GOA Podcast With TL Davis

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Thanks to Larry Pratt for this opportunity.

Go to this link and click on the September 23rd link.


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September 29th-30th in E. TN.

The Roper Report

Activism Conference Schedule:  Most of our pre-registered conference attendees should plan on arriving in the Knoxville area on 9/29/17. The evening of Friday, September 29th, will primarily be a ‘meet and greet’ social gathering, giving StormFront forum members and other conference attendees an opportunity to break the ice and become acquainted personally. For some of you this may be your first opportunity to meet one another in person, so it will be helpful to get to know your ‘teammates’ before you work together to take the next step forward in ‘in real life’ activism for our movement and cause.

All day long on Saturday, September 30th, there will be activism-based seminars, workshops, breakout groups, and brainstorming sessions led by Billy Roper of The ShieldWall Network, Matt Heimbach of the Traditionalist Worker Party, Father Francis of StormFront Radio, and other experienced White Nationalist leaders and activists from The League of…

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The Gibs Singularity

The Kakistocracy

Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and many other lesser luminaries have warned of the existential threat posed by artificial intelligence. And I have come to agree: Mark Zuckerberg may represent humanity’s end. Without a composite analysis of its electro-mechanical interfaces and root molecular structure, it’s impossible to ascertain whether the entity presenting itself as “Mark Zuckerberg” is actually artificial or entirely alien in origin. Similar to the most advanced Disney animatronics, it is able to substantially replicate organic movements, gestures, and expressions. Though only well enough to cause creeping horror in those close enough to discern the imperfections. It’s the almostness of its mimicry that is so disconcerting. A clunky, metallic robot is an item of intrigue and amusement; one that can practically pass for human is a thing of nightmares.

Hi everyone, I’m Mark!
(why are the units fidgeting apprehensively?)

And though it is beyond my biology-limited cognition, I couldn’t…

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Better Things, Or, Doing Versus Talking


IMG_0530So I’ve had a lot of recent emails asking a lot of questions…several boiling down to Just Where the Heck Have You Been????

In short, I’ve been getting my family more off-grid ready than we already were. My family includes my closest friends and my neighbors; people that really matter in the long run. I’ve been working hard in the meatspace. I’ve been organizing folks, locally, and sizing up resources. Not in a militant sense- but just strengthening bonds. I’ve broke down the barriers with neighbors that I just didn’t have the time previously to get to know as well as I should have, being surprised at just how many really do come out of the woodwork. And most important, I’ve tried to get better with the Lord. I’ve a had a lot more fun too.

The world seems to be headed down the tubes. Ol’ Kimchi is lobbing shots…

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Soros Has Created the Battleground for America’s Second Civil War- Exclusive Report

The Roper Report

by Dave Hodges

This is a breaking and exclusive story that has not even made its way into Independent Media. California’s seismic activity centered around the San Andreas fault is no match for the tremendous upheaval that is going on inside the state. What is going on in California is a breeding ground and a presecription for violent revolution. And as you would expect, at the center of it all, is George Soros.

A State with No Cohesion

California is a state which is going through tremedous upheaval. There are competing forces which are fighting for the control of the 8th largest economy in the world. The political interests of California could not be more diverse. Economically, California is home to the greatest poverty in the nation as well as the greatest level of affluence. California’s political interests could not be more diverse. The political interests of the State Legislature would…

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