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Western Rifle Shooters Association

“We have already zoomed past returning to “These” United States. We are quickly passing the Czechoslovakia Breakup Exit. Yugoslavian Civil War is blocking the road ahead as they keep pushing the pedal to the floor.” – WRSA Reader

Western Rifle Shooters Association

From a reader:

There is no “White Knight” on a charging steed coming to save you. You will not “vote” for a hero who will magically repair a century of Marxist and Globalist corruption. Folks are desperately seeking some champion to make the demons stop hurting them, but there is no such person. Hoping for such is fantasy – and fantasy is a luxury for children and lunatics.

Go look in the mirror. See that fellow you see staring back at you? He’s the one who has to change all of this. He’s the one who will have to fight, suffer, die and kill to fix this – with no certainty of success, and every likelihood of doing so in vain.

These are the times we inhabit, hard times. It’s time to pick your side and be hard men.AuthorConcerned AmericanPosted on

7 thoughts on “Quote Of The Week”

  1. CPBsays:Exactly!!Reply
  2. Fred Mooresays:TRUTH! VERY well said!Reply
  3. Oldtradesmansays:Useful information here:https://www.unz.com/estriker/trove-of-leaked-fbi-fusion-center-and-dhs-documents-provide-insight-into-antifa-charlottesville-political-bias-and-the-erosion-of-civil-liberties/Reply
  4. Rosemeadsays:We seem to have gone directly from ballot box to bullet box. Where is the jury box. Yea, I know not as sexy, but “jury nullification” just might be the answer. With out the killing and destroying the infrastructure. So when did you last do jury duty. Have you volunteered?Reply
  5. Franksays:re: take one with you
    After the first one, the rest are free.Reply
  6. tfA-tsays:humans are pathetically unfit, dumb, and lazythey will die stuffing their fat faces with DcMonalds feces burgers before they will save themselvesthis warms tfA-t’s heart300 million+steady as she goes 🙂

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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