Eff Me? Eff You!

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Six months from now, what will you be wishing you did today?

Western Rifle Shooters Association



Plus this blast from the past on Billy Jeff Clinton’s rules of engagement re the the media :


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3 thoughts on “Eff Me? Eff You!”

  1. DWEEZIL THE WEASELsays:So, where are the owners of FAUX News on this? Should not they be pulling out all of the stops to secure the safety and peace of mind for one of their best “Journalists”? I hope Mr. Carlson has a Plan B. His (((Owners))) are more interested in the ratings bounce this situation will generate, than whether he and his family end up dead.Reply
    1. NorthGunnersays:WORD!! This is WHY Dr. Kevin MacDonald refers to the domestic juden threat
      as “The Hostile Elite”.If you STILL haven’t heard what a FORMER juden had to say about them
      being a threat to not just America but to the world, give a listen to Benjamin
      Freedman’s speech from 1961.Benjamin Freedman’s Speech at the Willard Hotel in 1961 (Complete)
      https://vimeo.com/360585058Makes one start to seriously question the narrative of “The BAD War”
      doesn’t it?….especially since communism won…Of course, the bolshevists at both the (((Adult Diaper League))) and
      (((Spittle Presenting Larcenous Cunts))) would call such truth telling ‘hate speech’
      and ‘antisemitic’…..fuck them both with cholla cacti lubed with ghost pepper juice!!NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!Reply
  2. Seansays:There are still two months of summer left.Reply

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