Trump’s Election Night Triumph Becomes a Nightmare?



Democrats are destined to dominate the mail in vote:

Many of those ballots will not have been received and processed by election night. When the time comes to start calling states, will the corporate media extrapolate the results of the yet-to-be-received votes based on the mail in ballots that have been counted up to that point? How reliable will that ultimately prove to be in nail biters like North Carolina and Florida?

The same process will happen in tight house and senate elections. States like Oregon that are accustomed to mail in voting will be mostly completed by November 3rd, but in states where the method has up to this point been the exception rather than the rule, many people will wait to drop their ballots in the mail on Monday or Tuesday. The GOP will thus be looking good with regards to confirmed vote totals on Tuesday night.

If, as this blogger expects, Biden is ultimately declared the winner, deplorables will perceive the election to have been stolen. The media will report on how Democrats are more likely to have voted by mail than Republicans and that anyone who says otherwise is a conspiracy theorist. It will be one of those rare instances in which they will be telling the truth, but Trump voters understandably won’t believe their crying “Wolf!”. The president was up by 2 million votes on election night and then wouldn’t you know they miraculously found 5 million votes for Biden, eh? Found them in a parking lot, no doubt.

Many on the left won’t trust snail mail to flip things in their favor, either. Rather than wait for all the facts to come in, they’ll do what they do best and jump to immediate conclusions. The 145th night of rioting in Portland may turn out to be the hottest one of all.

The priors on each side are already clearly defined and we’re still two months out from the election:

Welcome to the crisis of the third decade, friends.

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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