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This is not a drill.

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Open Thread

Thread starter: Most likely and most dangerous changes in your AO over next 90 days.

AuthorConcerned AmericanPosted on

9 thoughts on “Open Thread”

  1. Concerned Americansays:Test 123Reply
  2. boss21says:Roger. ‘Are you not entertained….? – Gladiator.
    Most likely – further ratcheting of Virus scam ‘measures’.
    Most dangerous- Deep State creatures going full retard if they can’t see an exit. Power /internet outages with dead ‘white supremist ‘ and /or his paraphernalia found at scene of sabotage among the plays available to these freaks.Reply
  3. tfA-tsays:when drumpf and his whore recover most riki tik the issue of Hoaxvid-19 will be settled- or should be… it’s just the flu brah. meanwhile on tfA-t isle, my new driving range, sand trap, and putting green w/ pin and flag are finished and being utilized 🙂carry on peasants..Reply
  4. Akindolesays:Take this opportunity, while they’re livin’ it up at the party, to re-mil some really good shit.Reply
  5. Grenadier1says:WHOOO the “thinking” post above has me doing just that.
    I am of two minds about it.
    Has Trump really fallen ill to this virus, and what are the National Security implications of a biological attack on the US By the Chinese? Anyone got a live feed from the Straights off Taiwan?The other flap of the Conspiracy cap, is Has the President stolen a March on Biden? Was this all a ploy to get sympathy and prove once and for all that this is a virus that is no where near the threat level that the media has hyped it up to be? Will we see Biden suddenly come down with the Coof in the last hours of Sunday evening? He may have to see some polling to back up a Trump post-Coof bounce.
    Is the President faking his illness so that he is ensconced away due to an impending action ala the Q spew? Is he trying to draw out Negative Nancy into attempting a sort of coup by insisting she is the real President now?Fucking Chinese and their interesting times.BTW boss man, we need to do that thing at that place that we have talked about.Reply
    1. Concerned Americansays:Word dat.Bat signal on Tues.Jacques’ moustache is fake, using monkey pubes.Reply
  6. Johnny Paratroopersays: they launching phase two? For the Election? This would be bad… Whether or not it’s real, this will be bad.Reply
    1. Concerned Americansays:Kazakhstan koff was chattering a couple of months ago.Hope even a rogue gets the Three Gorges.Reply
  7. 3Greensays:Check your email boss ….Reply

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EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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