Fighters: Checklists For Coming Excitement

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Humans are not equal in fact. Never were, never will be.

Western Rifle Shooters Association

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19 thoughts on “Fighters: Checklists For Coming Excitement”

  1. Concerned Americansays:test 1 2 3Reply
  2. Hognutzsays:Imodium, don’t wanna die with the shits like a lot did in the first Boogaloo…Reply
  3. Warrensays:Get the actual UP address of your favorite web sites so that if They then off the conversion protocol you can direct dial inReply
  4. Berglandersays:Get to know your neighbors and BUILD AS MUCH COMMUNITY AS YOU CAN. There are a lot of like-minded folks out there.Reply
    1. Mountain Crackersays:Seconded. I am finding more parents that think the way I do even in the bluest of areas. People are waking up to a degree. None of them are as far along as we are unfortunately.Reply
  5. Seansays:Assuming that you are not alone, let your No.2 in on your plans and preps so that he/she can note shortages and opportunities even before you do. Many hands make light work. Find small notebooks, put one in your pocket, and a pencil/pen, and take notes, keep score, and not forget things, and get your people to do it too. Get all your people on board with scrapping, and otherwise always being on the lookout for the bad guys, and bad guy activity, foraging, and otherwise soaking up what’s available that’s of use. Let them know live bad guys have good information (sometimes), and things on them you can use. Get your people to have this in their heads at all times: Something is always going on.Reply
  6. Ohio Johnsays:Solar panel and charge controller to keep lights on and electronics such as radios and flashlights charged. Just add a 12V battery and an inverter and you have a pretty reliable off grid power system. ham shack is 100% off grid with 5.1kWh Li-ion batteries and 620W of solar for charging. Runs lights and radios 24/7 and charges HTs and can even watch movies.Reply
  7. anonymoussays:Get to know your locale NOW, every utility location, line of sight which your property can be seen from. If you have some bulk water storage, check on it. If you have No Water storage, change that. Right Now.And pray for our country that all of these preps will be for naught.Reply
  8. ulfhednasays:Im too old and busted up to run around so i ranged my area. Nothing over 300 yrdsReply
  9. Chrissays:Invest and stack silver eagles or gold, if you can afford it. Long haul hedge when the paper goes worthless. Stacked Ammo is just as good. All barterable coming our way soon. Wrap your heads around the fact that there will be NO age limit, up or down, when the shooting starts. Leave no witnesses or their prodigy for portent activity’s.
  10. 15Fixersays:1. Beans
    2. Bullets
    3. Band-aids
    4. Buddies, lots of, dependable ones
    5. Dead-tree copies of important information, to rebuild civilization
    6. A librarian, an S-1, S-2, S-3, S-4, at least
    7. Pray daily, hourly, minutely…. as necessary, as often as you think of it, in spare moments, for no reason, for any good reason, when you see a sunrise, a sunset, or something that makes you smile. Or frown, or cry, or rejoice.Reply
    1. Concerned Americansays:Add an S-6 for comms.Listen 2x > talkyReply

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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