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Remember your Stockdale.

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12 thoughts on “Hive Chatter”

  1. boss21says:‘Rural surge’ . What a crock.Reply
  2. Bigus Macussays:So why is there such a disconnect with the Democrats / MSM with cause and effect. The repeatedly demonstrate that they have no understanding of Americans in flyover country. I think that President Trump will Win Bigly and they will be just as shocked as they were in 2016.Reply
  3. Lee Harvey Griswaldsays:Yeah. Good observation. So what’s yer point Ron?Reply
  4. CCsays:Bring it on, Mofos.Reply
  5. Kick Asssays:I’m with CC – been prepping for this since just after Sandy HookReply
  6. Just Mesays:So personally I don’t care what happens in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco nor New Yawk and the like. I have no reason to go, no family friends or business there. Now if they feel like starting their dumb shit here they will be in for a surprise. We don’t cater to the dumbasses.Reply
  7. Arthur Sidosays:Brownstein you say?Reply
  8. SheepDogsays:Hey Brownstain – Who is making it incendiary now? Conservatives? No. It is pantifa and blm.
    And who will make it ‘more incendiary’ if Trump wins a second term? Conservatives? No. It will be pantifa and blm, once again.
    Do you really think main street America is that stupid?Reply
  9. Gundersonsays:Every. Single. Time.Reply
  10. Shinmen Takezosays:“If Trump wins a second term”…Let’s all hope the fuk so.
    I think these communists are overplaying their hands.
    They are children playing with gasoline while holding a lit road-flare.
    To say they will be completely crushed in the end is an understatement.
    Please refer to Madrid at the end of the Spanish Civil War.
    Franco showed no mercy to the Bolshevik scum.Not only will they be crushed, totally and completely–the MSM networks will be dismantled brick by brick, server-by-server and abolished. And these fecks think they will be immune from the chaos and violence that will ensue. The Hollywood and MSM talking head collaborationists will also suffer greatly with no room in the bunkers for these useful idiots.Just some happy Thursday morning thoughts.Reply
  11. ProGunFredsays:Win, lose, or draw for Trump, I don’t consider either to be good, the Left will never stop. This Revolution is 100 years in the making. The only good thing about Trump that I can see, if you have a notebook and pencil handy, is the commies outing themselves Left and Right. (see what i did?)Reply
  12. Stealth Spanielsays:F**K The Atlantic-that Leftist rag. Portland and Seattle are going to escalate until the Communists are put down. This is about Power, this is about Control, this is about MONEY!! Even my elderly neighbors now understand that part. Ride your bike, exercise, eat a good diet, and stay hydrated. You will need these skills soon. Thank God I have dogs-they destress me.

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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