Enemy in the Gates

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Enemy in the Gates

By Pete Garcia

In the winter of 367, the Roman garrison on Hadrian’s Wall rebelled, and allowed Picts from Caledonia to enter Britannia. Simultaneously, Attacotti, the Scotti from Hibernia, and Saxons from Germania landed in what might have been coordinated and pre-arranged waves on the island’s mid-western and southeastern borders, respectively. Franks and Saxons also landed in northern Gaul. These warbands managed to overwhelm nearly all of the loyal Roman outposts and settlements. The entire western and northern areas of Britannia were overwhelmed, the cities sacked and the civilian Romano-British murdered, raped, or enslaved. (Barbarica ConspiratioWikipedia)

Nearly two-millennia ago, various groups of barbarians attacked the Roman provinces of Britannia and northern Gaul (modern day France), in a series of violent and seemingly pre-coordinated attacks. This was quite the feat considering the primitive communications of that era, as well as the vast distances, and conflicting interests of the groups involved. The attacks lasted for nearly a year, and did considerable damage to…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

2 thoughts on “Enemy in the Gates”

  1. Al,

    It seems to me (that) by requiring responses to be made through Facebook or Twitter, your site is indebting readers to the very enemies you profess to oppose.

    Just sayin’



    1. Your response was directly through wordpress.com…My facebook and twitter buttons are to repost on those sites. Some of my posts will not be allowed on those sites, however…such as vdare.com. To get around that if want to refer to vdare.com, you would use vdare(dot)com. Most users would know how to use that….


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