House Democrats pass Equality Act bill to put sexual orientation and gender identity above religious liberty


21 states have SOGI anti-discrimination laws 21 states have SOGI anti-discrimination laws

Remember watching that video of the fascist thug Democrat Brian Sims, as he bullied the pro-life lady who was praying outside of an abortion clinic? Well, imagine that abusing Christians who take the Bible seriously became the law of the land, and a minority of secular leftist were empowered to use government as a weapon to silence and coerce Bible-believing Christians.

Regular readers will be familiar with the cases where gay activists went after bed and breakfasts, wedding venues, photographers, florists, bakers, etc. who refused to participate in celebrations of same-sex marriage. Christians oppose same-sex marriage, because the leader of the religion defined marriage as being between one man and one woman. However, religious liberty wasn’t a defense in these cases, because these states had passed “SOGI laws”, which made it illegal to discriminate based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The Equality…

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JJS Sends

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Greetings AmRRON Corps!

The T-Rex 2018 Planning team is working on the scenario and is ready to begin accepting volunteer INITIATING STATIONS (stations to inject traffic into the scenario).

This year we will be issuing both scripted and unscripted traffic instructions.

SCRIPTED TFC: Traffic which is pre-written and very specific in content and date/time of injection into the scenario

UNSCRIPTED TFC: Traffic which you may inject at your discretion using guidelines and following parameters


– HF capability on at least 20, 40, and 80 meters (both voice and digital)
– or… VHF/UHF capability and can reach an HF-capable station which can relay your traffic outside your region (you should know through AmRRON training nets if other local stations you communicate with have HF capabilities)
– Positive attitude and willingness to train and have fun

To volunteer as an Initiating Station for T-Rex 2019:

1. Email me at and…

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