It is NOT Conspiratorial When They Are REALLY Out to Get You: Proof That Google is the King of Censorship of Conservative Thought


This will be the third time I have brought out this article, but this time I will show the reader how Google is blatantly Censoring Conservative thought and Christian Conservative thought.

I want to help Conservative thinkers to understand what is being done to the Internet, and what you can do to bypass the Leftist drivel.

Since the time when Obama gave our Internet away to ICANN and the the U.N., searching on the Net can be so incredibly difficult for Conservatives.

If you search for a subject or the latest news, you invariably will be taken to Leftist sites. The only way to get around this is to have a list of Conservative sites.

Back when I began to write,  if I would search for a topic on which I had written, my article would appear near the top of the websites offered.  

After Obama gave away the internet in 2016, my articles disappeared when doing a search on Google Chrome or Safari. The articles were no where to be found.

The other day I did a test on this. I downloaded Duck Duck Go as a new browser. I typed in ‘Georgia Guide Stones, Antichrist’ and guess what? My article appeared at the very top.  

I went back to Chrome and did the same search. My article was no where to be found! Chrome had flagged me as a Conservative Christian and that was that.

I have taken screen shots of this to show the reader.

Proof that Google has banned my articles using a search of buzz-words from article titles:

I did a search using the words “Georgia Guide Stones, Antichrist” on Duck Duck Go:

My article appears at the top.

Same search criteria using Google Chrome:

My article does not appear at all.

Brethren, this is not imagined or paranoia. This is outright CENSORSHIP on the part of Google!

Duck Duck Go does not filter us out!

  • Change your web browser to Duck Duck Go.  
  • Make an account on where you will not be tracked nor put in jail for speaking truth
  • Go to NOT Wikipedia (using Duck Duck Go)

I have still offered a list of Conservative sites as hyper-links for the convenience of the reader at the end of this article.

Original Article:

About 2 years ago I came across a new website/search engine which was like striking oil for Conservatives.  The site is called

I published this search engine in an article and received so many emails and comments – thanking me for finding such a site. With the Internet becoming more hostile to Christians and Conservatives, this site was like a gift – a treasure.

But recently I noticed that the website was changing.  The content had been trimmed down to nearly nothing – just a few articles written by Conservatives.  When 4Conservatives first appeared, the site had lists of the best Conservative websites and they were hyperlinks, so the reader could click into the websites.

I’m not sure what happened. In this crazy and incredibly evil world, I can only imagine that the creators of that site were threatened or possibly paid an exorbitant amount of money to change the content of the website.

On a side note – has anyone noticed that the Drudge Report has completely changed  from Conservative to uber Leftist?  I stopped going there in the mornings for the latest news.  I wrote a note to Drudge asking “Who are you and what have you done with Matt Drudge?”  Haven’t heard back……

So Brethren, I got busy and did some investigating.  I wanted my readers to have access to the best Conservative sites on the internet. So, I thought to myself, where could I get a list of the best Conservative sites?  I thought about Wikipedia and went there.

Well, they certainly had a full listing, but if you clicked a hyperlink, it would take you to another hogwash wikipedia page with Leftist propaganda.  But then I thought – I have all of the best Conservative sites listed.  All I had to do was copy and paste the list and then one by one – change the hyperlink to take my readers to those sites!!

Whew!  It took me half the night, but it was SO worth it!

So, here it is, brethren.  Please do yourself a favor and copy and paste this into an email and send it to yourself.  Then make a folder in your email service and name it Conservative Websites.  Drag the email and drop in into that folder for safe keeping.

Printing it out is a good idea too.

And also send it to your Conservative friends. Hey – maybe send to a few of your Lefty friends to enlighten them.

TelevisionBlaze MediaFox NewsNewsmax TVOne America News NetworkSinclair Broadcast GroupMark Levin ShowTalk radioThe Laura Ingraham ShowThe Rush Limbaugh ShowThe Sean Hannity ShowThe Mark Levin ShowThe Savage NationThe Lars Larson ShowThe Ben Shapiro ShowThe Buck Sexton ShowMagazinesNational ReviewNewsmax MagazineThe American ConservativeThe American SpectatorThe Weekly StandardWashington ExaminerSpectator USANewspapersThe New York ObserverNew York PostThe Washington Times WebsitesAmerican ThinkerBreitbart NewsCNSNewsConservapediaConservative ReviewConservativetreehouseThe Daily CallerThe Daily SignalThe Daily WireThe FederalistFox NationFree RepublicThe Gateway PunditIndependent Journal ReviewLifeZetteLouder with CrowderNewsmaxPJ MediaThe Rebel MediaRight Side Broadcasting NetworkTownhallTruthRevoltTwitchyThe Washington Free BeaconThe Western JournalWorldNetDailyWatch.orgThe New AmericanBlogsHot AirInstapunditMichelle MalkinRedState

 If you have additions to the list, please send them to me. Or if you feel that a Conservative site has become left leaning, please alert me to this as well. How Can I Be Saved?Shalom b’YeshuaMARANATHA!!

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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