WuFlu: The Opening Act Of The Permanent Global Crisis

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Better tyranny through political medicine.

Western Rifle Shooters Association


Pay attention to the language.

“New normal”.

“We’re all in this together.”

“Heroes work here – if by ‘heroes’, you mean the people who are going along with the financial fraud based on dubious C-19 diagnoses and causes of death.”

“Wait ’til the vaccine.”

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7 thoughts on “WuFlu: The Opening Act Of The Permanent Global Crisis”

  1. The Gray Mansays:I’m an ER nurse and I have nothing to do with cause of death decision making nor do I ever lay eyes on a death certificate. Even if I did, and even if I went screaming from the rooftops that the hospitals in my area are faking COVID numbers, what will it matter? What are any of you going to do about it? What am I going to do about it? What are our “leaders” going to do about it?Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.There is a reason that the media doesn’t attempt to hide their feelings toward you. There is a reason your “leaders” never do what you demand. There is a reason that 12% of the country wants a full-scale race war against roughly 60% and are confident that they’ll win.It’s because there is an observable, long term unwillingness on the part of “our side” (whatever we call ourselves this week) to take action or fight back beyond just sitting around and waiting four years so we can vote again.So, to be honest, it doesn’t mean a damn thing if hospitals are faking COVID numbers. They might as well report that we have 500 million deaths in the US alone. The absurdity of it doesn’t matter, because our side isn’t going to do anything until Election Day.Reply
  2. Tony Manerosays:Loved Zman’s “plague of heroes” post from a while back. The hospitals were so overrun that the nurses had time to make videos for the comrades.
    PJ Watson had a video of the indispensable heroic nurses egging on Burning Looting Murdering “peaceful protestors” outdoors while in full PPE gear.
    We’re all in this together, keep your distance comrade. Full mongoloid.
    Got some brand spanking new quarters earlier that glitter like a disco ball from Saturday Night Fever, so much for the coin shortage.
    Anytime the enemedia goes all in with the same regurgitated phrase then you know it’s an agenda item on the must have list for the controllers.
    It has been all Covid-666 for the past four months out of Satan’s sewerpipe known as mainstream corporate media.“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” – William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting, 1981)Reply
  3. Cavguysays:The vaccine will be mandatory. I can see services, permits, licenses, government pensions shut of until proof you’ve taken The Mark!CavguyReply
  4. mtmforgesays:They didn’t win first time…Jacksonian era…reopening move 1859, Lincoln and his marxists…Tick…Tock……they didn’t win again…cold war mode…WWI & 20th Century Genocides…1929…small hot flare up here and there…shell game of specie to fiat backed currency…1962 JFK…1964 Cloward-Piven…911…2006-2016…November 2016 color revolution…Tick…Tock…A beginning of sorts and their arses are handed to them in the new world…funny little war of 1812…it has never stopped, there is no real opening, many hiatus, 245 years-zero wins, aside from hordes of useless proxies, civilizational bloodsuckers, hives of programmed same think NPC, dumping untold loot lucre and treasure into their precious long march, generations of born and bred intelligentsia, they resort to useless burn loot matter ghetto rats, and red diaper brat white pasty soi automatons proxies tipping over statues…News Flash
    Contrary to appearances the underlying unbroken thread we are still here they have never won they ain’t close to winning we ain’t close to losing the fat lady ain’t even in the the building.Are you on the trembling verge of giving up?
    How about you?
    Or you?
    I’m not.
    There is no “end” in sight.
    9.9/10’s of their war is smoke and mirrors.
    They are trying to win by an illusion they are winning.
    They are attempting to make us lose voluntarily by causing just enough people to think they have lost, that resistance is futile.
    Not. Going. To. Work.
    Fact is I’m itchin’ to get my licks in. So’s millions I’m honored to be in the company of, of such Legion.
    They have made an unmitigated fucking disaster out of the goose that lays golden eggs. Thats cosmic scale incompetence. Their template the Nazi’s, even they weren’t that incompetent, they had a troglodyte psychopath for a leader. The Sov and Chink comintern have failed in every way but picking on tiny States and fucking around in 3rd world shitholes and tin pot dicktaterships.
    They been slinking and sneaking around America for hundreds of years, control a media complex, infiltrated and cored out our Republic, they infest every branch live vermin, sunk greedy bloody meathooks in our wealth creation abilities, created an open cesspit on the Potomac.
    Not for fucking nothing, these scumbags can’t beat a flyover nation of dirt people with rifles?
    Something wrong with the dialectic here friends and fellow countrymen. 64 million flag waving happy peaceful buoyant exuberant Deplorable’s simply took it upon itself in a totally organic open source peaceful lawful insurgency and outfoxed this supposedly world spanning world controlling all knowing all seeing big scary globo boogeyman?
    Aaah scuse’ me, thats called fucking up a free lunch where I’m from.
    You can’t get much more incompetent.They have resorted to crybaby tactics. Oh your a meany Wah! You white folks your horrible people Wah! Its your fault Wah! Gims me dat Wah! You didn’t make that Wah! Orangemanbad grabbed my pussy Wah! Statues bad Wah! Cops bad Wah! You can’t touch my street “art” Wah! Victim Stance Wah! Virtue signaling Wah! You can’t say that Wah! Kiss my feet Wah!
    Everythings Wah! Wah! Wah!Their General Staff is run by crybabies. Stampy feet ideological idiots. Their strategy is burn down some leftist 3rd world shitholes, tip over some statues, bus in some mercenary big buck ghetto rats, hire child molesters, malnourished faded brain vegan lesbians and pickle smoochers, muh resistance soy eating PHD’s with bicycle locks, hide behind black masks so nobody can see how pasty weak the social rejects and misfits look. Top off all this cosmic stupid, its only a few handfuls of actors and agent provocateurs in relative terms, following a yellow media script intended to make them look like some kind of nation wide populist grass roots uprising, if it weren’t for a few hundred lone wolf voluntary useful idiots, demented wacko’s, plain old nasty ghetto rat criminals taking advantage of the free lunch, ganging up an helpless targets of opportunity for gang browny points, and late teenage groupies with the worldly life experience of 54 genders studies, it would be some people who did some things.
    Which cinisism aside is all it is.
    The war is to get you to believe its something it ain’t to socially nudge you, engineer your thought and reaction.
    After all this time, all the treasure, all their monopolies, this is all you got?
    An illusion of something it ain’t?
    Shit, they controlled everything by 2009, everything. They couldn’t even dis-arm this country!
    How you rule the world when you can’t dis-arm some bitter clinging unwashed white knuckle dragging mouth breathers?I’m quaking in my boots.Reply
    1. Dirksays:WORD!,TicToc!DirtReply
  5. Ohio Johnsays:Toggle Dropdown
    Masks do nothing for you. Here is a paper published by the CDC this year. Their conclusion…”Our systematic review found no significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza.” Read it for yourself.https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/5/19-0994_articleIt’s all about submission to government. Next comes the vaccines. Resistance is futile! NOT!Reply
  6. Dirksays:I saw again, If jeans won’t stop a Fartfrom stinking, what makes you think a mask stops the china bug.DirtReply

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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