Louisville Live Feed

Western Rifle Shooters Association

25,000 Dorners.

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Louisville Live Feed

https://youtu.be/Um6wjFVa7lgAuthorConcerned AmericanPosted on

9 thoughts on “Louisville Live Feed”

  1. DMV GRINGOsays:A Cuck sucking LARP fest of ‘white’ mangina’s…..hand-holding, skipping, and singing kumbaya with the (useful idiots) ghetto foot-soldier wing of Team Globohomo Red. Oh yeah, the streets of Louisville are overflowing, but it’s with ‘white’ Murikan’ tubs of shit…..decked out in expensive, just opened, first time worn and only dropped once LARPtumes du jour.Reply
    1. mikratsays:Well if it makes any diff – I’ve dropped mine 2 times.Reply
  2. Matt Brackensays:Feed showing NFAC Black Gunz Formation assembly. This is one mile west of the courthouse square in the thread video.
  3. Matt Brackensays:NFAC has not shown up yet at the courthouse square (5th and Jefferson).
    Their rally point is where indicated near Central High School.
    View full screen to follow the action as it unfolds.https://gab.com/system/media_attachments/files/057/275/122/original/0b74d41dcf3e224a.jpeg?1595693300Reply
  4. m rappsays:I will go out on the proverbial limb ……………this is “DEALEY PLAZA II”….third party will initiate contact between 2 or more parties…….step back and point fingers.back out to weed ! got’s to be doneReply
  5. Matt Brackensays:NFAC Black Guns Formation Live
    [This is one mile west of Jefferson and 5th, where the 3%ers and others are waiting.]
  6. ProGunFredsays:This guy is a “conservative” or even a lefty. He’s lost in a sea of propoganda.Reply
  7. DMV GRINGOsays:Globohomo Saturday running wild!
    Once again, Buffalo Jump Bracken, frightened by his shadow.
    BOO….TAG YOU’RE IT!Reply
  8. Walter Sobchaksays:Haha looks like someone in the NFAC had a ND and accidentally shot themselves.Reply

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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