Ka-Bar BK-2 Knife (Becker Companion)

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Ka-Bar BK-2 Becker CompanionI was able to pick up this very heft, sturdy looking, nice profile Ka-Bar BK-2 Companion knife in used condition for a decent price. I thought it would be a great addition to my knife family and useful in one of my various bags. Or maybe just dumped into the camping supplies to be used as needed.

The specs on the knife are as follow –

Ka-Bar BK-2 Becker CampanionI finally had a little time to do some knife testing and put this in the group to tryout. Time came to pull it out and give it a try. Bummer!

Ka-Bar bk-2 becker companion is junkAs soon as I grabbed hold of it I noticed three things:

  1. The handle was loose. While it has screws that hold the handle on the tine, why was it loose to begin with? Any good knife should not end up with a loose handle period. And the screws should not back out…

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Spicy Time Approaches

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From over the transom:


An interesting counter perspective. Sun Tzu stated words to the effect that one should know the enemy as one knows oneself. It is likewise important to read how the enemy views himself, or wants to portray that he/she/it/xhir/zirple views itself.

Political Violence is a Game the Right Can’t Win

It is also interesting that this June 14, 2017 article is resurfacing now a mere blink away from the staged event of Portland antifa riots.

The source where this was viewed is: http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/223211941

There are PLENTY of pics in there that are useful for what I perceive as your purposes.

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