Killing Commies On The Vistula

Western Rifle Shooters Association

You do realize that we are in the opening stages of an existential conflict, right?

Western Rifle Shooters Association

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5 thoughts on “Killing Commies On The Vistula”

  1. boss21says:Nice blast from the past. That period of Central/East Europe mayhem always interested me. I love using the battle of Warsaw to silence the History Channel brigade whose cliche – ‘the Red Army was never defeated’ BS always gets on my nerves. Still alot of unfinished business there.Reply
    1. SemperFi, 0321says:This comment section just proves my point, ALMOST NOBODY reads real history, but they will argue you to no end with how much Bolshevik TV brainwashing they know.My father was born in eastern OstPreussen in 1921, grew up in Konigsberg, I never knew this part of the local history after WW1.Reply
      1. boss21says:Great book – The Devil’s Playground.Reply
  2. tfA-tsays:tfA-t understands all too well the murkins are commiesthey love their COMMUNE-ity and look forward to SOCIAL- securitythey can’t stand not being immersed in a sea of scum/peers to attend FREE shows and nigger ballgames and wherever else the masses gather to share their illness and diseaseyou’ll find tfA-t on his private beach, wooded acreage, boats, and soon to be private club- oh wait, no you won’t, you’re NOT allowed on the property 🙂BURN THAT VILE CUNTRY TO THE GROUND- the world will be better offReply
  3. Himsays:I worked with White adults that didn’t know there was a state called New York. They thought there was only NYC. Another one didn’t know where the Mississippi river was. And we live in Illinois. They all had high school diplomas. And the kids today don’t have to go to school because the commies are screaming corona! It’s going to be a tough fight. Gird your loins.Reply

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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