Wow! You Guys Sure Know What to Do!! We’ll Just Come to YOUR Place to Eat!

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Normally, that’s what you’ll hear, especially these days, if you are detailing your personal stocks of whatever to anyone, especially blood relations who are pretty much lazy and don’t believe in self-sufficiency.  You know, the type, that when you’ve broached the subject in times past, have argued that they don’t have the money for that sort of thing, first, because it’ll never happen, and second, they want to buy a boat/snow machine/quad and just finished getting season tickets for whatever their favorite snow machine is….

One fine day in the not to distant future, you hear a knock at the door, you open it, and there they are.  Imagine the graphic above is a photograph….of people you know and/or are related to by marriage or blood.  They know you’re either well-stocked or are a prepper. Twice or three times as many as are in your family.  Everyone is smiling, eyes…

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Open Thread 0925E 4APR2020

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(Note: By going to the “confirmed cases” column on the left side of the graphic, clicking on “US”, and then using the “Admin” button at the bottom of that column repeatedly, you can drill down to current cases in your county. Try it! Local, local, local. Go to and give it a try.)

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