Iowahawk Challenge

Western Rifle Shooters Association

You do realize that we are in the opening stages of an existential conflict, right?

Western Rifle Shooters Association

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7 thoughts on “Iowahawk Challenge”

  1. Berglandersays:Real estate market is booming in Montana. We’re looking to buy some land for after retirement, when we’re no longer bound to Missoula by the magic call radius line. Everything is at pie in the sky prices, and folks (I don’t blame them-sell for what you can sell for) are trying to cash in from out of state buyers.
    Sadly, we meet out of staters from everywhere who naively move in and are dismayed at certain things. “Oh, we just HAD to get out of California. It’s such a TRAIN WRECK! We LOVE it here, except the Starbucks is SO FAR away, and there are SO MANY guns, and ew REPUBLICANS!” (which more and more I agree with, albeit for different reasons.) Then of course there’s always, ALWAYS, the “It’s so…white here. I would feel better if it were more diverse.”
    Okay so funny story. A friend moved to a really nice little town in Michigan. I was out there on business and went to see her and her husband. As we were having dinner on the patio of a really nice restaurant, they talked about how nice, clean, and friendly this town was. Then got a little uncomfortable and said “But it’s so….white.” Couldn’t help laughing and said that the two things were connected. Right on cue, we hear a really loud “Ayo suck muh DICK!” as three joggers came jogging up on their bikes. To his credit, the oldest one said “Nigguh don b sayin’ dat sheeyit!” Which was, of course, met by the reply of “SUCK MUH DICK!” even louder.Reply
    1. ProGunFredsays:But they are diverse and that’s good.Reply
  2. Joesays:They’ll likely want us all disarmed while they keep theirs.Reply
  3. ProGunFredsays:I love the pic of the boomers with their 35 year old looking son and his wife, the dog. He lives there with them.Wow, this seems as though the devil himself wrote this about how to destroy a civilization. Subtlety, lies that seem good and true on the surface, this is his M.O. Amazing, this propaganda piece is completely full of every lie, with skill and cunning, that has brought Western Civilization to the brink.What? A director at Everytown left the gun free paradise of the big city? Is it dangerous there? How can that be? They have zero guns. It must be Utopia by now.Reply
    1. Berglandersays:Purely coincidental.”
      May 22, 2009 – Julie Elizabeth Satow and Stuart Wilson Elliott were married Saturday evening in New York. Rabbi Peter J. Rubinstein officiated at the Plaza …”(((Devils))) indeed.Reply
  4. tfA-tsays:all the jealousy in the world will not get you another step aheadit takes hard and determined workfact is, the masses just don’t have what it takes to get aheadsimply putthey are dumb and lazy…tfA-t knows this to be the truth- he employed too many murkin looooozers in his dayReply
  5. DWEEZIL THE WEASELsays:Class envy is the mother’s milk of any “revolutionary”. Being raised around “Democrats” I always used to hear the mantra: THE RICH GET RICHER AND THE POOR GET POORER. That was inculcated into the Amerikan psyche during the regime of Frank the Cripple. He had a lot of assistance from the Reds in (((Hollywood))).
    My parents were the only Republicans in our whole family group. They taught my brother and me the value of hard work and thrift and that nobody owes you anything. These values were reinforced by the nuns in Catholic grade school. Things changed during the 1960’s and it has been a culture of greed, envy, materialism, sexual deviancy, and cultural disintegration ever since.
    The Plutocrat-Oligarch-Kakistocracy will not be altered until the economy collapses. When these rich folks have no more business income, then they will be culled by the mob as they are running for their lives. Their McMansions will not be safe havens. I suspect they realize this is a possibility. A lot of them have dual citizenship and hideouts abroad. We are living in troubled times and these times will not go away quickly. Bleib ubrig.Reply

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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