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Western Rifle Shooters Association

WaPo: Richmond Braces For Enormous Gun Rights Rally

WaPo Editorial Board: Attacks on Virginia’s gun safety efforts are irresponsible overreactions

Know that GoodThinkers across the country and around the world are getting their minds right by absorbing their masters’ narrative in articles such these.

In the minds of the GoodThinkers, you and your family are already deplorable Nazi white supremacist haters who refuse to progress with the rest of society.

As such, you are already domestic terrorists needing to be handled harshly by LEOs, politicians, and judges alike.

And there is nothing you can do to make those GoodThinkers believe otherwise.

Nothing, that is, except to escape their clutches.

Godspeed to all.

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A Man Chooses, A Slave Obeys

Mason Dixon Tactical

Richmond Rally06

Without force or vetted respect, one man cannot tell another man to do anything and expect acquiescence PERIOD, FULL STOP! If a man (or woman) has been elected or appointed to make decisions for his constituents, that person can make decisions for those he represents, but can only use the authority and force to back up that decision, THAT THOSE REPRESENTED HAVE GIVEN HIM.

Richmond Rally01 Will Richmond end up looking like this? I hope not.

Cages are for animals, detainees, and convicted felons, not Citizens. Herding Citizens into a big cage while they exercise one inherent and enumerated Right, while advocating for another inherent AND ENUMERATED Right (that has been temporarily taken away), is the act of a tyrant. Anyone who says it is not, is an apologist for the tyrant, a “closet” tyrant themselves or an imbecile.

Richmond Rally05 Is it just me, or does that look like a chute in a…

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