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From a Reader: “Thoughts to Share”

I spent 81/2 years on active duty. I was stationed at Ft Bragg for most of that time. I vacationed in Pineland and I’m thoroughly familiar with Smoke Bomb Hill. I’ve been out for many years, and am now officially a F.O.G. That said, I remember much of what I was taught and Ive made a study of revolution/counter-revolution since I got out.

My observation: We are staring down the barrel of some very hard times and, because of a general lack of direction and organization, we are screwed. The Left has organization and organizations, they have captured societal institutions, they have money and a gigantic footprint. But more importantly, they have a set of strategic objectives, a strategy and operational planning to achieve those goals and, at the most basic level, they have a philosophy. We have none of that.

I have spent some time on your site and have read many of your articles. I also listened to an episode of your Contra podcast; “I don’t have a lot of time for bigotry.” I believe that’s a quote. That’s good, because I have no time for bigotry either. I am hoping that we can agree that Nazism and Fascism are for pinheads, as are Communism, Socialism and Anarchism. Theocracy is off my list, as is Monarchy. Direct democracy is also not our way; democracy is a form of tyranny and chaos. The Republican Party stands for nothing. The Democrats are in a fight between establishment mafia and genuine Neo-Marxist revolutionaries. Liberalism has become Progressivism and devolved into genuine Regressivism. Meanwhile, Conservatives are on the ropes because, “NO!” isn’t a social, political or economic platform. Conservatives’ change resistance does not balance the Left’s obsession with change. It leaves them standing on the side of the road screaming, “NO!”, while the Left guides change. I am left politically homeless. I have a feeling that you feel much the same way. I have spent some time contemplating this problem and searching for a solution. Ive read a stack, more than one stack actually, of books over the last 4 years. What we lack is not just a political home. We lack a conceptual toolbox upon which to organize a counter-revolution. What we must do is assemble that tool box and put it in the hip pocket of about 15% of the American people just like the Communists, Socialists, Anarchists and Jihadists have their conceptual toolbox in their hip pockets (I’m thinking of, On Peoples’ War, Little Red Books and the Koran, but there are other examples).

My reading led me to a fellow named Pettit, who wrote a book on Republicanism, the philosophy of America’s founders. The central premise of Republicanism is that all human beings have a right to live their lives in immunity from domination, with no possibility of domination within the law and protected from domination outside the law. My initial response was, “Some people are so evil that they have to be dominated in order to be controlled”. The Republican answer to that assertion is that evil must be restrained. Restraint that prevents evil is not domination. The best definition of domination that I have found is that domination is a state of unequal freedom and that a person, or group of people, that are attempting to expand their freedom, or enjoying greater freedom, at the expense of another person or group are engaging in domination.

What would a government, and a nation, founded upon this central premise of, “No Domination” look like, and how would the people who lived in that nation live? Its an interesting question and Ive spent some time putting some thoughts on paper attempting come up with an answer.

The conceptual tool box is just the first among several strategic imperatives that must be accomplished if a successful revolutionary counter-revolution is to be launched. An organizational model, an avante garde group and articulate, disciplined cadres who are able to mobilize people are also essential.


My Reply: The Left has been working on this, full steam, for decades now while most were more concerned with their normalcy bias to care. As a movement, they’ve had a long term vision and coherent end state, which has provided their guiding doctrine. It is the one component missing from the theorists’ studies on 5GW: the underlying philosophy providing a logical end state.Political dissident movements, when they turn violent, are one of two broad aims. Revolutionary or Reactionary. Left wing politics, generally speaking, are Revolutionary. Right wing, generally speaking, are Reactionary. Right wing groups, by the very label of ‘conservatism’, are strictly concerned with maintaining the normalcy of their nation. Its working for them, to a person, and they see the Left as an internal threat to that. This is why Left wing groups perpetually seek to recruit those who do not have power or are marginalized (whether real or imagined).Where we are…strictly speaking, I consider us firmly in the Reactionary camp, which is why we served as long as we did and where we did- voluntarily. This is both a major asset for our side, and simultaneously a detriment in those same ways you pointed out. My own theory is that as the Left continues to move up the Insurgency Pyramid (see attached, although I’m certain you’ve seen it- they’re right on the line of overt warfare), groups similar to the Contras are going to take the place of either nullified law enforcement or where governmental power otherwise cannot be exerted.I really, really like what you’ve written. Its an incredibly thought provoking piece for both those initiated to UW as you and I, as well as those who are not but are awakening to the new reality.

An Exercise in Obedience: People Are Being Conditioned to Take the Mark of the Beast

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Doctors lay out plan to ‘punish’ people who refuse coronavirus vaccine: ‘There is no alternative’
‘Simply put, getting vaccinated is going to be our patriotic duty,’ and America should consider making it difficult for the unvaccinated to participate in society,

Now, allow me to reword the above quote as coming from the Globalist Press during Tribulation:

“Globalists lay out plan to ‘punish’ people who refuse the mark of the beast: ‘There is no alternative’
‘Simply put, getting the mark is going to be our Globalist duty,’ and the World should consider making it ‘impossible’ for the un-marked to participate in society.”

Farfetched?  I don’t think so.

What we will be experiencing in the coming months/year by health officials and our government is a foreshadow of the coming Antichrist who will demand worship. An how will that worship of the man of sin be manifested? By taking his mark 666 on…

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Our (New) Culture Must Be Destroyed



This is the new statue, which some are calling “art”, on London’s fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square.

It looks like a seagull took a dump on the beach and a kid stuck his toy in it.

The point is not that this material (hot glued together by some female) is not art, which is clear, but that the leaders who put it there hate the people who will now be forced to look at it. That hate is the point.

The haters must be destroyed, removed from power, cast into the outer darkness, scorned, ridiculed, rejected, deplatformed and canceled.

The problem is not cancel culture, then. It’s that the wrong things are canceled.

In days of yore, conservatives hating this kind of excrescence, this turd on a pole, would attempt to reason with its creators and supporters in a vain effort to convince these people of the evil nature of the thing, and plead with them to remove it.

These days, they may still try, but their voices are too meek. They believe, and many even insist, that the people placing the statue have a “right” to do so.

Neo-conmen don’t even bother doing that. They may cast a few zingers at the pseudo-art, if they can be nudged from their torpor, but they go no further. They surrender without a fight, or even acquiesce. The best you’ll get from them, or from any denizen of the left (all neo-conmen are leftists), is a “Eh, what’s the difference. Don’t look at it if it bothers you.”

That you can’t not look at it doesn’t occur to them. It’s like trying to escape rap music, which pummels ears in public most everywhere. You can’t not listen. You can’t not see.

This statue, like most modern pseudo-art and architecture, is not an accident.

Roger Scruton said “There has been…an uglification of modern life. Wherever we turn we find a deliberate desecration of beautiful things. The employment of shapes, forms, and gestures which are calculated either too repel us or simply to annihilate the surrounding experience of beauty.”

Deliberate. Calculated.

These words are correct. This is a planned attack, though the enemy sees it as beneficence. Not only this one statue, but almost every object or building deployed against the public in the name of art. This is a war of wrong against right, a war which the wrong side has won battle after battle.

Don’t think so? A major music publisher put out this song by a black woman—excuse me—BLACK! woman.


Whores in this house
There’s some whores in this house
There’s some whores in this house
There’s some?whores?in this house?(Hol’ up)
I said certified freak, seven?days a week
Wet-ass pussy, make that pullout game weak, woo (Ah)

[Chorus: Cardi B]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, you fuckin’ with some wet-ass pussy
Bring a bucket and a mop for this wet-ass pussy
Give me everything you got for this wet-ass pussy

This opening is the highlight of the song. It gets worse: It goes into the black hole from there. Something about “niggers”, or maybe it was “niggas”, spitting in mouths, a novel use of credit cards, and other delights.

This song is being pushed in our ears, as the statue above is pushed in our faces. Our cultural leaders say things like this (NBC News): “‘WAP’ by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion is a joyful role reversal. No wonder people are mad. Yes, it’s deliciously filthy. It also follows in the footsteps of many female (and male) artists who have used music to explicitly explore their sexuality.”

A Blue Cheka simped (ellipsis his) “I am not sure why everyone (and Ben Shapiro) is so upset about the Cardi B song….yes it is dirty. But so are a million other songs by male rappers in the last 30 years. Where was all the outrage then? The only difference on this one seems to be that it was done by two women.”

A Blue Cheka gynecologist (with bemasked picture) explained the glorious moisture aspects of the song.

This is only a small sampling of the immense amount of praise heaped upon this primitive noise. Part of the reaction is, of course, because the performer is BLACK! And part is because she is female, and the matriarchy loves nothing better than to talk about their reproductive system.

The song got more notice than the statue, but then statues have always been less popular. The statue is also more avoidable than the noise, which, reports say, is everywhere (millions of views almost immediately on YouTube, number one song in the country by other measures).

In any case, these are only two of an endless and growing number of examples of ugliness foisted on us by our enemies. The post-classical culture they have created must be destroyed, before it destroys us.

The Week In Doom — Scottish Gingerbread Person Edition

December 22, 2018

In “Culture”

California Judge Reverses Prop 8: A Right To Marriage?

A judge in California has, as we have all heard, struck down the publicly created law which bans two-person, same-sex marriage. This was no surprise, as most expected that this contentious case would spend many days in court. Marriage between male and female is found (or so we have read)…

August 6, 2010

In “Culture”

Tweet Hate Map: Awful, Really Awful Use Of Statistics

I give you “Dr” Monica Stephens from Humbolt State University and her widely dispersed Twitter “Hate Map.” The thumbnail here doesn’t give the picture the full injustice it deserves, so you’ll have to click on the link to view the real map, which is interactive. She had her students count…

May 31, 2013

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  1. Michael KnightA child-sacrificing, money-grabbing conglomeration masquerading as an empire with only mercenaries willing to defend it, we have become Carthage. And we know what should happen next.
  2. MarthaThe Powers of the Air are paving the way for the Antichrist. To me, this is a big red flag to get our spirits in order and ramp up our endurance. Maranatha!
  3. SheriHot-glued together is to melt when it’s hot, like real whipped cream. Somehow a drone crashing into whipped cream with a cherry on top lacks anything but a meaning that cannot be printed here, but Freud would have loved. Never fear, the melting will come soon.It’s not hate. It’s perhaps lust, but mostly massive STUPIDITY. Nothing says “I am among the 95% percentile on the stupid scale” like pieces like this. I was observing yesterday that actors and actresses really should have “complete idiot” tattooed on their forehead. I really wonder that any managed to remember lines and suspect many had large cheat sheets held up just off camera. And Americans worship these idiots. Yes, you reap what you sow.It’s uglification because people WANT ugly. Remember, failure to fight something is approval of that something. I do believe Briggs puts too much emphasis on the “hatred” and not enough on the “stupid”. Hatred only thrives where stupidity and apathy allow it. Americans and the world DEMANDED AND APPROVED of this. Pure and simple. They want hell on earth and will get it.Remember, if people had the slightest desire to remove this, it’s very easy. Antifa has shown us the way. Obviously, we don’t want to get rid of the filth. I cannot emphasize enough people want to live in fear, hatred and emptiness and will accept nothing less.
  4. BobcatDon’t know Briggs, the statue looks more like an ice cream scoop with a cherry with propellers on it! Kind of a silly looking statue to me. But we have much worse things going on than a silly statue or whatever that’s supposed to be.
    Also That rap song is garbage. One reason why I don’t even bother to listen to most of the rap songs out there. It’s a complete waste of time to read or listen to the lyrics of most of these songs. Better to listen to music that’s happy sounding and uplifts your soul with happy lyrics than to listen to garbage that makes you feel down.
  5. JamesWhen the modern ethos is equality—equality at all costs—the official differentiation of great art from trash cannot be tolerated; such a differentiation becomes a social mistake; for to celebrate great art is to suggest implicitly that there actually are varying levels of accomplishment. And the illiterate black man selling drugs in Trafalgar Square cannot ever be seen to be less civilized than the Macaulay-reading Indian businessman running a used bookshop in Hackney. Our once briefly glorious societies are past saving. The barbarians have won. They will win until the collapse.
  6. McChuckMarxism delenda est.
    There is an older name for Western Civilization: Christendom.
  7. Dean EricsonI thought the sculpture was better before the unveiling; a big black blob giving us the finger. But the unveiled object does have the virtue of honestly depicting liberal culture as rotting junk food topped with totalitarian surveillance. And the sculpture serves to remind men of God, for surely it is not the product of random billiard balls banging but rather of malicious spirit, which is to say Satan, acting on man’s fallen nature, which proves the Biblical account, and therefore God as well.
  8. Michael DowdCheck out this great podcast by James Kunstler interviewing Ann Sussman.
  9. Dean EricsonSheri dear, stupid is now equal with smart. Your failure to accept that is evidence of Stupidism.
  10. JerryIt looks like something my 5-year old grandson constructed, who then exclaimed triumphantly LOOK WHAT I MADE! All the while waiting expectantly for the gushes of praise for his ingenuity.Of course after the grandkids go home, you sweep the thing away.Which what we should do with stuff like this. Pat their heads and so “isn’t that wonderful!” and then take it down, because this is a grown-up world.Right?
  11. Kenan MeyerIf its ugly, make it look even uglier! Irreversibly! I am sure there a some wonderful chemical formulas for this.
  12. DAVnot sure why everyone (and Ben Shapiro) is so upset about the Cardi B song….yes it is dirty. But so are a million other songs by male rappers in the last 30 years.
    Good point about “Art” imitating “life”. Ben wasn’t upset. He was pointing out the obvious descent into silliness. (“This is what feminists fought for”).It’s a complete waste of time to read or listen to the lyrics of most of these songs.. It’s a complete waste of time to read or listen to the lyrics of most of these songs.
    Assuming the words “lyrics” and “songs” apply here. Most of the genre consists of words spoken over a repetitive noisy background. Non-original and anti-musical.
  13. Emmett DeMundi“The haters must be destroyed, removed from power, cast into the outer darkness, scorned, ridiculed, rejected, deplatformed and canceled.”If you want to do all those things, you must do them in the correct order. The first one is justice, but it precludes the others.
  14. GandersonAnthony Daniels wrote one time about how, as a kid, he thought the ugliness of central Birmingham was the fault of the Luftwaffe. He was shocked to discover it was urban planners and architects. (George Costanza, call your office)Anyone remember “Tilted Arc” in downtown Manhattan? One of the few instances of a popular revolt resulting in the removal of a piece of “art”.
  15. GandersonAnd, I’m sure Cardi B has no idea why someone would object to her “song”
  16. Dan HughesThe modern art world is driven by a bunch of fake artists gleefully and knowingly peddling junk art of painted rocks for millions of dollars to sucker art lovers. Somehow they get away with it.With all the concerns over how women are objectified and generally ill-treated I have never understood how the exceedingly crappy and extremely vulgar rap and hip-hop music by certain of our citizens continues to be completely ignored. How is it possible for the stuff to get air play time?
  17. DAVHow is it possible for the stuff to get air play time?Its listeners have not been exposed to much actual music. The industry keeps reducing the dynamic range until it becomes a cacophony sounding all the same.
  18.  Pingback: Our (New) Culture Must Be Destroyed | Reaction Times
  19. Sander van der WalCome visit London and get stabbed in the back while you look at the worst placed ice cream advertising thingie in the world. Why is there no ice cream parlour in that building?
  20. FredoTitle of the statue says it all ‘THE END”… All Ye Who Enter Here Are Doomed…
  21. JTLiuzzaJust point out how ice cream cones first appeared in Europe and so were a western/white people invention. In no time the leftist automatons will be out to tear the thing down while the local constabulary looks on in approval.
  22. Michelle KamhiThis travesty is but the latest abomination issuing from an incestuous little artworld that thinks, thanks to Marcel Duchamp, we can no longer ask whether something qualifies as art—as the director of New York’s Museum of Modern Art once declared to me. For my dissenting view, see Bucking the Artworld Tide and Who Says That’s Art? .
  23. BobcatAgreed Dav. Much of that rap sounds like a bunch of negative drivel with a repetitive background noise.
  24. FredBobcat, music doesn’t have to be happy and uplifting to be beautiful. See Neil Young’s “After the Gold Rush”, Traffic’s “Dear Mr. Fantasy,” Loggins and Messina’s “Same Old Wine,” Buffalo Springfield’s “Broken Arrow,” and I could name dozens more. There can be profound beauty in sadness.
  25. JerryRap music is Black music, and so it gets a pass from the woke culture. It can say anything, sound like….anything. Add in the female gender and it is doubly protected. Kinda like the “N-word”. Blacks can say it and it’s magically changed. I would think they would want to erase that word from the spoken language completely, but it is part of their….heritage? Is that it?I know it doesn’t make sense, yet there it is.

Prominent Never-Trumper explains why he is voting for Trump/Pence in November


Donald Trump to speak at March for Life 2020 Donald Trump to speak at March for Life 2020

Around this time, the media loves to trumpet stories about prominent “Republicans” who have become disenchanted with the Republican nominee for president. But I think that Trump has done more than enough to ensure that exactly the opposite happens. Not only will he be seeing a lot of votes from former Never-Trumpers, he’ll be seeing a lot more votes from American-born blacks.

Let’s start with this column written by prominent pro-life debater Marc Newman.

He writes:

In 2016 I couldn’t vote for Donald Trump. I wrote about it. When people asked me about Trump vs. Clinton I responded, “You can’t trust either one of them.” When Trump claimed a pro-life platform, I didn’t believe he’d follow through.

[…]Forced now to reconsider, my conclusion is that Trump has been the most pro-life president in my lifetime – including Ronald Reagan…

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“Mr. Jones” 2019 – Frontpagemag

Legendary Polish director Agnieszka Holland has come out with a thoughtful, elegant new film, “Mr. Jones,” addressing the 1932-33 Ukrainian Holodomor, or forced famine. I watch a lot of movies, and I’ve seen many addressing atrocity. “Mr. Jones” wrecked me. I fought back sobs, and also the urge to thrust my fist through the screen and destroy the film’s slimy villains. Compared to numerous other films addressing humanity’s dark side, “Mr. Jones” depicts virtually no onscreen gore. This is not atrocity porn. “Mr. Jones” is two hours long, and yet scenes of the actual famine take up only about half an hour – and it’s a quiet, monochromatic half hour. This film most frequently depicts well-dressed, well-fed people talking. With just that, Holland was able to move me more deeply than many a more graphic film. In 2019, innovative horror director Ari Aster released “Midsommer,” shot almost entirely in bright sunshine. Aster wanted to see if he could terrify people without hackneyed jump scares in old, dark houses. Holland has done what Aster was trying to do. “Mr. Jones” is a lowkey, polite, non-horror movie that utterly horrified me.

Don’t get me wrong – you should see “Mr. Jones.” The film offers you as pure a depiction of heroism as you are likely to get from a movie this year. When the film ended, my friend  was more exhilarated than depressed. He said that “sublime talent” and a depiction of “complex events and the best and worst of humanity” impressed him so much that he planned to watch “Mr. Jones” again, and soon.

Source: “Mr. Jones” 2019 – Frontpagemag

Peter Brimelow: Trump Should Be Tweeting About Cannon Hinnant, Because The MSM Is STILL Not Covering His Murder

Peter Brimelow: Trump Should Be Tweeting About Cannon Hinnant, Because The MSM Is STILL Not Covering His Murder

Peter Brimelow08/13/2020A+|a-

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Earlier: His Name Is Cannon Hinnant: Five-Year Old White Boy Shot and Murdered Execution-Style by Black Neighbor… for Riding His Bike in His Lawn

Here, for the record (in case Twitter follows YouTube in cancelling us) is my response to what Matt Walsh tweeted about the murder of five-year-old white boy Cannon Hinnant by a black male. See also “Black Lives Matter” Is A BLOOD LIBEL Against White America. Here’s Why and Biden’s First Public Appearance in Two Months Was at Veterans’ Cemetery Where Paul and Lidia Marino Were Murdered by a BLM Terrorist. Biden Said, “Never, Ever Forget”—But Didn’t Mention The Marinos.

If you search for Cannon Hinnant’s name on Google News at this point, it’s either conservative news sites, or local  MSM sites. Trump should be Tweeting about this—the MSM is still not responding.

Google and the John McCain Cover-Up

RON UNZ • AUGUST 6, 2020 • 1,800 WORDS

McCain formally announces his candidacy for president in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 2007. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Back in early May Google took the remarkable step of deranking our entire website, placing our many thousands of content pages near the absolute bottom of its search results, where almost no one would ever see them. If a user included the keyword “unz” in a search string, our pages would still come up, but otherwise they would be almost totally invisible. So people specifically looking for our website could still find it, but almost no one else.

Google holds a worldwide monopoly in search, having a total market share greater than 90% and therefore functioning as a global gatekeeper to the Internet, so this harsh action had serious consequences. Our regular daily traffic dropped by 15% or more, especially reducing the inflow of casual new visitors who might discover our alternative media webzine in an unrelated search. The national wave of urban turmoil that broke out at the end of that same month soon overwhelmed this decline and lifted our traffic to new heights, but the severe loss of new readers remained. So although our daily pageviews have set new records, the number of unique visitors to our website has remained substantially diminished.

Then a couple of weeks ago, various journalists reported an even more severe manipulation of Google’s search system, with dozens of top Republican-leaning websites, including Breitbart and Drudge, suddenly discovering that all their content had entirely disappeared from Google while liberal-leaning publications remained unaffected. This search engine “glitch” ended within a day and the conservative websites reappeared, but there was widespread speculation that Google had added a “kill switch” that could cleanse the Internet of all right-wing content at a moment’s notice, and someone had inadvertently tested this powerful new media weapon in public, thereby revealing its existence.

A presidential election is less than three months away, and conservatives have long complained that the Silicon Valley tech giants are biased against them. So the very real possibility that Google was road-testing the ability to “disappear” all conservative publications at some crucial moment must surely have raised concerns even among the most level-headed.

Therefore, I naturally assumed that this crucial issue of biased search results would become a central point of questioning during last week’s Congressional testimony of Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Surely the Republican members of the committee would ask him why all the websites in their ideological camp had suddenly disappeared from Google, and whether this suggested deliberate plans by the Monopolist of Mountain View to slant its search results against their side of the aisle. Google displays the results of six billion searches each day, so such bias would probably have a political impact millions of times greater than the alleged “RussiaGate manipulation” that had so dominated our national headlines for many months.

However, I was sorely mistaken. Neither the national newspapers nor other publications reported any such line of questioning. This suggested that the Republican members of the committee were either reluctant to antagonize their powerful witness, or more likely, were just too ignorant of the Internet to realize that if Google suddenly “disappeared” all their media outlets, many of their voters and their own seats in Congress would soon follow. So I was forced to listen to the entire three and a half hour hearing on YouTube, then afterward hunted around in vain for a complete transcript.

Although the Republicans made little attempt to pin down Google’s chief, some of Pichai’s responses certainly seemed to suggest that Google was committed to providing unbiased search results, especially during his questioning by Rep. Steve King (R-IA). He assured his listeners that Google never “put its thumb on the scale” of search results, nor allowed “manual intervention” to corrupt its objective algorithms. Any casual listener would surely assume that Google search results were ranked solely by the number and quality of their links and sources rather than modified for reasons of ideological bias or political expediency. Yet it is quite easy to demonstrate the contrary.I recounted last year:

As the winner of the Pulitzer Prize and two George Polk awards, the late Sydney Schanberg was widely regarded as one of the greatest American war correspondents of the twentieth century. His exploits during our ill-fated Indo-Chinese War had become the basis of the Oscar-winning film The Killing Fields, which probably established him as the most famous journalist in America after Woodward and Bernstein of Watergate fame, and he had also served as a top editor at The New York Times. A decade ago, he published his greatest expose, providing a mountain of evidence that America had deliberately left behind hundreds of POWs in Vietnam and he fingered then-presidential candidate John McCain as the central figure in the later official cover-up of that monstrous betrayal. The Arizona senator had traded on his national reputation as our best-known former POW to bury the story of those abandoned prisoners, permitting America’s political establishment to escape serious embarrassment. As a result, Sen. McCain earned the lush rewards of our generous ruling elites, much like his own father Admiral John S. McCain, Sr., who had led the cover-up of the deliberate 1967 Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, which killed or wounded over 200 American servicemen.

As publisher of The American Conservative, I ran Schanberg’s remarkable piece as a cover story, and across several websites over the years it has surely been read many hundreds of thousands of times, including a huge spike around the time of McCain’s death. I therefore find it rather difficult to believe that the many journalists investigating McCain’s background might have remained unaware of this material. Yet no hints of these facts were provided in any of the articles appearing in any remotely prominent media outlets as can be seen by searching for web pages containing “McCain and Schanberg” dated around the time of the Senator’s passing.

Schanberg’s journalistic stature had hardly been forgotten by his former colleagues. Upon his death a couple of years ago, the Times ran a very long and glowing obituary, and a few months later I attended the memorial tribute to his life and career held at the New York Times headquarters building, which included more than two hundred prominent journalists mostly from his own generation, including those of the highest rank. Times Publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. gave a speech describing how as a young man he had always so greatly admired Schanberg and had been mortified by the unfortunate circumstances of his departure from the family’s newspaper. Former Executive Editor Joseph Lelyveld recounted the many years he had worked closely with the man he had long considered his closest friend and colleague, someone whom he almost seemed to regard as his older brother. But during the two hours of praise and remembrance scarcely a single word was uttered in public about the gigantic story that had occupied the last two decades of Schanberg’s celebrated career.John McCain and the POW Cover-UpSYDNEY SCHANBERG • MAY 25, 2010 • 8,200 WORDS

Although Google controls all but a slice of the worldwide search engine market, very similar technologies are employed by its various competitors such as Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Russia’s Yandex, and it is easy to compare their strikingly dissimilar results for the simple string “mccain pows”:

For Bing, Schanberg’s American Conservative cover-story ranks #1. For DuckDuckGo, it ranks #2, just below McCain’s Wikipedia entry. For Yandex, the republication on The Unz Review holds the top spot, with the American Conservative version placing #2. But Schanberg’s remarkable 8,200 word expose has been “disappeared” from Google’s search engine, nowhere to be found across at least the first ten pages of results.

These striking differences seem totally inconsistent with Pichai’s sworn Congressional testimony that Google never uses “manual intervention” to place “its thumb on the scale” of the search results used each day by so many hundreds of millions of individuals.

I have previously expressed by great irritation that Google had “disappeared” my own articles, but suffering the same fate as one of the foremost American journalists of the twentieth century does cushion the blow:

For the last ten years, my article The Myth of Hispanic Crime had regularly ranked #2 among the 180 million search results Google returned for “Latino Crime” and the 60 million for “Hispanic Crime,” an achievement for which I had become inordinately proud. But although comparable search engines such as Bing and DuckDuckGo still rank my piece near the very top, Google has completely “disappeared” it.

I think a reasonable measure of a topic’s importance is the total number of search results it returns. Communism and Communists dominated the entire twentieth century and the political party of that name still holds sway in gigantic China. So a search on “Communism” returns 163 million results, a vast number but still somewhat below the total for “Latino Crime.” Imagine how an academic or journalist might feel if his article analyzing Communism had spent a full decade ranked #2 across the entire Internet, but Google had then suddenly decided to blacklist it for reasons entirely unrelated to its intrinsic or objective quality.

My American Pravda series has also vanished from Google, while still ranking at or near the top of all its competitors.

Naturally, my far harsher critiques of John McCain’s long career have entirely vanished as well:John McCain: When “Tokyo Rose” Ran for PresidentRON UNZ • MARCH 9, 2015 • 4,200 WORDSAmerican Pravda: John McCain, Jeffrey Epstein, and PizzagateOur Reigning Political Puppets, Dancing to Invisible StringsRON UNZ • JULY 29, 2019 • 6,400 WORDS

Google is obviously a private corporation, holding an unregulated monopoly over our sources of Internet information, and I cannot say whether or not its manipulation of search results for political reasons violates American law.

But lying under oath to members of Congress during sworn public testimony is a serious felony, and I think Mr. Pichai would be well-advised to immediately investigate whether his own subordinates have been misleading him on important aspects of his own company’s search operations.

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Invasion of the New Normals

C.J. HOPKINS • AUGUST 9, 2020 • 1,600 WORDS •

They’re here! No, not the pod people from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. We’re not being colonized by giant alien fruit. I’m afraid it is a little more serious than that. People’s minds are being taken over by a much more destructive and less otherworldly force … a force that transforms them overnight into aggressively paranoid, order-following, propaganda-parroting totalitarians.

You know the people I’m talking about. Some of them are probably your friends and family, people you have known for years, and who had always seemed completely rational, but who are now convinced that we need to radically alter the fabric of human society to protect ourselves from a virus that causes mild to moderate flu-like symptoms (or absolutely no symptoms at all) in over 95% of those infected, and that over 99.6% survive, which, it goes without saying, is totally insane.

I’ve been calling them “corona-totalitarians,” but I’m going to call them the “New Normals” from now on, as that more accurately evokes the pathologized-totalitarian ideology they are systematically spreading. At this point, I think it is important to do that, because, clearly, their ideological program has nothing to do with any actual virus, or any other actual public health threat. As is glaringly obvious to anyone whose mind has not been taken over yet, the “apocalyptic coronavirus pandemic” was always just a Trojan horse, a means of introducing the “New Normal,” which they’ve been doing since the very beginning.

The official propaganda started in March, and it reached full intensity in early April. Suddenly, references to the “New Normal” were everywhere, not only in the leading corporate media (e.g., CNNNPRCNBCThe New York TimesThe GuardianThe AtlanticForbes, et al.)the IMF and the World Bank Group, the WEFUNWHOCDC (and the list goes on), but also on the blogs of athletic organizationsglobal management consulting firmscharter school websites, and random YouTube videos.

The slogan has been relentlessly repeated (in a textbook totalitarian “big lie” fashion) for going on the past six months. We have heard it repeated so many times that many of us have forgotten how insane it is, the idea that the fundamental structure of society needs to be drastically and irrevocably altered on account of a virus that poses no threat to the vast majority of the human species.

And, make no mistake, that is exactly what the “New Normal” movement intends to do. “New Normalism” is a classic totalitarian movement (albeit with a pathological twist), and it is the goal of every totalitarian movement to radically, utterly transform society, to remake the world in its monstrous image.

That is what totalitarianism is, this desire to establish complete control over everything and everyone, every thought, emotion, and human interaction. The character of its ideology changes (i.e., Nazism, Stalinism, Maoism, etc.), but this desire for complete control over people, over society, and ultimately life itself, is the essence of totalitarianism … and what has taken over the minds of the New Normals.

In the New Normal society they want to establish, as in every totalitarian society, fear and conformity will be pervasive. Their ideology is a pathologized ideology (as opposed to, say, the racialized ideology of the Nazis), so its symbology will be pathological. Fear of disease, infection, and death, and obsessive attention to matters of health will dominate every aspect of life. Paranoid propaganda and ideological conditioning will be ubiquitous and constant.

Everyone will be forced to wear medical masks to maintain a constant level of fear and an omnipresent atmosphere of sickness and death, as if the world were one big infectious disease ward. Everyone will wear these masks at all times, at work, at home, in their cars, everywhere. Anyone who fails or refuses to do so will be deemed “a threat to public health,” and beaten and arrested by the police or the military, or swarmed by mobs of New Normal vigilantes.

Cities, regions, and entire countries will be subjected to random police-state lockdowns, which will be justified by the threat of “infection.” People will be confined to their homes for up to 23-hours a day, and allowed out only for “essential reasons.” Police and soldiers will patrol the streets, stopping people, checking their papers, and beating and arresting anyone out in public without the proper documents, or walking or standing too close to other people, like they are doing in Melbourne, Australia, currently.

The threat of “infection” will be used to justify increasingly insane and authoritarian edicts, compulsory demonstration-of-fealty rituals, and eventually the elimination of all forms of dissent. Just as the Nazis believed they were waging a war against the “subhuman races,” the New Normals will be waging a war on “disease,” and on anyone who “endangers the public health” by challenging their ideological narrative. Like every other totalitarian movement, in the end, they will do whatever is necessary to purify society of “degenerate influences” (i.e., anyone who questions or disagrees with them, or who refuses to obey their every command). They are already aggressively censoring the Internet and banning their opponents’ political protests, and political leaders and the corporate media are systematically stigmatizing those of us who dare to challenge their official narrative as “extremists,” “Nazis,” “conspiracy theorists,” “covidiots,” “coronavirus deniers,” “anti-vaxxers,” and “esoteric” freaks. One German official even went so far as to demand that dissidents be deported … presumably on trains to somewhere in the East.

Despite this increasing totalitarianization and pathologization of virtually everything, the New Normals will carry on with their lives as if everything were … well, completely normal. They will go out to restaurants and the movies in their masks. They will work, eat, and sleep in their masks. Families will go on holiday in their masks, or in their “Personal Protective Upper-Body Bubble-Wear.” They will arrive at the airport eight hours early, stand in their little color-coded boxes, and then follow the arrows on the floor to the “health officials” in the hazmat suits, who will take their temperature through their foreheads and shove ten-inch swabs into their sinus cavities. Parents who wish to forego this experience will have the option to preventatively vaccinate themselves and their children with the latest experimental vaccine (after signing a liability waiver, of course) within a week or so before their flights, and then present the officials with proof of vaccination (and of their compliance with various other “health guidelines”) on their digital Identity and Public Health Passports, or subdermal biometric chips.

Children, as always, will suffer the worst of it. They will be terrorized and confused from the moment they are born, by their parents, their teachers, and by the society at large. They will be subjected to ideological conditioning and paranoid behavioral modification at every stage of their socialization … with fanciful reusable corporate plague masks branded with loveable cartoon charactersparanoia-inducing picture books for toddlers, and paranoid “social distancing” rituals, among other forms of psychological torture. This conditioning (or torture) will take place at home, as there will be no more schools, or rather, no public schools. The children of the wealthy will attend private schools, where they can be cost-effectively “socially-distanced.” Working class children will sit at home, alone, staring into screens, wearing their masks, their hyperactivity and anxiety disorders stabilized with anti-depressant medications.

And so on … I think you get the picture. I hope so, because I don’t have the heart to go on.

I pray this glimpse into the New Normal future has terrified and angered you enough to rise up against it before it is too late. This isn’t a joke, folks. The New Normals are serious. If you cannot see where their movement is headed, you do not understand totalitarianism. Once it starts, and reaches this stage, it does not stop, not without a fight. It continues to its logical conclusion. The way that usually happens is, people tell themselves it isn’t happening, it can’t be happening, not to us. They tell themselves this as the totalitarian program is implemented, step by step, one seemingly harmless step at a time. They conform, because, at first, the stakes aren’t so high, and their conformity leads to more conformity, and the next thing they know they’re telling their grandchildren that they had no idea where the trains were going.

If you have made it through to the end of this essay, your mind hasn’t been taken over yet … the New Normals clicked off around paragraph 2. What that means is that it is your responsibility to speak up, and to do whatever else you can, to stop the New Normal future from becoming a reality. You will not be rewarded for it. You will be ridiculed and castigated for it. Your New Normal friends will hate you for it. Your New Normal family will forsake you for it. The New Normal police might arrest you for it. It is your responsibility to do it anyway … as, of course, it is also mine.#

C. J. Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright, novelist and political satirist based in Berlin. His plays are published by Bloomsbury Publishing and Broadway Play Publishing, Inc. His dystopian novel, Zone 23, is published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant. Volume I of his Consent Factory Essays is published by Consent Factory Publishing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amalgamated Content, Inc. He can be reached at or

His Name Is Cannon Hinnant: Five-Year Old White Boy Shot and Murdered Execution-Style by Black Neighbor… for Riding His Bike in His Lawn

PAUL KERSEY • AUGUST 11, 2020 • 1,000 WORDS • 289 COMMENTS •

PK NOTE: Their Lives Matter Too. It’s a book you must pick up. Names you’ve never encountered, stories you’ve never read about, all for one, unmentionable reason: black on white murder. We were never supposed to notice what’s happening. We were never supposed to catalogue the names and tell their stories. But we did. But we have. Their Lives Matter Too.

It’s hard to read t hese stories few people seem to care about (I hope you are doing well, Taylor Mixon and I think about your email often), and the corporate media completely ignores. Perhaps a few family members and friends will remember their name and how they died, but not many others (think Amanda Blackburn).

And for daring to care, for even considering their life had value and how they died (murdered) is worth remembering, you become a pariah. One family member of Rebecca Pletnewski – a white woman, who along with her daughter was murdered by a black man in 2018 – demanded her story be taken down during the George Floyd/Black Lives Matter orgy of violence.

Rebecca and her white daughter were murdered by a black man, but their white lives had less value than being woke in the face of the Black Lives Matter tsunami washing over America, forcing all white people to kneel before their new moral overlords.

I don’t believe that, though.

All Lives Matter. White lives, too.

If there is one story perhaps being the fitting denouement of Paul Kersey, it’s this one.

Rest in Peace, Cannon.

Darius Sessoms, a black man, walked up to his neighbors kids (three white children) who were riding bikes outside their home, placed a gun to a 5 year old white boy’s head and executed him in front of his two sisters for accidentally riding his bike on his lawn. N

His name is Cannon Hinnant. [Wilson man wanted in fatal shooting on 5-year-old apprehended,, August 11, 2020]:

A Wilson man was in custody Monday night, about 24 hours after police said he shot and killed a 5-year-old boy.

Darius N. Sessoms, 25, was apprehended in Goldsboro by members of the U.S. Marshals Service Carolinas Regional Fugitive Task Force, Goldsboro police and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office. He was charged with first-degree murder and was being held without bond in the Wilson County jail.

Police were called to a shooting in a neighborhood in the 5100 block of Archers Road just after 5:30 p.m. Sunday.

Family members said Cannon Hinnant was playing outside his father’s house when he was shot in the head. The boy’s two sisters, ages 8 and 7, saw their brother get shot, according to Cannon’s mother.

Cannon was taken to Wilson Medical Center, where he died.

No details about a possible motive for the shooting have been released, but police said the shooting wasn’t random.

Sessoms lives next door to Cannon’s father, and a neighbor said that the two men had dinner together Saturday night and that Sessoms was at his neighbor’s home earlier Sunday.

Doris Labrant, who witnessed the shooting, said Sessoms ran up to Cannon, put the gun near his head and fired before running back to his own house.

“My first reaction was he’s playing with the kids,” Labrant said. “For a second, I thought, ‘That couldn’t happen.’ People don’t run across the street and kill kids.”

She said she realized the gun was real when she saw Cannon’s father’s reaction to the shooting, and she quickly went inside her home, locked the door and tried to call 911.

“You don’t expect to see somebody shoot someone,” she said.

Cannon’s grandmother said the family was happy to know that Sessoms had been arrested, but they’re devastated by the young boy’s senseless killing.

Many times, when doing the whole “His Name is/Her Name is” trope (with Paul Kersey and the trope referenced by Chuck Palahniuk, the author of Fight Club, in his graphic novel Fight Club 2, as an homage to Tyler Durden), I think back to a July 2011 day, when a friend got a text that Brittney Watts had been murdered in the streets Atlanta. A year later, we’d find out it was an anti-white racial murder, perpetrated by the black shooter to rid the world of white privilege.

It’s doubtful SBPDL would have endured were it not for this event taking place.

With what happened to Cannon Hinnant though, we might be seeing the early stages of a profound shift in thinking, where the story of a five-year-old white child murdered execution-style by his black neighbor and the complete silence from the corporate media (that just spent nearly three months canonizing a black man who once put a gun to the belly of a pregnant woman he was robbing in a home invasion and then died of fentanyl overdose while resisting arrest in Minneapolis) provides the much-needed realization to a lot of people that to our elite, white lives don’t matter.

It takes dramatic examples to shake people from their apathy and indifference toward the evil peddled as morality by our elite.

His name is Cannon Hinnant. Right, tens of millions are learning his name and how he died. They are starting to realize that to our elite, white lives don’t matter. They are asking why this story isn’t all over every media outlet, yet George Floyd – a convicted felon – somehow became a hero worthy of burning down cities, tearing down statues, and momentarily losing all sanity over.

And once they realize why this is, they’ll learn the truth of interracial crime.

What most people implicitly know, stories such as Cannon Hinnant’s execution-style murder by his black neighbor make the explicit possible.

Their Lives Matter Too.