Thoughtpiece From Hungary

Western Rifle Shooters Association

25,000 Dorners.

Western Rifle Shooters Association

The Elites see others as beasts to be herded as needed to advance Elite objectives.

Make no mistake.AuthorConcerned AmericanPosted on

9 thoughts on “Thoughtpiece From Hungary”

  1. boss21says:Good article and the Dostoevsky excerpt is gold. Most of these ‘travellers’ were dumbasses anyway. Flying around the world to carouse and take selfies with zero interest in the culture or history of where they were visiting. Cheap travel was wasted on them.
    Meat and dairy diet will return to non-subsidized prices again . Support your local farm or farm yourself.
    The sheeple will descend now into a hell of drugs and virtual reality . Two tribes forming on this planet – awake vs asleep.
    The coming UFO ‘disclosure’ will fry the brains of all but the ultra-stoic.Reply
  2. tfA-tsays:this moron takes the cake in the stooopit classyeah.. what is needed is a bunch of poor useless fucks who believe in imaginary godsoh wait… that’s what we have nowwhat a fucking retardcome to think of it, i’ve never read anything this turdberger has written that made any common sensethe fact iswhite peepul have swallowed the dumb pill and are their on their way out as a resultno worriesyour whore daughters have been very busy fucking and reproducing with scum of the earth niggers and muslimesha ha ha“go forth and be fruitful”HA HA HAnow run along lifes-losersoh, and pray and vote HARDERReply
    1. Bonaventuresays:As the sun rises, t-FaTC awakes, realizing that he has absolutely nothing to look forward to other than a full day of non-stop shitposting.
  3. Dirk Williamssays:Where does it all end!. For years I thought most here were, squared away, this china bug, whatever it is, seems to have exposed many of your for the Marxists pieces of dog dung you are.Some of you fuckimg idiots are hating on the wrong folk.To the good men women here, it’s time to take WRSA back from the Marxist, the anti Americans. They push push back harder, hold em accountable. They make a bullshit claim, like they were SF, call em on it.I’ve learned the hard way with one of the fancy trainers published here, that stolen valor runs rampent when theirs zero accountability.That NIGGERS, think this is theirs, they didn’t build it, yet think they can run Their chicken and watermelon eaten rotten to the core, bullshit here.That boiled chicken with 4.00 delivery anywhere on fantasy islands ok to threaten the lives of 300 million. Have you not seen these people’s retorical change to their real intent here over the past year.Their masks have come off, their now preaching full blown hate, here, then sitting back thinking it’s ok. These cock suckers need to be taken out back of the woodshed. Where I’m from this kinda disrespect is not tolerated.Yea, I get it, first amendment, not all speech is protected speech. Not all men are measurable, their worth given, one has to earn their creds.0321, I can’t explain it, Im so so so disappointed in you, what happened, or were you always a closet Nazi? .You new people, it’s clear many of you are agitators, here to disrupt, a site trying to put out good stuff, for those of us who still Love this Nation.When you attack good men like TL, Bracken, Quitus, 3006, Voor, these guys are solid as the day is long. Contribute, give of themselves.End of the day,,Pete’s place IS under attack, the Marxist,,the communist,,the Nazi’s , the haters the sexual predators, the girl haters, these men are the enemies of the United States. These are sick vile men.You boys are bottom of the barrel kinda folk, nobody aroumd you listens to you, they see looser written all over your faces, the see Traitor, or nigger lover, of I heart BLM, AND Antifa in your eyes.Yet here where you can hide behind a screen name, spew your hate, your pretty safe. Fuckimg cowards all of you.Other then that, have a great day, I sure plan on it.DIRTReply
    1. Berglandersays:Don’t lose hope, Dirk.Heil Hitler.Reply
  4. anonymoussays:The problem with America is that the middle class is under-worked and over-paid, which cuts into corporate profits.Greed is good … but only when we’re talking about the greed of the 1%. Everybody else’s greed makes American business un-competetive in the globalist market.Reply
  5. 3 Greensays:CA, you have email.Reply
  6. Bonaventuresays:As I’ve been saying here for quite some time now, if you think immoral/amoral men are going to be White Knights in either turning this nation around, and/or will bring forth a new or stronger nation, then you’re insane.As of late, at least half, if not more, of the commenters here on WRSA don’t have a moral fiber in their body.Let that sink in.Other then that, have a great day, I sure plan on it.Me too. It’s Sunday. A feast day. Got a rack of ribs on the smoker as we speak.Reply
  7. Seansays:Perhaps it is affluenza. The reason it says in the New Testament when Christ says it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle (a hole in the ring of thorns put up at night to keep lions out), than it is for a rich man to get into heaven, is that the camel would have to get down on its knees to go through the hole. Rich and powerful people have a tendency to not be humble, mostly because they believe their power will matter more, and get them anything they want. It often does, and a lot more they didn’t intend to get. It’s the same message in the sower and his seed. The riches of this world, and its cares, choke out the Gospel like weeds, so that even if it is heard, those things competing with it keep it from producing good. G*d forgave our sins at the Cross, but REJECTED our arrogance. Arrogance never gives anyone, or anything, the benefit of the doubt. An arrogant man or woman will not get down on their knees.

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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