Water Kit

Western Rifle Shooters Association

How long before the insurgency starts acting in your area?

Western Rifle Shooters Association


What are you running?

What’s the nastiest stuff you’ve purified and drank without the hemorrhagic blowsh*ts?

Creek flood water on one occasion, and cow-filled-pasture runoff on another.

This bad boy is heavy, but it works:

Test your water gear on real raw water, now while you don’t need the purification.AuthorConcerned AmericanPosted on

2 thoughts on “Water Kit”

  1. DMV GRINGOsays:Gather, boil, cool, drink.Reply
  2. Dirksays:Everybody in my family has the decent water filters in their Bob’s and their vehicles. We prefer the metal one shown a few pics down. By far the best portable unit.The plastic plungers on the plastic units in extreme cold tend to snap. Not happened to me but a brother, who pushs his gear yearly to fatal breakage, to confirm funtion fit stuff.It’s been so so long ago, I don’t remember the names of these things anymore.Home related we have a few Big Berkeys with many extra hi end screw in filters.Good stuff Pete.DirtReply

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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