Is anyone on the secular left not an intolerant bigoted violent domestic terrorist?


Harassing women is just fine, according to this radical feminist UK Guardian writer Harassing women is just fine, says radical feminist UK Guardian writer

Well! Whenever there is an attack on conservatives by deranged secular leftists, I try to write about it. Over the years, there have been many – but they were infrequent. Now the left is becoming so violent that it’s a daily occurrence. I decided to collect together a few articles to show you how intolerant and threatening the secular left has become.

Here’s something from The Federalist by Kelsey Harkness, a female conservative:

Jessica Valenti revealed a new standard for liberal feminists on Tuesday: Driving women out of restaurants is wrong, unless they’re a Republican. If that woman is named Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen, the behavior is not only acceptable — it’s to be applauded.

The situation began when the head of the D.C. branch of Democratic Socialists of America tweeted the restaurant name and exact addresswhere Department of Homeland Security…

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How Diversity Will End

The Roper Report

How Diversity Will End

from Amerika.org: 


The Left describes us as racists who just want to escape certain minorities. As the attack on diversity itself spreads, however, more are seeing that diversity itself is the problem, and our goal is not to escape certain minority groups, but all conditions under which there is not ethnic, cultural, and religious uniformity.

This means that instead of focusing on avoiding a threat, we are concentrating our efforts on forming our own group.

In turn, that means that communities will separate as people try to find those who are like them. This process, known as “balkanization,” involves each group separating from all others and adopting a benevolent xenophobia that assumes correctly that any other group wants to conquer them and take their stuff.

Your Catholic neighbors are going to form their own neighborhood. They will…

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Liberals Nervously Joke About Coming Civil War

The ShieldWall Network

Truth In Satire

If Trump’s Impeachment Leads To Civil War, Armed Rednecks Will Be Coming For You

Desperate yahoos say they’ll go to war with “libtards and elitists” if POTUS is expelled — these 8 tips could save your life

Read more HERE.

Read the comments. Understand that they mock you, they belittle you, they feel superior condescension towards you if you are White and unashamed…but more and more they FEAR you. 

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Caption Contest: Comeytose Edition

Chateau Heartiste

This smarmy beanpole. The shivlords at MPC had some choice commentary. (scroll through the thread) My favorites:

The only thing missing from Comey’s tweet is a smarmy, self-serving Scripture quote. Watching this twerp present himself as a martyr is beyond galling. Well, it will make his eventual imprisonment (a accompanied by savage Trump tweets) all the sweeter.


This is soy in human form, the bugman in a fully developed skinny fat stage.

Notice the slumped shoulders and head leaning forward, the posture of a muscle-less man. Chickens have skinny necks – how are they killed by predators or farmers? By snapping their necks. Further, you see his stomach protruding in sync with the head. His core strength, despite his large frame, leaves much to be desired. And the most glaring trait of his lack of physical strength is his flat ass. Strength begins in the core, hips and…

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