“Red November” & The March Of The Crybullies

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Have you begun to consider what you will do after you survive your first shoot-out with the Reds?

Western Rifle Shooters Association


You’d better be working on your John Wayne-era POV on female enemies.

Do you think these girls would have any reservations about killing you?

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6 thoughts on ““Red November” & The March Of The Crybullies”

  1. Brass Knucklersays:Mean girls? Bwahaha! They are like the weasel little brother who starts up some shit then runs to his big brother mommygov to clean up the mess.Reply
    1. Fuel Filtersays:Don’t underestimate these fuckers. It’s not just about “mean girls”. It’s about ideals and how those are gonna be implemented.RTWT. Twice if you have to.Reply
      1. tfA-tsays:“Don’t underestimate these fuckers.”YUPtfA-t had a visionin it, he saw Arlington Nat’l turned into an amusement parkthe burial grounds were dug up and corpses were put on display for children to pelt with rocks and rotten fruit- their cheap pot metal war trinkets handed out as prizestfA-t has seen many visions…Reply
  2. Seansays:Killing commie girls is just like killing commie boys. You just don’t have to lead em’ as much.Reply
  3. W L Mosessays:The female is capable of being the most savage and cruel of our species. Isn’t that why the Mama Bear meme resonates?Reply
  4. donovangsays:“You’d better be working on your John Wayne-era POV on female enemies.”Divorce nips that shit in the bud toot de suite.

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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