The Wild Bunch Dispatch: Alt-Market’s Exclusive Newsletter On Fighting Globalism

Thursday, 28 March 2019 03:20 By Brandon Smith:

What Is The Wild Bunch Dispatch?

The Wild Bunch Dispatch is a newsletter with exclusive content from, and to be sure, I realize there are hundreds of newsletters out there in the Liberty Movement. You would think though that with so many in circulation there would be at least one that teaches legitimate strategies for fighting against the globalist agenda, the root problem that has motivated people to participate in liberty activism for decades now. Unfortunately, there are none.

Consider this frightening prospect for a moment – Globalists control central banks and money creation, therefore they have almost infinite funding at their disposal. They have puppet politicians in every major government on the planet. They have tentacles in every facet of the mainstream media and are seeking ways to undermine the alternative media today. And, they have dozens of think tank institutions which are constantly war-gaming faster and better ways of hijacking even more power and eroding your individual rights until there is nothing left.

But that’s not the frightening part…

The thing that should worry you the most is that while establishment elites use these resources and think tanks to plot against the public everyday, we have not a single think tank of our own. We have no counter-strategy. No group of top minds developing ways to beat the globalists at their own game. It is up to us to create that “guerrilla” think tank.

There are at least a handful of liberty movement writers and thinkers that have offered potential solutions over the years. But, for each solution presented there are thousands of other people who bicker about them or criticize those trying to help while never actually planning to do anything about the problem. They muddy the waters and disrupt clarity. This newsletter is not for those people.

This is the Wild Bunch; a place for practical solutions and preparations for dealing with the globalist agenda. This newsletter is for people who are not just talkers, but doers. This newsletter is for quiet professionals, for serious and driven preppers and activists.

I have been writing for the liberty movement for over 12 years now on my website and then on to Alt-Market. And, in that time I have found it very valuable to fight the information war with as much effort as possible. Talking about the problem is always important, but solving the problem needs to be addressed eventually as well. Solving problems is not for everyone. Some people are good at contemplating, and other people are good at taking action.

The Wild Bunch Dispatch is written for the people who accept the hard fact that destructive globalism exists; people who know what is coming and do not plan to hide passively while the world burns down around them. If you are interested in discussions on concrete tactics and solutions no matter the struggle, then this newsletter is for you.

Subscribing To The Wild Bunch Dispatch:

The Dispatch will be published TWO TIMES A MONTH and sent out via email. Subscribers can sign up for a six month package or a year-long package.

For those worried about having a personal email linked to this kind of “subversive” newsletter, there are many options, including anonymous email services which you can use to sign up for the Wild Bunch. This link offers numerous examples of such services.

The SIX MONTH package is $24.

The ONE YEAR package is $40.

For those not worried about anonymity, we have a Paypal link HERE. Please indicate in your Paypal notification that you are making a purchase of The Wild Bunch Dispatch and please include the preferred email you would like the newsletter delivered to.

Special Note:  Since this newsletter is an online media product, I cannot offer refunds on subscriptions.

For those that want to subscribe privately, you can send a check/money order to Brandon Smith at the following address (again, please include the email you would like to use):

421 US Highway 93N

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What Do You Get With The Wild Bunch?

Each newsletter will contain three sections:

First, “Why We Fight” – an overview of a particular current event or issue which represents a direct threat to our personal liberties or to our economy and way of life.

Second, a “Best Case Scenario” solution to surviving a crisis event or for fighting against globalism. Meaning, an effective measure for preparedness or organization that allows you to work “within the system” while still fighting against it.

Third, a “Worst Case Scenario” solution to fighting against globalism. Meaning, a measure for fighting back against globalism that requires you to go outside the system, or to combat it directly. This also may be a solution which is necessary in the event that most other options have been taken away.

The next installment of the newsletter will be emailed out to subscribers on July 19th. The next issue of the Dispatch will discuss:

Insurgents And Underdogs – Battles They Lost

Stalin And The Defeat Of Anti-Bolshevik Rebels:  A Look At The Tambov And August Uprisings And Why They Failed

The Second Battle Of Fallujah: What The Insurgents Could Have Accomplished But Didn’t

The following is a free sample of The Wild Bunch Dispatch. I hope you find it useful…

Why We Fight

Crushing rebellions and insurgencies is a bit of an obsession for globalist think tanks. From DARPA to RAND Corporation and the Council On Foreign Relations, billions of dollars and thousands of man hours have been spent seeking out more effective ways to stop the citizenry from acting independently from government or the central bank controlled economy. The bulk of the strategies that these think tanks develop depend on the use of national emergency measures, or martial law measure in the event of a real or fabricated disaster.

Perhaps the most vital key to hindering public opposition to extreme centralization would be the shutdown of communications. Organization requires communication, sometimes over long distances, and the spread of information keeps the public informed and aware of possible threats to their freedoms and property. Without comms (or free travel), the public becomes regionally isolated and easier to dominate.

There is a false claim circulating in the mainstream that modern cell phone communications and the internet cannot be shut down by the government; that the system is too redundant or decentralized. In reality, current phone and internet communications are not only highly vulnerable to government surveillance, but also interference.

Many people are unaware of a secretive Department of Homeland Security protocol called SOP 303, which has existed since at least 2006. The US government and the President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC) has consistently fought attempts through the Freedom Of Information Act to make SOP 303 information available to the public. What we do know is that it is a “national emergency” tool that has been used in the past to shut down all cell and internet communications in a particular region. In essence, it is an internet and cell phone “kill switch”.

Now, why would the government want to shut down cell service and internet? Wouldn’t this make a crisis situation even worse?

They assert that SOP 303 is meant to interfere with communications during an attack as a way to prevent coordination between terrorists. But if this is the only reason, why are they so insistent that the public not have access to SOP 303 documents? Like every other classified national emergency order, the excuse of “terrorism” is a cover for unconstitutional motives.

Imagine this future – The US faces a major economic downturn which results in growing discontent in the citizenry; so much so that national protests and even open insurgency become possible. The government declares a national emergency and immediately begins locking down communications in various “hotspot” regions where civil unrest is present. What if you happen to live in one of these regions? How will you get information on what is going on across the nation? How will you talk with friends and family? How will you organize a community of people any larger than your own neighborhood for mutual aid and security?

Best Case Scenario: Emergency Ham Radio Net

The best case scenario in the event of downed communications is that the event is temporary, meaning, a few days to a few weeks. Phone and power utilities are always prone to short term loss of service because of natural disasters. The only practical solution to loss of phone and internet is a preexisting Ham radio network.

Ham comms on a localized basis are not difficult to establish. In fact, in most places such networks of Hams already exist. These networks can be built using peer-to-peer direct radio communication if the terrain and distance allows. Many consumer base station radio models and antenna are capable of transmitting at 50 watts to 100 watts, which is more than enough power to cover a county-sized area. Other networks reach further using “repeater” stations that relay weaker signals at distances they would not normally be able to transmit.

A professional Ham radio repeater with solar power.  These repeater stations relay transmissions over a wide area.

I would also warn readers that FRS or GMRS-type radios are completely insufficient for anything other than neighborhood use. Ham radios are far superior in abilities and transmitting distance. Don’t get fooled by people claiming that Midland-style radios are all you would need during a comms down scenario.

Keep in mind that in order to legally practice using Ham equipment you must have at least a Technician Class license (and yes, I do have a Ham license). Look for local Ham radio clubs to find out when and where you can take a license test. Online practice tests make getting your license much easier. Take the online test as many times as you can until you have the answers memorized.

Ham radios vary in price and capability. That said, if you are operating in an area with repeaters, any handheld model will do, and they start in price as low as $25. There is simply no excuse not to have at least one.

This Baofeng UV-5r gives you handheld dual band capability for only $25.  Check out my video on how to weatherproof cheaper Ham radios like this one.

It is not enough to have a radio and a marginal knowledge of how it functions, though. You also need to work with your friends and family to set up a “Ham net” or “Ham check-in”. This is usually a check in within a specific predetermined frequency, organized by a control operator that runs on the same day and same time every week. It is very important to start your weekly Ham net now, well before an emergency event happens.

The sooner you start, the more time you have to build up a community of Hams on your net and the more time you have to practice using it and work out any bugs. When a grid down situation does occur, people in your area will be ready to start communicating on your Ham net immediately without confusion or delay.

Worst Case Scenario: Secure Or Encrypted Ham Radio Comms

In the worst case scenario, you are not looking at a temporary grid down event, but a long term shutdown of all communications by the government itself. Under martial law measures, there would be no telling when phones and internet would be turned on again – maybe never. You would also have to face the prospect that certain agencies may be seeking to undermine Ham based networks as well. This could include surveillance of radio traffic and discussion, or, even triangulation of transmissions to find the people behind them.

The prospect of “jamming” Ham radio is a difficult one if we are talking about a large region. Jamming a specific frequency band in a small area with white noise is easier, but jamming all frequency bands over a large region is nearly impossible. A vast number of transmitters would be needed in every county or state for jamming purposes, along with considerable power. Jamming can be accomplished on multiple frequencies using “Band Hopping”, but this is more an annoyance than anything else. It does not stop all transmissions.

Keep in mind also that experienced Hams know how to triangulate transmissions. A “jammer” requires a large signal footprint and can be easily found and potentially destroyed. In other words, someone using a jammer against you might work to your advantage.

In the event that a government agency or foreign enemy is seeking to triangulate YOUR radio transmissions, there are ways to prevent this from happening.

The general rule for Ham radio is this: Use the least amount of wattage necessary to get your signal out to the people you want to get it to. Meaning, if you can talk to your contacts with 10-20 watts, then don’t use 50-100 watts.

The less power used to transmit, the less likely it is that your signal can be monitored or triangulated. For neighborhoods or small towns, 5 Watt handheld radios should be more than adequate.

When transmitting information across an entire county or several counties, more wattage is needed and this presents a risk in our worst case scenario environment. However, there are still options. Repeaters can be used to relay the information, and, some base stations can be set up for “crossband” repeating. This means that repeaters can take a signal on one frequency and then relay it on another frequency. Also, the use of multiple repeaters helps to confuse triangulation.

Another option is to set up a vehicle as a mobile repeater. The vehicle relays your group’s important transmissions at higher power and then simply moves somewhere else long before their position can be triangulated.

HF (High Frequency) radio is useful for communicating very long distances (across the country, or even to other countries). HF transmissions reflect off the ionosphere using low power, making them very difficult to triangulate.  Such radio rigs are expensive, though, retailing in the $700 to $1000 price range. The problem during a government lockdown of comms is not so much getting transmissions out to people; but what about when you don’t want these agencies to know what you are saying?

Under FCC rules, encryption of Ham radio is illegal. But, in the face of a SHTF event, who cares?

The most effective way I have found to accomplish secure comms is the use of digital Ham networks. Using a Ham radio modem, a laptop and free software such as Fldigi, your radio can transmit digital text, word files and image files peer-to-peer. It is essentially Ham based email. Modems can be used on UHF/VHF/HF frequency bands.

This UV-5r radio is interfaced with a Signalink USB Modem.  This package along with a laptop and the use of repeaters can allow you to send Ham email (and encrypted email) over a wide area.

Once you are sending text files over Ham, you now have the ability to encrypt. There are some open source encryption software programs available on the web for free. These usually require two people to have the same software and encryption key before they can send messages to each other. Digital encryption alone is not enough, though. I recommend using a private encryption method on top of digital encryption if you are dealing with domestic agency surveillance (like the NSA) or a foreign military. This could be something as simple as a “book cipher”. Once you are double encrypted, the chances that your message will be deciphered in time for someone to interfere with what you are doing are slim.

Another advantage to using digital Ham messages is that this prevents voice surveillance. Meaning, if you do not want a particular surveillance source to know who you are while you are communicating (through voice recognition software), then the digital text method is effective. This might sound like overkill or paranoia, but the use of voice recognition software on military drones has been ongoing in places like Afghanistan for many years.

If the enemy happens to consider you a “high value target” for whatever reason, then you should probably not use your voice on widespread communications unless you are highly mobile or you are sure you cannot be triangulated.

Beyond the anonymity, digital Ham could be useful in maintaining your own surveillance network on a local, state or national level. Security is about “circles of awareness”; the wider your circles of awareness, the more info you will have ahead of time and the safer you will be. Would you rather know about a potential threat when it is 100 miles away, or when it is almost at your doorstep?  This requires community building, which becomes very difficult unless you have comms.

Enemy movements can be relayed and image files can be transmitted on digital Ham. Criminal activity, such as violent looters, can be cataloged. Images of the looters can be transmitted to nearby communities and the looters can be dealt with when they arrive. There are numerous applications for this technology. It is a must-have for any group seeking to survive a social breakdown or fight back against globalist control.

The Badger

The badger is the mascot of the Wild Bunch; it represents tenacity, resourcefulness and wisdom. The badger is not just a fighter, it is a tactician. In American Indian folklore, the badger symbolizes focus and determination – the badger never gives up. When faced with a larger enemy or multiple enemies, the badger does not hesitate to fight back, often fiercely repelling threats many times its size. The badger is relentless, and so are we.

If you would like more information about The Wild Bunch Dispatch, you can contact Brandon Smith at the following email:

SPECIAL LEGAL NOTE:  The Wild Bunch Dispatch is meant for educational purposes only. and Brandon Smith are not responsible for any criminal misuse of the information contained within this newsletter.BookmarkHits: 54988Comments (41)add comment


written by Daniel123 , March 28, 2019

Hi Brandon.
You may know that you have probably more “readers” than “doers” visiting your website. I rather belong to the “readers”. Am I welcome anyway to subscribe to your badger newsletter?
I’ve thought a lot about how I want to go through the future. As I believe in Jesus Christ and the things that are written in the Bible (i.e. the revelation), I think we will not only have to dispute with the plan of the elites but also with worldwide natural disasters, war and famine. I have decided to live and stay in a city and go through all these things that will come. Thus I will never have a diesel generator, tons of supply stock or any armor. Probably not even a ham radio because this is very uncommon here. However your work is a huge eye opener and your advices are all welcome, even I only implement some.
I hope this comment is not offending your very appreciated hard work.
Kind regards

Brandon Smith

written by Brandon Smith , March 28, 2019


You are certainly welcome to subscribe, though I would caution people against not preparing extensively. The kind of suffering that you and your family would endure in the event of a crisis is unimaginable.


Thanks Brandon!
written by Alohajim , March 28, 2019

Just signed up for one year of the Wild Bunch and I don’t subscribe to newsletters and basically never have. But do appreciate your writing and the idea of doing something. It’s unfortunate that there is no obvious or visible opposition to the globalists/bankers. But that’s understandable as the entire scheme is based on lies, deception, and subterfuge – if you’re deemed a threat to their lies you are taken right out in a myriad of ways. Truth and the purveyors of truth, and humanity itself are the enemies of globalist/bankers.

Bankers control governments and fool the people into thinking that they don’t by their control of academia, the media and the major religions. Thank the bankers for the extreme poverty seen worldwide and widespread ignorance which they disseminate through all of their ‘systems’.

Thanks Brandon. Take very good care of yourself.


written by tcc , March 29, 2019

Will i receive a e-mail saying i signed up for the wild bunch dispatch.

Brandon Smith

written by Brandon Smith , March 29, 2019


Everyone that has subscribed to the newsletter so far has been sent a confirmation email.

Regards, and thanks for subscribing!


written by Brett O. , March 30, 2019

Will there be a way to submit follow-up questions to the newsletters, like a private forum or something? The ham radio preview raises a lot of good ideas, but now I have lots of questions on how to implement. Is it up to each reader to figure this out on their own, or would you be able to provide links to recommended resources, perhaps? No sense in writing such information from scratch if it’s already out there, but knowing where to go for reliable information can save lots of time.


Brandon Smith

written by Brandon Smith , March 30, 2019


It’s possible, though, I do only have so much time in a week. I’ll try to think about a practical way to handle Q&A.


written by Brett O. , March 30, 2019

Understood. If you can share links to existing resources or suggestions on how to find local resources (where applicable) you found useful or that you learned from yourself, that would probably cover most of it. Ham radio, sniper tactics, etc are huge topics that can’t be covered in one article, obviously. I think it is reasonable to expect people to invest in other resources (including expensive tactical training) if they want to be fully educated about these things. It would just be helpful to know where to look for such things so money and resources are not wasted. Plus, time is growing short.

Thanks again.


Subscription by credit card
written by Jim Gill , March 31, 2019

Hi Brandon…this is the first time reading your work…good work …keep going please….can I pay for a subscription by credit card….thanks….Jim

Brandon Smith

written by Brandon Smith , March 31, 2019


If you use our Paypal link then yes, they have the option to use a credit card:

Thanks for the kind words. Regards.


Looking forward to The Wild Bunch
written by Diane Dina , April 01, 2019

Awesome. When I say ‘the check is in the mail’, the check IS in the mail! Best of luck with The Wild Bunch!


I’m in
written by An old Grunt , April 08, 2019


I never miss an article or the comments for a long time.

I have no intention to go quietly into the night and view evey day as gift from God to live…and to prep.

I despise the Globalists and all they stand for.

Will send a check tomorrow.


In it
written by ralph A , April 09, 2019

I’m on board brother love your writing


Signed up for the Wild bunch dispatch
written by Ed Moore , April 14, 2019

Hi Brandon, I signed up for the dispatch. I don’t know if i did it right. I’m not sure my email was posted. my email is greatfuled@comcast,net i donated $40 to your paypal account-Niether Corp. please advise, Ed Moore

Brandon Smith

written by Brandon Smith , April 14, 2019


Your subscription has been handled. Regards.


Signed up
written by pjlouie13 , April 19, 2019

Hi Brandon. I signed up too a couple weeks ago thru Paypal and haven’t received the 1st dispatch yet. Just making sure you got the funds. My e-mail is ‘> Let me know if you didn’t receive it yet. – Joe


written by Sacredfire , April 20, 2019

How many subscribers are there? Just curious.

Brandon Smith

written by Brandon Smith , April 20, 2019


That’s classified…but the number of people signing up has been very steady. The response has been great.

Brandon Smith

written by Brandon Smith , April 20, 2019


Hi Joe,

Your copy was sent, but I just sent another one. Let me know if you do not receive it.




written by Greg B. , April 28, 2019

I’ve just sent you a money order for the one year package today. You should be getting it sometime soon. My email address is included as well as requests for the 1st and 2nd issue since I missed them both. Looking forward to issue 3.

Brandon Smith

written by Brandon Smith , May 01, 2019


Thanks, Greg! Welcome to the Wild Bunch!


written by MIdwestFrontier , May 07, 2019

your work is some of the most informed on the internet. I subscribed to the news letter for a year(I hope I did it properly?). I know the information will be useful and iI hope it’s a profitable venture for you. Keep up the good work!


The Wild Bunch Dispatch
written by Thomas Buono , May 29, 2019

Brandon, I just subscribed to your newsletter. Please confirm receipt.
Thanks, Tom B.

Brandon Smith

written by Brandon Smith , May 29, 2019

Hi Tom,

You have been added as a subscriber. Welcome to the Wild Bunch!


May 29 zerohedge piece
written by Paul meneer , May 30, 2019

One of the best articles I’ve read on zerohedge to date. Finally someone with the ability to put the puzzle together. Well done!


Direct communication within membership
written by Kruger , June 09, 2019

If this can be achieved on this platform I will join.
We need peer to peer contact to share and network.
Similar to the Committees of Correspondence in the 1770’s.


Brandon, Love what your goal is & I feel the same about the need to squelch the Globalists.
written by honeybum , August 08, 2019

I have done a lot of wakeing up in the last 4 years. Reading & filtering lots of information. The Globalists elite Banksters are destroying the world, mortgaging the earth to complete decimation in killing all humanity & animals.


written by johnfromoutwest , October 03, 2019

How can We subscribe?


Brandon Smith

written by Brandon Smith , October 04, 2019


You can subscribe by Paypal or by regular mail.

The SIX MONTH package is $24.

The ONE YEAR package is $40.

For those not worried about anonymity, we have a Paypal link HERE:

Please indicate in your Paypal notification that you are making a purchase of The Wild Bunch Dispatch and please include the preferred email you would like the newsletter delivered to.

For those that want to subscribe privately, you can send a check/money order to Brandon Smith at the following address (again, please include the email you would like to use):

421 US Highway 93N

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my new subscription request – confirmation
written by Jim Tully , October 05, 2019

I sent my new annual subscription request and payment via Pay Pal this morning. Please let me know that you received them. Jim Tully

Brandon Smith

written by Brandon Smith , October 05, 2019


Received. Thanks for supporting Alt-Market!


Annual Subscription
written by Kristin L , October 13, 2019

Looking forward to your Wild Bunch Dispatch. I’ve been following your articles for some time.

I sent payment via PayPal. If you have a moment, please let me know how to access your October 13th release.

Thank you


Globalists Openly Admit To Population Control Agenda
written by Kim R. , November 19, 2019

I just read:

and found your site link.

Interesting and frightening:

See table showing USA population reduction:


Globalists Openly Admit To Population Control Agenda
written by @TruthGallery , November 20, 2019

Yes, this is most disturbing!


written by Jane Reynolds , November 30, 2019

Hi Brandon

Do you have a YouTube channel?

Great article. I use cash as often as possible to stop this agenda!


written by by Victor- Douglas : Bunch, , January 05, 2020

Well i like what your doin fer shur, And also like the name! Please note my name,,, lol


Great perspective
written by G. , February 29, 2020

I would like to donate by check. I dc’d my PayPal account.
Is that the same as signing up? I don’t see any other way to sign up.

Brandon Smith

written by Brandon Smith , February 29, 2020


Check or by Paypal both work. Please be sure to make checks out to Brandon Smith. Subscriptions can be sent to this address:

421 US Highway 93N
Suite 209
Eureka, MT 59917

Thanks for supporting Alt-Market!


Be the light
written by , April 02, 2020

For the love of God and my family I hope you beat globalist. Our father passed last year and our household epends on government funds. We are the poor and oppressed. I know what is going to happen and theres not much I can do to M prepare. We have about a months worth of food we were able to stock. . . After that we depend on the next check. For r now I’ll be sharpening knives and tools. Best of luck, please pray for us.


Great. But why no Cryptocurrencies?
written by Martin99 , May 01, 2020

@Brandon Love your work, long time follower on Would like to subscribe but prefer crypto payment (Bitcoin, Monero, anything). I’m outside the US so check does not work for me.

P. S. From not accepting crypto I conclude you’re not pro-crypto? It would be a perfect fit I imagine… (BTC over Ham radio 😉

Brandon Smith

written by Brandon Smith , May 01, 2020


I believe according to the evidence that bitcoin is a creation of the globalists; a beta test for their cashless society. I do not support it.

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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