PA: The State Of The Union

Western Rifle Shooters Association

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Western Rifle Shooters Association


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8 thoughts on “PA: The State Of The Union”

  1. tfA-tsays:Dirk says:
    August 2, 2020 at 21:45Amusing, that most have to be told/ reminded is special. EVERYTHING, we know is a lie!. Our History, our leadership, EVERYThING!.That we have to be constantly reminded is a testament to just how effective THEIR PROPAGANDA is!. Isn’t it ashame that we’ve lost focus of what’s really important.Tic Toc!.Dirt.that’s right Derpthat includes your fucked up god tooall one big fucking LIE!think about that for a minute or forever….religion is for the weak who cannot get thru the day without some type of god to see them thrutfA-t poops right on top of themReply
    1. Dirksays:Your agenda, your doctrine, is that of the Marxist. That you daily tear apart ” or try to is actually kinda sick” but you keep on trying butt boy, perhaps more time at the Goat heads alter is needed to achieve nirvana!.EVERYTHING you represent is Marxist, you spend your entire day trying to impose your will, your anti American will on 5000 readers here.Yet yourPathetic message is seen thru.Face it looser, your a communist shill, your writings you every word is that of the left. Yet Pete gives you a voice here. You’ve been kicked off of how many sites, for your propaganda.It’s interesting that not even you recognize your nexus between vitriol hatred, and communism. Is it because your mommy and daddy didn’t leave you enough, is that the reason for your hate.In my 25 years in law enforcement and another 14 ish in the service of this great nation I ran into many a simpleton as yourself. What I discovered is the truth is your real hate, to the bone is of yourself.You recognize your value as a human being is zero, you have no friends, your a failure at boiled chicken, with 4.00 delivery. You have nothing, a big ol empty house, with zero memories, of a grand childhood.Your emotionally broke, a wretched sole, and it is certain you sir will burn in hell, Satan has a special place for loosers such as yourself.I’d go on, but your communist propaganda, your rage against the machine has already failed. At this point praying for your wretched sole is kinda moot.You reap what you sew mother fucker.Tic Toc BitchDirtReply
      1. Bonaventuresays:^– Dirt just may have won Comment of the Year.Reply
    2. Bonaventuresays:religion is for the weak who cannot get thru the day without some type of god to see them thruSorta like that false god you stare at in the mirror each morning when you wake up, knowing that all you have to look forward to is another day of non-stop $hitposting.Reply
    3. Hedgesays:You were doing really well there for a while man. Contributing stuff and making normal comments then all of a sudden WHAM! Here we go again with the overly toxic posts over and over. What’s up tfAt? I mean I know you and Dirk have a special thing going on but is there something else? Maybe Dirk is living in your head rent free from time to time? Anyhoo here is to hoping you have a better day my friend.As to the article…problem with white people is that they let the shit get to far outta hand because we don’t want to lose what we have and go to jail. The only thing keeping us from doing what needs to be done is jail time and loss of everything. But the mongoloids don’t care about that. But with lots of folks losing all they have they scales are tipping.Reply
  2. Foot in the Forestsays:Remember t-fat you need to poop in the toilet not on mamma’s basement floor. Oh, and don’t forget to wipe when finished.Reply
  3. boss21says:Had to be a million people at this – – Not an AR- 15 in sight.Reply
  4. Seansays:tfA-t; thank you for those uplifting and inspiring remarks. I admit I am a weak human being who cannot get through the day without G*d to help me. Christians believe that kind of thing, yes, a weakness. Part of the conditions of salvation is that a person has to admit their weakness/sinfulness, and that they stink in the sight of G*d. While you metaphorically poop on top of me, I’ll keep from doing the same to you, as I see no point to it. But I am a rifle drivin’ sonofabitch. Went to the range Sunday. Learned something new, and learned to shoot better. Tis’ a comforting thing.

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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