Our (New) Culture Must Be Destroyed



This is the new statue, which some are calling “art”, on London’s fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square.

It looks like a seagull took a dump on the beach and a kid stuck his toy in it.

The point is not that this material (hot glued together by some female) is not art, which is clear, but that the leaders who put it there hate the people who will now be forced to look at it. That hate is the point.

The haters must be destroyed, removed from power, cast into the outer darkness, scorned, ridiculed, rejected, deplatformed and canceled.

The problem is not cancel culture, then. It’s that the wrong things are canceled.

In days of yore, conservatives hating this kind of excrescence, this turd on a pole, would attempt to reason with its creators and supporters in a vain effort to convince these people of the evil nature of the thing, and plead with them to remove it.

These days, they may still try, but their voices are too meek. They believe, and many even insist, that the people placing the statue have a “right” to do so.

Neo-conmen don’t even bother doing that. They may cast a few zingers at the pseudo-art, if they can be nudged from their torpor, but they go no further. They surrender without a fight, or even acquiesce. The best you’ll get from them, or from any denizen of the left (all neo-conmen are leftists), is a “Eh, what’s the difference. Don’t look at it if it bothers you.”

That you can’t not look at it doesn’t occur to them. It’s like trying to escape rap music, which pummels ears in public most everywhere. You can’t not listen. You can’t not see.

This statue, like most modern pseudo-art and architecture, is not an accident.

Roger Scruton said “There has been…an uglification of modern life. Wherever we turn we find a deliberate desecration of beautiful things. The employment of shapes, forms, and gestures which are calculated either too repel us or simply to annihilate the surrounding experience of beauty.”

Deliberate. Calculated.

These words are correct. This is a planned attack, though the enemy sees it as beneficence. Not only this one statue, but almost every object or building deployed against the public in the name of art. This is a war of wrong against right, a war which the wrong side has won battle after battle.

Don’t think so? A major music publisher put out this song by a black woman—excuse me—BLACK! woman.


Whores in this house
There’s some whores in this house
There’s some whores in this house
There’s some?whores?in this house?(Hol’ up)
I said certified freak, seven?days a week
Wet-ass pussy, make that pullout game weak, woo (Ah)

[Chorus: Cardi B]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, you fuckin’ with some wet-ass pussy
Bring a bucket and a mop for this wet-ass pussy
Give me everything you got for this wet-ass pussy

This opening is the highlight of the song. It gets worse: It goes into the black hole from there. Something about “niggers”, or maybe it was “niggas”, spitting in mouths, a novel use of credit cards, and other delights.

This song is being pushed in our ears, as the statue above is pushed in our faces. Our cultural leaders say things like this (NBC News): “‘WAP’ by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion is a joyful role reversal. No wonder people are mad. Yes, it’s deliciously filthy. It also follows in the footsteps of many female (and male) artists who have used music to explicitly explore their sexuality.”

A Blue Cheka simped (ellipsis his) “I am not sure why everyone (and Ben Shapiro) is so upset about the Cardi B song….yes it is dirty. But so are a million other songs by male rappers in the last 30 years. Where was all the outrage then? The only difference on this one seems to be that it was done by two women.”

A Blue Cheka gynecologist (with bemasked picture) explained the glorious moisture aspects of the song.

This is only a small sampling of the immense amount of praise heaped upon this primitive noise. Part of the reaction is, of course, because the performer is BLACK! And part is because she is female, and the matriarchy loves nothing better than to talk about their reproductive system.

The song got more notice than the statue, but then statues have always been less popular. The statue is also more avoidable than the noise, which, reports say, is everywhere (millions of views almost immediately on YouTube, number one song in the country by other measures).

In any case, these are only two of an endless and growing number of examples of ugliness foisted on us by our enemies. The post-classical culture they have created must be destroyed, before it destroys us.

The Week In Doom — Scottish Gingerbread Person Edition

December 22, 2018

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A judge in California has, as we have all heard, struck down the publicly created law which bans two-person, same-sex marriage. This was no surprise, as most expected that this contentious case would spend many days in court. Marriage between male and female is found (or so we have read)…

August 6, 2010

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Tweet Hate Map: Awful, Really Awful Use Of Statistics

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May 31, 2013

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  1. Michael KnightA child-sacrificing, money-grabbing conglomeration masquerading as an empire with only mercenaries willing to defend it, we have become Carthage. And we know what should happen next.
  2. MarthaThe Powers of the Air are paving the way for the Antichrist. To me, this is a big red flag to get our spirits in order and ramp up our endurance. Maranatha!
  3. SheriHot-glued together is to melt when it’s hot, like real whipped cream. Somehow a drone crashing into whipped cream with a cherry on top lacks anything but a meaning that cannot be printed here, but Freud would have loved. Never fear, the melting will come soon.It’s not hate. It’s perhaps lust, but mostly massive STUPIDITY. Nothing says “I am among the 95% percentile on the stupid scale” like pieces like this. I was observing yesterday that actors and actresses really should have “complete idiot” tattooed on their forehead. I really wonder that any managed to remember lines and suspect many had large cheat sheets held up just off camera. And Americans worship these idiots. Yes, you reap what you sow.It’s uglification because people WANT ugly. Remember, failure to fight something is approval of that something. I do believe Briggs puts too much emphasis on the “hatred” and not enough on the “stupid”. Hatred only thrives where stupidity and apathy allow it. Americans and the world DEMANDED AND APPROVED of this. Pure and simple. They want hell on earth and will get it.Remember, if people had the slightest desire to remove this, it’s very easy. Antifa has shown us the way. Obviously, we don’t want to get rid of the filth. I cannot emphasize enough people want to live in fear, hatred and emptiness and will accept nothing less.
  4. BobcatDon’t know Briggs, the statue looks more like an ice cream scoop with a cherry with propellers on it! Kind of a silly looking statue to me. But we have much worse things going on than a silly statue or whatever that’s supposed to be.
    Also That rap song is garbage. One reason why I don’t even bother to listen to most of the rap songs out there. It’s a complete waste of time to read or listen to the lyrics of most of these songs. Better to listen to music that’s happy sounding and uplifts your soul with happy lyrics than to listen to garbage that makes you feel down.
  5. JamesWhen the modern ethos is equality—equality at all costs—the official differentiation of great art from trash cannot be tolerated; such a differentiation becomes a social mistake; for to celebrate great art is to suggest implicitly that there actually are varying levels of accomplishment. And the illiterate black man selling drugs in Trafalgar Square cannot ever be seen to be less civilized than the Macaulay-reading Indian businessman running a used bookshop in Hackney. Our once briefly glorious societies are past saving. The barbarians have won. They will win until the collapse.
  6. McChuckMarxism delenda est.
    There is an older name for Western Civilization: Christendom.
  7. Dean EricsonI thought the sculpture was better before the unveiling; a big black blob giving us the finger. But the unveiled object does have the virtue of honestly depicting liberal culture as rotting junk food topped with totalitarian surveillance. And the sculpture serves to remind men of God, for surely it is not the product of random billiard balls banging but rather of malicious spirit, which is to say Satan, acting on man’s fallen nature, which proves the Biblical account, and therefore God as well.
  8. Michael DowdCheck out this great podcast by James Kunstler interviewing Ann Sussman.https://kunstler.com/podcast/kunstlercast-331-chatting-with-architect-and-neuroscientist-ann-sussman-about-buildings-streets-and-cities/
  9. Dean EricsonSheri dear, stupid is now equal with smart. Your failure to accept that is evidence of Stupidism.
  10. JerryIt looks like something my 5-year old grandson constructed, who then exclaimed triumphantly LOOK WHAT I MADE! All the while waiting expectantly for the gushes of praise for his ingenuity.Of course after the grandkids go home, you sweep the thing away.Which what we should do with stuff like this. Pat their heads and so “isn’t that wonderful!” and then take it down, because this is a grown-up world.Right?
  11. Kenan MeyerIf its ugly, make it look even uglier! Irreversibly! I am sure there a some wonderful chemical formulas for this.
  12. DAVnot sure why everyone (and Ben Shapiro) is so upset about the Cardi B song….yes it is dirty. But so are a million other songs by male rappers in the last 30 years.
    Good point about “Art” imitating “life”. Ben wasn’t upset. He was pointing out the obvious descent into silliness. (“This is what feminists fought for”).It’s a complete waste of time to read or listen to the lyrics of most of these songs.. It’s a complete waste of time to read or listen to the lyrics of most of these songs.
    Assuming the words “lyrics” and “songs” apply here. Most of the genre consists of words spoken over a repetitive noisy background. Non-original and anti-musical.
  13. Emmett DeMundi“The haters must be destroyed, removed from power, cast into the outer darkness, scorned, ridiculed, rejected, deplatformed and canceled.”If you want to do all those things, you must do them in the correct order. The first one is justice, but it precludes the others.
  14. GandersonAnthony Daniels wrote one time about how, as a kid, he thought the ugliness of central Birmingham was the fault of the Luftwaffe. He was shocked to discover it was urban planners and architects. (George Costanza, call your office)Anyone remember “Tilted Arc” in downtown Manhattan? One of the few instances of a popular revolt resulting in the removal of a piece of “art”.
  15. GandersonAnd, I’m sure Cardi B has no idea why someone would object to her “song”
  16. Dan HughesThe modern art world is driven by a bunch of fake artists gleefully and knowingly peddling junk art of painted rocks for millions of dollars to sucker art lovers. Somehow they get away with it.With all the concerns over how women are objectified and generally ill-treated I have never understood how the exceedingly crappy and extremely vulgar rap and hip-hop music by certain of our citizens continues to be completely ignored. How is it possible for the stuff to get air play time?
  17. DAVHow is it possible for the stuff to get air play time?Its listeners have not been exposed to much actual music. The industry keeps reducing the dynamic range until it becomes a cacophony sounding all the same.
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  19. Sander van der WalCome visit London and get stabbed in the back while you look at the worst placed ice cream advertising thingie in the world. Why is there no ice cream parlour in that building?
  20. FredoTitle of the statue says it all ‘THE END”… All Ye Who Enter Here Are Doomed…
  21. JTLiuzzaJust point out how ice cream cones first appeared in Europe and so were a western/white people invention. In no time the leftist automatons will be out to tear the thing down while the local constabulary looks on in approval.
  22. Michelle KamhiThis travesty is but the latest abomination issuing from an incestuous little artworld that thinks, thanks to Marcel Duchamp, we can no longer ask whether something qualifies as art—as the director of New York’s Museum of Modern Art once declared to me. For my dissenting view, see Bucking the Artworld Tide and Who Says That’s Art? .
  23. BobcatAgreed Dav. Much of that rap sounds like a bunch of negative drivel with a repetitive background noise.
  24. FredBobcat, music doesn’t have to be happy and uplifting to be beautiful. See Neil Young’s “After the Gold Rush”, Traffic’s “Dear Mr. Fantasy,” Loggins and Messina’s “Same Old Wine,” Buffalo Springfield’s “Broken Arrow,” and I could name dozens more. There can be profound beauty in sadness.
  25. JerryRap music is Black music, and so it gets a pass from the woke culture. It can say anything, sound like….anything. Add in the female gender and it is doubly protected. Kinda like the “N-word”. Blacks can say it and it’s magically changed. I would think they would want to erase that word from the spoken language completely, but it is part of their….heritage? Is that it?I know it doesn’t make sense, yet there it is.

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