The Future, If We Have One

By T.L. Davis

It must be about time for the world to come apart as things are turning around for 12 Round Productions. Recently, there has been a big push for conservative media that 12 Round Productions has been calling for and seeking to create. I wish folks had understood that we could have accomplished this within our own group, that it would have taken some financial backing to get it done, but we could do it ourselves. One very special individual stepped up, understood what was going on and helped us a lot. Others helped as they could and all was appreciated, but it didn’t rise to the necessary degree.

But, the desire, the need for what we proposed was out there, nonetheless. Three different groups picked up on this need and publicized their desire to break free from Hollywood’s grip and hopefully New York’s as well and start their own conservative media. We have been fortunate to become engaged with two of the three and are working on putting together a film deal for Deputized (bottom of the page), my upcoming novel. Okay, this isn’t the entre to our message that we would have liked, but it gets us somewhere to start with; an opportunity to start working with larger numbers. 

Now, since so many of you helped us to produce Lies of Omission, you have to understand the key role that played. When first contacted by one of these other groups, they asked what we had done ourselves. Aside from my novels and screenplays, Lies of Omission stood out as a film project that we completed. While the production value suffered from a limited budget and lack of experience on my part, the message was clear and compelling and that was enough to make 12 Round Productions a serious player in this endeavor. That and the fact that it was on Amazon Prime showed that we at least understood how to complete a project. 

Of course, all of this is secondary to the fact that the world is going to implode around November 3rd. That all of us who are serious about our obligations to our families and freedom will be otherwise engaged in some form of civic duty. I don’t think we are going to be as alone in our personal defense as I once thought, but it’s still going to take all of us in one capacity or another. There are a lot of younger guys out there ready and willing to stave off the communist onslaught coming our way, but that does not relieve the duty one feels to tackle this threat head-on. 

So, 12 Round Productions is preparing for a number of duties. One is to defend freedom at all costs; another is to keep conservative media alive with mutual support; another is to continue to produce the film (now very far along the path of production) as best as can be expected, assuming still on the right side of the grass, to establish a financial base for continued support of the resistance to communism. 

It’s a little late in the game to be coy here, so, let me be clear. 12 Round Productions is and always has been viewed as a means to provide financial support to our troops, the American kind, the freedom-loving folks on the front line of this assault against liberty, justice and the American way. That sounds a little trite, but I don’t care. Isn’t that what all of this is about? Isn’t the demand for defense of the Second Amendment really about securing freedom? It isn’t just a love of hardware, but an understanding that without possession of arms, the populace is subject to enslavement? Especially now, when so few people seem to understand that resistance to Covid restrictions is the first test of that resolve? 

A lot of people passed that test, but huge swaths of the population failed it. But, those who would not stand up to Covid restrictions issued as dictates from some government official will not stand against anything else, either. Not the communists and not the patriots. The point I am making is that if we win the smaller battle, we do not have to convince all of America that we are right, they will fold and do as they are told by whoever establishes their authority through arms. It has to be us. We have to win. But, if we do not simultaneously establish a patriotic media, they will, in a few years, reestablish their dominance over young minds. It has to be a complete battle plan, including changing the way schools operate and who influences them. 

Like many of you, I don’t know if I will live long enough to establish the grand plan of becoming the patriot’s treasury. I am trying to set it up so that I don’t have to be alive to keep it going. This is why we have tried to incorporate our goals with those of other groups, so that should I fall, the train keeps chugging along, building funds to be dispersed to those still in the fight, providing arms, ammo and safe refuge. 

It is my short-sighted nature that I only see the battle from what I am doing myself, what I control, but I recognize that I am not the only one working on this problem. That becomes apparent when Antifa and BLM are confronted by people I had never heard of before. A leader will arise and most of us probably won’t like whoever it is, but God is in charge of that duty, not us. 

Also, I am viewing the future through the lens that the 2020 election will be massively compromised and the communists will come up with however many votes it takes to win. At which point, the veil has dropped and all out CW will ensue. At least, from my limited perspective.

However, there is another possible scenario and that is one in which Trump wins in a landslide so impressive that no amount of fraudulent votes will overcome the spread. In that case, we have a little while longer to fight the fight through individual action, which means continuing to press counties to adopt things like the Autonomous County Project, which seeks to insert language in the county charter that declares the county “autonomous” from communist control. That once the constitution has been formally abolished, that the county becomes a free agent able to make alliances with any and all other counties in rebuilding the state as they might see fit. 

Communism runs deep in our nation. It is run by people who don’t understand that they are communists. They don’t know this and it is our duty, after the election, assuming the second scenario, to convince them that they are indeed communists and must reform themselves and the laws to conform to that of a republic that honors individual rights as absolute.

I don’t see an easy way out of this. Nothing will change with a Trump victory, even if acknowledged by the other side. All of the communism engrained in our system of government will remain and all of the antagonists roaming about the nation will remain. The only thing a Trump victory might allow is for a further development of the groups who now see the threat and who are willing to engage it. Part of this is convincing law enforcement that their loyalty to mayors and governors is misplaced. That they will need to stand up to their oaths as well and aid our side, not the others or be categorized as communists themselves. There is only a little time for them to make the distinction and act on it. 

I trust all are making preparations for the election. I will visit the voting place in my county and ensure that whoever comes out to intimidate voters will be engaged. I hope to encounter others who understand a like duty, but if not I will be there. Right now, I don’t have plans post-election, we’ll have to see how it plays out. Good will to all. God go with you and bless you. 

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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