Stockman: Fauci, Clownworld King

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Better tyranny through political medicine.

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Better tyranny through political medicine.

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6 thoughts on “Stockman: Fauci, Clownworld King”

  1. Mattsays:Typical disingenuous display of data. Both sets of data should be graphed on the same scale. This graph makes the wuflu look 4 times worse than it is. Most people won’t look at the information critically, they will just look at the pretty pictures.Reply
  2. Make America Honk Againsays:For I am involved in a Clown World.
    Therefore, send not to know for whom the Honkler honks,
    it honks for thee.Hard times create strong men.
    Strong men create good times.
    Good times create weak men.
    Weak men create Clown World.
    Clown World creates Clowns.
    Clowns laugh at the hard times.I have become Honk Honkler of Honks.Chaos is a ladder. Honk, Honk!Begun the Clown WAR has…Reply
  3. tfA-tsays:McCloskey Who Defended His Home With Gun Believes That He And His Wife Will Be “Indicted Shortly”.Mark McCloskey: Well, you know, the police were really very professional and very nice. The cops that came out to issue the search warrant on us, they were almost apologetic. They didn’t want to have to be there. They were doing their job.I mean, police department’s are structured along the lines of the military. They don’t make independent. Also they are told what to to do and they do it. HA HA this is what happens when you put yourself in a bad situationthere are NO humans around tfA-t’s placeso there are no problems theresurround yourself with humans and get screwed every time300 million+it’s what’s for dinnerReply
  4. ProGunFredsays:Does anybody even know anybody who has been sick?Reply
    1. SemperFi, 0321says:Nope.
      That has come up in conversations lately. Several of us have had flu, but not the virulent pneumonia style Covid. We’re all fine now.
      But I sometimes hear from someone who knows a nurse in NYC where they’re all dying like flies.Reply
      1. tfA-tsays:i’ve talked to business owners in Detroit and they don’t know of anyone eithermust be just fat slob never-employed unhealthy black folk who aren’t even a part of humanity to begin with

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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