Tucker Carlson and Kyle Rittenhouse’s Attorney

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From Newsbusters.org.


Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Tonight

August 31, 2020
8:33:05 p.m. Eastern

TUCKER CARLSON: A 17-year-old called Kyle Rittenhouse has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder for shootings that took place in Kenosha, Wisconsin recently. There’s a lot of confusion about what exactly happened. But in at least two of the shootings, video shows Rittenhouse running away, being attacked, and then fired.

What does this add up to? Well, some on the left don’t want to know. Antifa, according to accounts online, is trying to figure out what cell Rittenhouse is being held in. Presumably, so they can kill him.

So, what’s the state of the case? What will Rittenhouse’s lawyers argue when it does go to court? To find out, we’re speaking tonight to John Peirce, he’s representing Kyle Rittenhouse. He’s from the firm Peirce, Bainbridge. And we’re happy to have him on…

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