UPDATE: So the Kenosha Shooter….

The Defensive Training Group

Refreshing in that a video shows the minor acting in self-defense.  That does NOT, however, answer the questions regarding his legal status of being an Illinois resident and a minor, in possession of a long gun during a very, very dangerous situation.

From NationalFile.com

VIDEO: New Footage Shows Kyle Rittenhouse Acting in Self Defense in Kenosha Parking Lot Shooting

Red shirted man who was shot in the parking lot chased down Rittenhouse and threw an object at his head

Video footage with multiple angles shows 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse acting in self defense during the first alleged shooting that occurred in Kenosha, Wisconsin last night amidst widespread Black Lives Matter riots and looting.

In the footage, the red shirted rioter who was seen earlier screaming “shoot me ni**ga” can be seen chasing Rittenhouse after tying the red shirt around his own head.


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