Feds gone wild: DOJ’s stunning inability to prosecute its own bad actors

One was caught red-handed engaged in nepotism. Another, a lawyer no less, admitted to shoplifting at a Marine barracks store. A third leaked sealed court information to the news media. And a fourth engaged in fraud by turning a government garage into a personal repair shop.

Four cases, all solved in the past month, with suspects who cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and significant breaches of public trust.

But these weren’t your everyday perps.

All were U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) employees who are supposed to catch other criminals while working for the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and U.S. attorneys’ offices. Instead, they broke the law or violated the rules. And all managed to escape prosecution, despite their proven transgressions.

Recent Justice Department disciplinary files tell an undeniable story.

Under the leadership of Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz, DOJ’s internal watchdog is doing an outstanding job of policing bad conduct inside America’s premier law enforcement agency.

And DOJ is doing a poor job of punishing its own.

In cases closed in the past month, more than a half-dozen FBI, DEA, U.S. attorney and U.S. marshal officials were allowed to retire, do volunteer work, or keep their jobs as they escaped criminal charges that everyday Americans probably would not.

In most instances, the decisions were made by federal prosecutors who work with the very figures impacted by or committing the bad conduct. In local law enforcement, that go-easy phenomenon is known as the “thin blue line.”

Spokespersons for the Justice Department and FBI did not respond to a request for comment.

The troubling pattern of weak punishment emerges as DOJ heads into one of its most ambitious internal affairs probes in recent history. Attorney General William Barr, Horowitz and special U.S. Attorney John Durham are investigating whether the FBI and other intelligence agencies violated the law with the Trump-Russia investigation.

Even before the recent spate of closed inspector general investigations, questions surfaced about DOJ’s willingness to punish its own. That’s because fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was recommended for prosecution more than 15 months ago for lying about news leaks, and so far has faced no criminal charges.

To put that into perspective, it took special counsel Robert Mueller just a few months to bring charges against multiple figures associated with President Trump’s campaign accused of lying or other process crimes.

It’s still possible that McCabe could face prosecution. But the recent spate of fresh wrongdoing inside DOJ doesn’t portray a compelling pattern of enforcement or punishment.

Take, for example, the DEA executive who just this week was found to have engaged in nepotism by routing hundreds of thousands of dollars to contractor jobs for his son and retired colleagues or friends.

Horowitz spared few words for the egregious scheme. “The senior DEA official wasted and misused hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer funds and engaged in misconduct when he took actions to get his son and former colleagues contractor positions and that his actions constituted misconduct in violation of federal ethics regulations, the DEA Standards of Conduct, and the Federal Acquisition Regulation,” he reported this week.

The official also engaged in a “lack of candor,” the investigative file showed.

Despite the established wrongdoing, criminal prosecution “was declined” and “the senior DEA official retired from his position.” In short, he kept his retirement benefits.

Likewise, the inspector general had harsh words for the FBI special agent in charge (SAC) who used the bureau’s official garage to perform repairs on his and other employees’ personal vehicles, calling it, among other things, a “dereliction of supervisory responsibility,” and a misuse of tax dollars for “private gain.”

“The SAC took advantage of the SAC’s official position for personal benefit by arranging to have the SAC’s personal vehicle repaired by an FBI employee in exchange for compensation, in violation of federal regulations regarding standards of conduct for federal employees and FBI policy,” the investigative file concluded. “The OIG also found that the SAC was derelict in the SAC’s supervisory responsibilities by allowing use of the FBI repair facility to conduct repairs and maintenance on personal vehicles belonging to FBI employees.”

And then there was the FBI lawyer who got caught in an embarrassing criminal act at the Marine Corps barracks (MCB) commissary in Quantico, Va.

“The FBI attorney admitted to placing numerous cosmetic items, valued at $257.99 and belonging to the MCB Quantico Exchange, into her purse without the intention to pay for them and did not pay for them before leaving the store. The FBI attorney further admitted that between February 2016 and her arrest in February 2018 she had shoplifted at the MCB Quantico Exchange one to two additional times, and at other private retailers in the area on two to three occasions,” the inspector general reported on May 14.

The investigation concluded her conduct violated federal criminal law and FBI policy regarding unprofessional conduct. But here was the outcome: “Criminal prosecution was deferred pending the FBI attorney’s completion of 125 hours of community service, after which all charges were dismissed.”

A few weeks of community service, and she was still in her job at the time the IG issued its report.

Two weeks ago, another DOJ official, an assistant U.S. attorney, escaped charges even after it was documented that he violated federal laws by possessing, transporting and consuming marijuana-laced edibles that he claimed he needed to treat back pain. He also was caught lying about his wrongdoing and ‘fessed up only when his estranged wife threatened him during their divorce proceedings. Nonetheless, “criminal prosecution by federal and state authorities was declined,” the IG reported May 30.

One of the internal affairs cases that stunned members of Congress this month directly grew out of the interwoven Hillary Clinton email and Russia collusion investigations in 2016, during then-FBI Director James Comey’s tenure.

The IG concluded that an FBI deputy assistant director engaged in multiple improper news media leaks while those investigations were ongoing, including one that violated a sealed court order, and accepted an improper gratuity from the news media. But prosecution was declined, yet again. FBI officials say they are considering discipline against the supervisor.

Records I reviewed indicate that more misconduct eerily similar to that already uncovered is being investigated. For example, the IG fraud unit opened a case in March and began interviewing whistleblowers about a new contract fraud matter inside the DEA, emails show.

It used to be that those who were entrusted to enforce the law were held to the highest standards.

Today, however, there is a troubling pattern of officers being held to a lower standard inside a department where critics fear there is a dual system of justice.

John Solomon is an award-

Is Love Of Money Still The Root Of All Evil?

Yep. The love of money is indeed still the root of all evil. Jack Dorsey is proof of it. So is Kenneth Cole, Diane von Furstenberg, and Bloomberg’s Peter T. Grauer. And so are more than 170 other top executives.

They all signed the “Don’t Ban Equality” pledge, which states:

Equality in the workplace is one of the most important business issues of our time. When everyone is empowered to succeed, our companies, our communities and our economy are better for it.

Restricting access to comprehensive reproductive care, including abortion, threatens the health, independence and economic stability of our employees and customers. Simply put, it goes against our values and is bad for business. It impairs our ability to build diverse and inclusive workforce pipelines, recruit top talent across the states, and protect the well-being of all the people who keep our businesses thriving day in and out.

The future of gender equality hangs in the balance, putting our families, communities, businesses and the economy at risk.

Ladies, kill the lives inside you so that you don’t have to take maternity leave, and perhaps leave companies altogether to raise families. Kill and stay. Kill and make your companies money. Kill and go shopping.

Obey. Kill.

Minds have to be far, far gone to call killing the lives inside would-be mothers “reproductive care”. Skip that.

Companies, as has long been said, want women in the “workforce” so that the pool of workers is about doubled, which drives down wages, which ensures greater profits for the bosses. This is the same reason unlimited immigration is desired.

Workers without kids, which include all or most of the LGBTQWERTY crowd, are also cheaper to hire, at the least because of reduced insurance costs and maternity leaves.

Now I was watching old people’s TV (Svengoolie) and up popped a commercial you might have seen, featuring Tom Selleck. He said how the old are growing poorer and need money. “But then there’s that six trillion”. Which apparently was the amount boomers have socked away in their houses.

The actor advised getting a “reverse mortgage”, which is in essence pre-selling your home to the bank before you die, for a price which must be less than your relatives would get, since the bank gets to take its cut due to the loan. It would be best if houses stay in families. As it is, the reverse-mortgage money will be used, to some extent, for toys, vacations, and other nonessential items.

It’s true the banks won’t keep the homes and will sell them. But the cumulative result due to the churning and needless spending means the net flow of capital is away from citizens toward the oligarchs. Meaning companies have discovered another way to get rich quick (it takes decades to build capital in a house), to the detriment of society. It also throws a weak acid on families as houses move ownership.

Usury, as everybody but everybody knows, does the same thing; moves capital from citizens to oligarchs. The rate at which this occurs varies according to value of labor. In times when labor becomes more valuable, as when innovation occurs, the pain of usury is less. When labor value flattens (at whatever level), usury inexorably drains money from the poor and feeds the rich. We had a good century or so of innovation, funded, it is true, in part by the proceeds of usury. Yet only the hopeful thinks it will last forever. And anyway, innovation only slows the rate of transfer, but it does not reduce it to zero. And the ends never justify the means.

Curiously, again, everybody knows this. Everybody at the top, that is. So why is it still allowed?

Usury was always condemned as akin to sodomy in all civilized countries. It is banned in Islam-based cultures now. Yet it is celebrated as essential in ours. Well, it is no coincidence sodomy is celebrated in the same way.

Credit cards are usurious, but also essential. You can’t fly without one, or stay in most hotels, or rent a car. Yes, they can be used in a wise way, which is to never ever never ever never use them for loans, and merely as a payment vehicle. But the people least able to do this don’t.

Talk radio is filled with ads to help people “reduce their credit card debt”. This implies a few things. The obvious is that many have debt. The less clear is that credit card issuers build into their usury a guessed-at bad debt rate. Meaning they tacitly encourage bad debt. And bad debt, like usury itself, also causes money to flow in the wrong direction.

To support this site using credit ca

Privacy, Security & Anonymity Course: 24-25 August


Taught by Kilo, a friend and current member of the SOF community, this is a course normally only offered to Special Operations Personnel. But the information needs to be out there for those willing to take advantage of it.

His description:

Noah built the ark before the flood. This course will instruct the student on how to proactively prepare for the day when they may be unexpectedly or unavoidably exposed and their persona or that of their family exploited with nefarious intent by malign actors. Digital force-protection, identity management, and the minimization of online signatures will be thoroughly covered in multiple tiered levels. Awareness regarding the tracking and fingerprinting of digital devices will be explained and countermeasures to mitigate their effectiveness will be learned.
In this course, a few of the topics students will learn are to:
• Understand the difference between security, privacy, and anonymity
• Protect yourself and…

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Transgender Madness Update


It is impossible for a man to become a woman. It is possible, and growing more frequent, for a man to pretend to be or to believe he is a woman. It is even more possible for him to do so in a society that convinces him it is a good, even noble, but certainly possible idea. Which is to say, a society that has lost its way.

That a man cannot turn into a woman was always obvious throughout all human history, a truth just as obvious as that sun is hot.

It is still obvious, to those who care to think about it. If you want the “science” (the scare quotes denoting this field of human endeavor is now as corrupted as any other), you can read the report Sexuality And Gender, 143 pages of showing it still takes two to tango, that nobody is born “gay” or “trans” or (although they don’t say it) necrophiliac or pedophilic. Therefore, since none of these things are innate, they must be learned.

If they are learned, they must be taught. And if they are taught, somebody has to do the teaching. Who is that?

Increasingly, all of us. Or so is the conclusion reached after reading PRRI’s new survey on “America’s Growing Support for Transgender Rights“.

“More than six in ten (62%) Americans say they have become more supportive toward transgender rights compared to their views five years ago. By contrast, about one-quarter (25%) say their views are more opposed compared to five years ago.”

That one-quarter probably represents the winnowing effect, the “radicalization” produced as the meek are strong-armed into abandoning Reality, leaving the most stalwart behind. Plus the increasing requirement that everybody express an opinion on the subject.

“Conservatives” and white evangelicals—and not, sadly, Catholics—are the most Reality-based; 37%-43% opposed. “Liberals”, obviously, the least. Yet still some 10% of them, probably all old, still retain their reason.

A clear majority of all except Republicans support allowing men who believe they are women access to nuclear and other advanced weaponry. Republicans were at time of the survey at 47%, up from 37% just two years ago, so the majority may already be here.

Same kind of numbers about allowing men who think they’re women into ladies’ shower rooms, but this is not yet a majority.

Just over half (55%) of Americans believe there are only two genders, including 43% who say they feel strongly about this. Four in ten (40%) Americans believe that there is a range of possible gender identities, including nearly one-quarter (24%) who say they feel strongly about this.

Just over half of Americans are therefore nuts. In the colloquial sense of that word. Say it better: half have succumbed to the endless propaganda pushed by our leaders (in corporations, media, and government). This includes those in the “I F[——]g Science!” crowd: see Researchers Don’t Believe Scientific Sex Exists.

The current survey finds majorities of Americans consistently oppose religiously based refusals to serve gay and lesbian people across a range of public actors and institutions: by small business owners (57%), licensed professionals (67%), adoption agencies (60%), and companies providing wedding services (55%).

Add to that the Voting Fallacy, which says that once a majority believes an act is moral or good, that act becomes moral or good, and we’ll soon see religious coercion. Yes, religious. The Perversion Puritans will mandate non-freedom of association. Well, the Constitution died long ago.

The Church has stepped into the fray with the document “Male and Female He Created Them“—which oddly doesn’t quote from “There are not such things as gays“. The document uses too many words, and is somewhat meek, in the manner of a right-handed-man entering an arm-wrestling contest as a southpaw.

Some critics take that farther and say the Vatican is cooperating in neo-paganism. Says Dr. van den Aardweg:

Basically, it is an ideological document. It is not specifically Catholic, in spite of some lip service. It essentially makes a plea for a kind of atheist-humanist/socialist sex education, presented as more or less Catholic. It gushes over the boons of a social model of sexual education monitored by “professional experts” on the basis of naively supposed ever-deepening insights into sexuality in the current human sciences. It represents the kind of illusionary and sentimental talk about education and “affectivity” characteristic of the immature and superficial humanistic psychology of the 1960s, but now proclaimed as ‘higher wisdom’ by a Vatican Congregation whose members run half a century behind the times. It is ‘dialogue’ and ‘listening’ and ‘openness’ all over again. But no listening to the divine teachings of the Catholic Church on sexuality, marriage and the family (for these seem in need of ‘restructuring’).

He has a point. It isn’t until eleven pages in that any criticism of “gender theory” begins, and begins with these watery words “Nonetheless, real life situations present gender theory with some valid points of criticism.”

Why the Church lost the ability to say this is right and this is wrong is, however, a story for another day. At least here they do back in, but shyly, into saying transgenderism is wrong.