work and
    endurance. Criminals need not apply.Reply
  15. tfA-tsays:the white race is DOOOOMED because they are cowards and cuckstheir wimyn breed black n brown useless eaters more than not these daysgive them $ and off to the tattoo parlor they go instead of buying groceries or paying billsand they’re lazy as all fuckthis tfA-t knows to be trueReply

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EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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