ZH: Psychologically Locked-Down

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Have you begun to consider what you will do after you survive your first shoot-out with the Reds?

Western Rifle Shooters Association


Worse in the place where Great Britain used to be (because everything is), but look around to your fellow FUSAns.

Any real difference?

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7 thoughts on “ZH: Psychologically Locked-Down”

  1. tfA-tsays:tfA-t was in Fusa’s michigan yesterday and visited the wal-fart storehe did NOT wear a mask. he was only 1 of 3 in the store that defied jennifer whitless’s mask orderNOTHING happened and no cops were called- the check out lady agreed it was a scam and thanked me for standing up for sanityi’m TOLD there is a lot of fraud being committed with the SBA .gov/ODA corona virus relief loans… pity if some statist scumbag gets caught red-handed attempting to defraud uncle sambo… LOLtfA-t knowsReply
    1. DMV GRINGOsays:Heard a rumor this is you (and describing Wal-fart trip).https://youtube.com/watch?v=Yv8wG4b-kec&feature=emb_titleJust kidding.Reply
    2. Bonaventuresays:tfA-t was in Fusa’s michigan yesterday and visited the wal-fart store…So going to WallyWorld is now considered “essential” travel?https://www.dhs.gov/news/2020/06/16/fact-sheet-dhs-measures-border-limit-further-spread-coronavirusUpon your return to “Canada,” are you observing the 14-day quarantine? Seems a lot of hassle for a trip to WallyWorld.https://www.clickondetroit.com/news/national/2020/06/12/canada-us-border-closure-heres-what-to-know/Unless, of course, you never left Michigan in the first place.Reply
  2. Bronko Kilroysays:The local Sack N’ Save took down the mandatory obedience muzzle sign as they are located on the county line and the next county over has no muzzle order.
    Just returned from there and I didn’t wear any panty mask and won’t be wearing one.
    They are uncomfortable as hell and reinhaling what is for exhale only is not a good idea.
    Who is going to enforce such imperial edicts and since when did mayors and governors have the powers to issue sweeping mandates on public health policy?Reply
    1. DMV GRINGOsays:“…since when did mayors and governors have the powers to issue sweeping mandates on public health policy?”
      Since a dictatorial Uniparty political class (of criminals and child rapists) seized power in D.C., ending the rule of law and disseminating their control down to the state and local level throughout the whole of the Republic.Reply
      1. Concerned Americansays:ThisReply
    2. DMV GRINGOsays:“Who is going to enforce such imperial edicts?”
      Fucking Christ, Rip Van! Who hasn’t
      been enforcing the “edicts” and diktats?Reply

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EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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