A Stirring Amongst The Normies

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Six months from now, what will you be wishing you did today?

Western Rifle Shooters Association


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6 thoughts on “A Stirring Amongst The Normies”

  1. jptsays:Fuck the normies . they die last. They are the biggest reason we are in this mess. Reminds me of an old NATO joke.
    A russian tank officer is teaching students and asks them when confronted with americans and germans at the same time, who should they kill first. A student says germans. The officer says nyet, nyet. Kill the americans first. The student asks why. The officer says because business before pleasure.Reply
  2. boss21says:Lol, ‘disciplined armies observed the lawn of war and civilian lives’ . This clown never heard of The march to the sea or that pig Albert Pike whose crew took scalps and shot wounded prisoners.Reply
    1. boss21says:The rest of the article is spot on though.Reply
  3. Dirksays:Weird, I see what he sees.DirtReply
    1. DTGsays:It’s only in his description of the ‘honor’ employed in the revolutionary and War of Northern Aggression where I differ with him completely. He might want to read, “War Crimes Against Southern Civilians,” by Walter Cisco or “Wild Wood Boys,” by James Carlos Blake to get a clearer picture of how the war was conducted.As in how it may shake out, he’s got a few good points in his piece. Bracken’s Bosnia X Rwanda X 10 comes to mind…Reply
  4. mikratsays:“This war will be waged by far-left radicals and their deep-state puppet masters. For them, civilian casualties and massacres will not be moral evils, but merely part and parcel of their larger plan to “reconstruct” America.”And THEY are being supplied (or having supply’s paid for) by the elite -Soros, Etc.
    WE are not being supplied by anyone ON our Side (other than ourselves)- Where are all the Conservative Groups that “Want to save ‘MutiKa? Yeah Crickets…” Their objective is simple: overthrow our constitutional order, destroy our way of life, and deprive us of our freedom, our liberties, our property, and our honor.”Constitutional Order? LOL!“destroy our way of life” – Please someone explain that one – I keep hearing Cucks say that.“and deprive us of our freedom, our liberties, our property, and our honor” – For fucks sake, There is no Freedom, You only have Privileges, (permits/permission slips for everything) – You Don’t Own Property as it was all stolen back in 1933 and you can not buy anything (exchange Debt for Debt) with Debt Notes (FRN’s). The Banks Own it All.Reply

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EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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