This is the NFAC…

The Defensive Training Group

H/T to Matt Bracken for posting the links.  Thank you!

Two videos.  Don’t laugh.  These people are serious, no matter how poor or good their current capabilities are.  They are not being taken down by state or federal authorities.  They are being allowed to go to any city they want and demonstrate with weapons with no censure.  In my own state, my governor called people who were armed in accordance with state and federal law as ‘domestic terrorists’  back in mid April (seems like years ago….).

#1 –  12 minutes and change.   Self identification as a ‘militia’ several thousand strong.   Data on capabilities (as claimed to be many former military within its ranks) is inconclusive at this point.  Good raw data, though.  Discerning eyes will see the filming of apprentice rifleman who are willing to learn.

#2 – It’s a 2 hour video, watch all of it.  Great insight into…

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