Two From Aesop

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Better tyranny through political medicine.

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36 thoughts on “Two From Aesop”

  1. DMV GRINGOsays:A short listing of ‘white’ commie Inc., Portland, recently ‘arrested.’acta non verbaAubrey Ryan Quinn-Ward, 23, is charged w/felony riot, escape, resisting arrest & more. He majored in “ethnic studies” at U Oregon
    & work history says he was a canvasser for Governor Kate Brown.
    1. CKsays:Portland is a perfect opportunity for sniper training…Reply
  2. Bonaventuresays:I just recommended WRSA to a normie buddy who is just now beginning to see the light, and the first post he’s gonna see are rants from Aslop.Sigh.Not gonna be able to explain that one.Win some, lose some.Reply
    1. Concerned Americansays:WRSA is an acquired taste.Its editorial intent is to make people think, usually through the tactic of provocation via words and pix.The commentariat has its similar mission – provoke thinking, not auto-assent.– Words of counsel to the new readerReply
      1. Vermillionsays:Well played Sir.VermillionReply
      2. Bonaventuresays:LOL!And you choose to do this through… wait for it…. Aslop!?It’s almost as if the editorial intent is on par with that of the editorial board of the NYTimes.Your site; your prerogative.However, does not reflect well.Reply
    2. Papasays:It’s easy to get sucked into Aslop.
      It’s hard to leave Aslop.Reply
    3. Hedgesays:n other words… Aesop is a fucking piece of shit soothsayer who is always wrong and screwed the pooch with the second amendment thing while bashing the lot of us for disagreeing with his position. He went way out of his way to say so. Bracken the sail boat captain too. But he’s a blogger so by God we have to keep his stupid wordy ass around because fucking bloggers, free speech and shit. That’s what ya tell your buddy.Fuck Aesop.All due respect to your blog and all CA.Reply
  3. Anomsays:why keep posting this asshols drivel?Reply
    1. Bonaventuresays:Good question.Enquiring minds want to know!
  4. Berglandersays:(((Bankers,))) (((Big Tech,))) and (((corporations.)))Reply
  5. vxxcsays:We get the tyranny because “we” don’t exist.There is a Left Wing, it is utterly committed to getting and keeping power, absolute power, totalitarian power and by all means necessary.They have no real opposition, they have a faux opposition called conservatives who exist as their Foil and conserve nothing – with the important exception of the 2d Amendment – but that is bluff so far and likely to remain so.The vast majority of people including the so called Right Wing (which does not exist in physical form) put their faith and their fates in our laws, institutions, elections and Constitution despite the clear facts that these are all captive or inoperative. They have nowhere else to turn, and put their faith and their fate in dead letters.We get the Left’s tyranny because they exist – and in any meaningful positive way an opposition does not.Online /= does not mean we exist. There is no Right Wing.But don’t forget to vote, and pay your NRA dues 😉Reply
    1. SemperFi, 0321says:+10
      Well said. The compliant brainwashed right is counting on myths and hot air to save them, neither of which will pan out.Reply
    2. tfA-tsays:the entire problem is the cops, public servants, and religious zealots that actively try to destroy any type of cohesionjust listen to the jeebus tards wailing away all day on WRSA as they gnash their teeththey are so damn delusional once they made the leap of “faith” in an imaginary god, they find it very easy to leap to other myths, fantasies, and outright bullshit delusionsit’s the trad cucks who are responsible for the downfall of the FusaLOLtoo funnymeanwhile tfA-t is amused as they wring their hands in anguish and chase spirit gods trying desperately to cling to their childish version of realityReply
      1. Bonaventuresays:Let’s just sing a song.
  6. anonymoussays:“Why do we let banksters, big-tech and corporations rule our lives?!”Only a Communist would believe that the Job Creatorz ™ should not rule our lives.Socialists to the left of me, Oligarchs to right. Here I am, stuck in the middle . . .Reply
  7. tfA-tsays:it’s a HOAX of EPIC proportionare some folks becoming sick and dying?absolutely BUT>>> they’ve been doing that since man crawled from the primordial soup of the oceanshere’s another “acute” death from the terrifying and gruesomely deadly SARS NOvid-19 cult of the face jock will go down in tfA-t story as undeniably- irrefutable proof of the heights of human stewpitediddyTO THE MOON!tfA-t grows more contemptous of murkins- dailyReply
    1. Bonaventuresays:it’s a HOAX of EPIC proportionSame as you, then.BTW, what ‘mountain pass’ were you kayaking through today?Reply
      1. tfA-tsays:ROTFLMAOdudeyou have NEVER been correct in ANY of your outlandish accusations pertaining to the Great tfA-tthe fact that you continue to wail, gnash teeth, and sling patently false and ludicrous claims regarding anything and everything you expouseewe are a genuine FAILURE!please request your $ back from any for-profit learning institution you may have been a student ofReply
      2. Dirksays:The mountain pass between ol purple hairs, legs. That young lady has zero respect for herself, much less the wise tee tard.Tee tard is as class-less as his actions. Use to think pussy was pussy, apparently I grew up. Couldn’t imaging pumping something with purple hair. Like fucking a bowl of jello!.Goooooooood morninggggggg teeee, my ol friend!.Reply
  8. boss21says:The JYT map is almost identical to the 2016 Electoral college map. What a coincidence.
    As for A-sip , more regurgitation of ‘official’ numbers. Sorry, going back out to the shop to take the other head off the F 250 motor.Reply
  9. Foot in the Forestsays:Maybe Mr. Raconteur can explain how a mask designed to stop particles to 300 microns {N-95} can filter out a virus that is 125 microns. It won’t. Just like social distancing inside of a building, ever heard of return air? You have it in your home and almost all commercial buildings.Reply
    1. anonymoussays:“Maybe Mr. Raconteur can explain how a mask designed to stop particles to 300 microns {N-95} can filter out a virus that is 125 microns.”The Astounding Physics of N95 MasksEngineering Explained
      June 18, 2020 ( 6 minutes long)Skip the first 7 seconds, which is an uncharacteristic SJW / BLM intro. Disappointing that an otherwise excellent YouTube channel chose to join in the current virtue signalling madness. But the rest of the video does a good job of explaining how N-95 masks work so that even an idiot like me can understand.You know what else isn’t a perfect method of protection? Guns. But I don’t think anyone here would say “Since guns don’t protect you 100% of the time, they are worthless”. I think we’re at least smart enough to recognize that in spite of the risks, and even low probability of actually needing one , we’re better off with guns.Let’s face it: for most of us, losing 25 pounds will do more to prolong our life expectancy than carrying a gun will. But that’s not as cool as ogling what’s behind the counter at the local tactical shop.Given the amount of anti-intellectualism among our side – and dear God how I hate to admit that because it makes me sound like a libtard – some days I’m really surprised that there are not a lot more accidental shootings in this country.Reply
      1. Hedgesays:What the fuck you on about fat boy?Reply
    2. That Would Be Tellingsays:Or maybe you could do the tiniest bit of research on HEPA type filters and learn that particles bigger and small than 0.3 micrometers are easy, the focus is on 0.3 um because that’s center of a small distribution of sizes that’s hardest to stop. Going further, you could do a little more research and learn that COVID-19 viruses are initially expelled in rather large globules of water, mucus, etc.There’s a legitimate question about whether the viruses ever separate from those globules and each other in significant quantities to allow “airborne” spread like measles which has an insane R0, but going back to the N95 mask issue, that small size is covered.Reply
      1. SemperFi, 0321says:For all you panty pad wearers;
        So what if someone sneezes or spits moisture into the air, doesn’t it get in your eyes too? That’s absorbed by the body, just as thru the nose or mouth. Most people wearing cloth/paper masks have gaps around them almost constantly. Are you wearing a mask to protect yourself or everyone else from you? These filter arguments are completely moot and backwards.
        If you’re not wearing a full face gas mask you’re just posing and fooling yourself.
        On top of the fact the virus is a fraudulent hoax and less harmful than most flus.
        But keep convincing yourself you need another reason to fit in with the normies and be more compliant.Reply
        1. That Would Be Tellingsays:So what if someone sneezes or spits moisture into the air, doesn’t it get in your eyes too?That’s what google are for. Of course, the real trick is doffing you PPE without contaminating yourself.Most people wearing cloth/paper masks have gaps around them almost constantly. Are you wearing a mask to protect yourself or everyone else from you?Moving the goalposts, but usefully. If you’re not wearing a N95 or better mask + goggles, you’re doing it to protect others, as surgeons have done for a long time. Which needs enough people are doing it, but it does seem to make a difference in both countries that have controlled COVID-19 with measures including universal mask wearing, and non-events in the US where mask wearing COVID-19 positive people in workplaces have failed to infect others.On top of the fact the virus is a fraudulent hoax and less harmful than most flus.Now that COVID-19 has killed more people in the US than any pandemic since the 1918-9 Spanish Flu, an underestimate based on all cause deaths this year vs. previous ones, you’re demonstrating you’re a genocidal sociopath. One of the reasons we’re handling this so badly, and that the nation’s Right has demonstrated they’re almost as bad as the Left, and every bit as bad morally.Reply
          1. That Would Be Tellingsays:That’s what goggles are for, of course.
  10. Ned2says:I refuse to click on that drama queens articles.Reply
  11. The Gray Mansays:Aesop isn’t a bad guy or anything, and he and I are both ER nurses and I always agree with his medical posts. But I’ve taken RR off my daily reading list. I got quite bored of the constant “I’m brilliant and everyone else is an idiot” posts that served mainly only to build his reputation as a wordsmith of insults. After a while that same style day in and day out gets boring to read. I don’t have time to read a lot of wordy filler that is nothing but creatively worded jabs at someone.I don’t know about the entries CA just put up. Haven’t read those.Reply
    1. Rollorysays:I had the same reaction to his posts denouncing the Richmond rally and stopped reading him for a while at that time.With time and a cooler head, I’m willing to admit he had a point. I still think the rally had to be done and contributed benefits other than those stated to be the intended ones, and that the risk/reward balance was strongly in favor of doing it, even before the outcome was known.His criticisms are definitely worth taking into account for the future, and not just for rallies, but as a way of thinking about such situations. I take that as a test for myself: can I disentangle myself from any emotional connection to what he’s attacking and read past the emoting to the substance of what he’s saying, and get the value out of that.Maybe it would be better if I didn’t have to do that. Also, I’d like a pony.Reply
    2. Duke Norfolksays:AmenReply
  12. Iceni26ADsays:“ever heard of return air?”Not in a mask…Reply
  13. Al Liguorisays:It is not just the anti-intellectualism, but also the immorality that hamstring “us.”Reply
  14. Dirksays:Why is it ok for each of us to have a say, an opinion, yet Aesop can’t. Look in the mirror what’s looking back at you is the hypocrite in each of US!.Many days I don’t like what I see. Tee that’s not a reason to quit brushing your teeth!, assuming you have teeth, not dentures, you put in polident nightly.DirtReply
  15. m rappsays:Simple ! There are several medical professionals out there offering a “reward” from $5000 to as much as $50,000 to anyone that provide evidence of the existence of C-19……no one has claimed it now for several months……. A-sop could make a fast buck………right ?Reply

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