Form 1 DIY Panzerfaust

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Food is a weapon that can work for or against all factions.

Western Rifle Shooters Association

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10 thoughts on “Form 1 DIY Panzerfaust”

  1. 1stRulesays:Now we just need the tutorial on producing RDX and a detonate-on-impact EFP.
  2. m rappsays:….sure……….give me some PVC pipe an Acorn squash and some 100 mile an hour tape and it is good to go…ain’t no one shooting anything at anyone….. all show no go !
  3. Foot in the Forestsays:Home chemistry can be very dangerous.
    1. Chrissays:
    2. SemperFi, 0321says:As opposed to spending one’s life as a nutless wonder?Couches kill way more people than those dangerous dirt bikes. Same goes for those who shy away from adrenaline rushes. Crimping a blasting cap can have the same effect as an orgasm too, one bang and it’s all over.
  4. Swami Rabbitimasays:There are no obsolete weapons – only obsolete tactics. – Mike Vanderboegh
    1. 1stRulesays:Smoothbore matchlock musket might be obsolete
      1. Beanssays:Nope. No rifling marks, no cartridge marks, make a sabot round and fire a sub-caliber .30 caliber modern round or a metal dart or a buck-and-ball for close range. You can use it to fire a spigot-mortar like round (explosive round on a stick where the stick goes into the barrel.)No firearm is obsolete. Not even a handegonne. 10″ barrel firing a 1″ ball? Close up, to 30′, will penetrate modern body armor. Or medieval and renaissance body armor (unless it’s properly proofed.) I’ve seen it. Bronze cast handegonne from 3o’ away, right through a Level III+. And a car. And cinderblock…A wheel-lock cavalry pistol is an elegant addition to any man’s accoutrements.Hey, a culhorn mortar is a useful bomb chucker. And that’s basically old school banging.Even a petard (Metal pot full of black powder, metal pot nailed to a board, board nailed to a door, light fuse, run, I say RUN away, boom, door opened) is still a viable anti door or anti-vehicle weapon, being an early semi-shaped charge device.A Fougasse (large barrel or pot full of gas or naptha or oil with an explosive charge in the bottom) is still a good way to disperse flaming liquids or semi-liquids or semi-solids all over an area.So are spar torpedoes, basically outdated since the Whitehead powered torpedo. An inelegant way to place an explosive charge at x distance from your vehicle with the hopes of not damaging your vehicle.Black powder is still a good explosive, a decent propellant and fun to play with (safely, of course.)
  5. Pepe the Frogsays:Speaking hypothetically and for entertainment purposes only, making a stamped sheet metal tube to shoot a small diameter finned projectile that-a-way using blackpowder is the easy part.As the one-eyed, one-handed old chemist says, it’s easy to make something that’ll go BOOM. The trick is making something that won’t go BOOM until you want it to.
  6. SemperFi, 0321says:Ja, ein LKW voll!

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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